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13 July, 2022

How many Portugal Golden Visas have been issued since the beginning of 2022?

359 foreigners received the Portuguese Golden Visa in June 2022. Of these, 155 are investors. This is the best monthly indicator of the residence permit program in Portugal over the past two years.

In total, Portugal issued 1,384 residence permit cards to investors and their family members from January to June 2022. The total investment under the program amounted to about 316.2 million euros.

We tell you about the citizens of which countries most often participate in the Portuguese residence permit program and what they invest in.

Residence permit in Portugal for investment: program statistics for the period from January to June 2022
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The Golden Residence Permit Program is an investment program in Portugal that has been operating since 2012. For 10 years, 28,859 foreigners received a Portuguese residence permit for investment, of which 10,903 people are investors, and 17,956 are members of their families.

28,859 residence permit cards
Issued by Portugal to the participants of the investment program since 2012

The statistics of the residence permit program in Portugal are published monthly by the country's Immigration Service, or SEF. The reports contain information:

  • on the number of residence permit cards issued;
  • nationality of investors;
  • selected investment options;
  • investment amounts.

How many residence permits were issued by Portugal in 2022

649 investors received a residence permit in Portugal from January to June 2022. Together with them, residence permit cards were received by 735 members of their families. The total number of participants for the first half of 2022 increased by 21% compared to the statistics for the same period in 2021.

1384 foreigners
Became residents of Portugal by investment in the first half of 2022

American investors received the most golden visas: Portugal issued 124 residence permit cards to them from January to June 2022. This is a new record for participants from the USA. For comparison, for the whole of 2021, Americans received only 99 residence permit cards.

Chinese investors are in second place in terms of the number of participants: 105 people applied for and received a Portuguese residence permit in the first six months of 2022.

The top 5 countries whose citizens received a residence permit in Portugal also included:

  • Brazil - 45 investors;
  • India — 44 investors;
  • Turkey — 27 investors.
Residence permit in Portugal for investment: statistics on investors for the first half of 2022

Source: SEF

Residence permit in Portugal by investment: comparison of the number of participants in the first half of 2021 and 2022

Source: SEF

How much and in what program participants invested

About 316.2 million euros was the income from the residence permit program in Portugal for the first half of 2022. This is about 25% more than the income for the same period last year.

506 out of 649 investors bought property to qualify for the Portuguese Golden Visa. Moreover, the option with the purchase of objects for restoration was more popular.

The residence permit program in Portugal offers two options with the opportunity to invest in real estate:

  1. From €500,000 to objects of the primary or secondary real estate market, under 30 years old and not requiring restoration. This option was chosen by 234 investors.
  2. From €350,000 for objects over 30 years old for restoration. Such real estate was bought by 272 investors.

You can invest 20% less if you buy an object in a region with a low population density. In this case, objects for restoration should cost from €280,000, the rest - from €400,000.

Return on investment is the main advantage of options with the purchase of real estate. The investor is allowed to sell the objects after five years of ownership. So he will be able to return the invested money and earn on the difference in cost.

Portugal Investment Property Examples

Residence permit in Portugal for investors: how to get for buying real estate

Villa on a large plot of land in a picturesque area. The cost is from €580,000. Profitability – up to 3% per annum

Residence permit in Portugal for investors: how to get for buying real estate

Apartments in a residential project near the thermal complex. The cost of the apartments is €280,000. Profitability – 4% per annum

Residence permit in Portugal for investors: how to get for buying real estate

Share in a four-star hotel in Porto. The project is suitable for the option of real estate renovation. The cost of the share is 350,000 €. Profitability – 3% per annum

124 investors bought shares in investment funds in Portugal. This is a financial company that collects investors' money and invests it in selected assets: residential or commercial real estate, Portuguese companies, industrial facilities or the European stock market.

The minimum investment amount for the option is €500,000. You need to invest for at least 5 years, but more often the money is returned after 6-10 years.

16 investors transferred from 1.5 million euros to local banks to obtain a residence permit in Portugal. Two applicants chose the option to support Portuguese culture and arts, and another one created 10 jobs.

What do investors get with a residence permit in Portugal

Residence permit in Portugal for the whole family. Together with the investor, members of his family can participate in the residence permit program:

  • husband or wife;
  • children under 26;
  • parents over 65.

Portugal is a European country with a developed economy and a high standard of living. Residents have the right to come to Portugal at any time, as well as to live, work and study in the country permanently.

Visa-free travel to Schengen countries. Portugal is a member of the European Union, so its residents travel freely in the Schengen Area and can stay in any country in the region for up to 90 days in half a year.

Opportunity to do business in a European country, to receive income from the rental of real estate, to keep capital in European banks.

Tax optimization. A new resident of Portugal can receive a tax holiday for 10 years and a special tax status Non-habitual resident.

Opportunity to obtain Portuguese citizenship. After five years of holding a residence permit card, the investor and his family will be able to apply for Portuguese citizenship. The passport gives even more opportunities for travel - the Portuguese visit 187 countries without visas, including the USA, Great Britain and Australia.

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent for government programs in the EU and the Caribbean. If you want to get a residence permit in Portugal for investment and travel around the Schengen countries without visas, please contact investment program experts for advice.

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How many Portugal Golden Visas have been issued since the beginning of 2022?