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1— 2 month


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About the programme

Vanuatu’s citizenship programme by investment 一 the fastest in the world. You’ll get a second passport in 1一2 months if you make a contribution to the National Development Fund.

Together with the investor, the whole family together with the parents can participate in the programme. The programme has been running since January 2017.

7 main benefits of the Vanuatu programme and passport

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investment cost

Foreigners can invest in the country’s economy from 130,000 $ and get a Vanuatu passport.


Citizenship can be obtained in 1-2 months. It is the fastest programme in the world.

Visa-free entry
to 134 countries

A Vanuatu passport allows visa-free travel to 130 countries around the world, including the Schengen Area, the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Vanuatu nationals can simply apply for a 10-year visa to the USA and an e-visa to Australia.


You can take part in the program from anywhere in the world 一 we will prepare documents without your personal presence.2

bank accounts

A Vanuatu passport allows you to open an account with European banks. This allows you to take out loans, deposit money and carry out simple currency transactions


Vanuatu has the same taxes for residents and non-residents. Individuals pay no taxes on income, wealth, inheritance, capital gains, or export of capital. VAT is 12.5%.

International Business Companies (IBCs) registered in Vanuatu are exempt from tax for 20 years and pay only an annual fee of 300 $.


You can take the oath and get a passport at the nearest Vanuatu consulate, for example, in Moscow.

The program is aimed for those who want to have visa-free access to 134 countries, including Great Britain, the countries of the Schengen Agreement, Singapore and Hong Kong

Who gets Vanuatu citizenship



Children up to 25 years old

are studying at a university, financially dependent on an investor

Parents of an investor or spouse aged 50 or over

Amount of investment

from 130 000 $

To become a Vanuatu citizen, you must make a contribution to the National Development Fund. The programme has only 1 investment option.

In addition to the fee, the investor pays government fees, Due Diligence and state fees. The total cost of participation in the Vanuatu programme depends on the degree of kinship and age of the investor’s family members.

Contribution to the National Development Fund 130,000 $ for the investor;
15,000 $ for each additional family member.
Due Diligence fee 5000 $ per family regardless of the number and age of participants
Fee for submitting documents 43 $ per family
Fee for making a certificate 86 $ per certificate
Passport delivery fee 3500 $ per family

Calculating the cost of family participation in Vanuatu

Costs Spouse For a family of four: husband, wife and two children aged 14 and 20
Investment 130 000 $ 175 000 $
Due diligence 5000 $ 5000 $
Fee for submitting documents 43 $ 43 $
Fee for making a certificate 172 $ 344 $
Passport delivery fee 3500 $ 3500 $
138 715 $ 183 887 $

Would like a personal cost calculation?

Get a personal cost calculation for obtaining Vanuatu passports for all of your family members including the applicable charges and administrative fees

8 Steps Toward Vanuatu Citizenship


Choosing a
licensed agent

Only a licensed programme agent, such as a law firm, can apply for the Vanuatu programme. It is not possible to apply for the programme on your own.

We recommend that you contact a licensed agent who has their own compliance department. It will help mitigate the risk of rejection under the program.


1一2 days

Due Diligence is a key stage of the program. The results of due diligence will determine whether the government of the country will approve the investor’s application for citizenship. Therefore, it is necessary to seriously prepare for Due Diligence.

A Compliance officer will carry out a preliminary check. A certified anti-money-laundering compliance officer will examine the investor’s situation and warn of possible risks.

If issues arise during the screening process that may cause the investor’s application to be rejected, the company will offer other citizenship programmes for the investment.


Entering into
an agreement
1一2 days

If the preliminary check is successful, the investor enters into a cooperation agreement with the agent.


1一2 weeks

Our lawyers recommend which documents should be part of the programme package. Completeness of the information provided will help avoid additional queries and save time.

Then a law firm collects the documents, translated, apostilled and completes the government forms.


Due Diligence of the
Finance Department
3一4 days

Submission of the investor’s initial package of documents to the Finance Department of the Vanuatu government. Payment of Due Diligence Fee – 5000 $.


Due Diligence of the
program department
2 weeks

Submission of a complete package of documents. The investor pays 25% of the investment amount.


Application approval and investment payment
1一2 days

When the programme department approves the application, the investor pays the remaining 75% of the investment.


Taking the oath, obtaining a Vanuatu passport

To obtain a certificate of citizenship and a passport, you must take an oath.

You don’t have to fly to Vanuatu to take the oath. You can invite the swearing-in commissioner and the immigration officer to the investor’s country of residence. Russians can take the oath to the consul of Vanuatu in Russia, whose office is located in Moscow.

A naturalization certificate and passport can be obtained after taking the oath. The company will send the documents by delivery service to the address convenient for the investor.

Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment - Immigrant Invest

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Frequently asked questions

The investor has to take part in the government citizenship programme offered by the Vanuatu government. One condition is to make a contribution from 130,000 $ to the country's National Development Fund (NDF). The contribution is non-refundable and this amount is for a single applicant. If along with the investor applies for citizenship his spouse, the contribution will be 一 150,000 $. Other family members may also join the programme, for which an additional contribution of 15,000 $ is required.

The four main benefits of Vanuatu citizenship are:

  1. Vanuatu passport gives freedom of movement around the world. The country has 130 agreements on visa-free travel. For comparison, Russia has 78 agreements in total. A Vanuatu citizen freely travels to the EU countries, as well as the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong.
  2. It is possible to apply for a tourist visa to the USA quickly. Citizens of Vanuatu are issued B1/B2 visas for 10 years and the processing takes only a few days. Moreover, you can apply for a visa at the US Consulate of any country where you are eligible for visa-free entry.
  3. As a Vanuatu citizen the investor is entitled to become a tax resident in Vanuatu. Companies (IBC) registered in Vanuatu are exempt from tax for 20 years. Instead, they pay an annual fee of 300 $.
  4. Citizens receive all the benefits of the Commonwealth of Nations. For example, they can arrange for their children to receive a scholarship to study at a UK university or seek protection from Commonwealth consulates in an emergency situation.

No, Vanuatu recognizes second citizenship. Therefore, the citizenship of the home country can be retained if your state also recognizes the second citizenship.

Not. Information about citizens who received a passport by investment is not made public for third parties. The entire registration process is confidential.

Yes. Photos and fingerprints of all family members who take part in the programme will need to be submitted.

It is possible to make registration:

  1. A driver's licence. If you have an international licence, your local one will be ready in half an hour.
  2. Tax number 一 if you open a business in the state.
  3. Proof of address (Utility bill).

Yes, the investor can apply. But you have to explain the reason for the refusal. We recommend that you do this in the form of a legal opinion 一 an affidavit.

Yes, you can participate in the program with the financial support of a sponsor. It is necessary to show the connection of the sponsor with the applicant. The sponsor does not need to pass a due diligence check. But the department will check the legality of the origin of the money that will go to participate in the program.

Vanuatu will refuse citizenship to the investor. If in the future the investor wants to participate in other investment programs of citizenship or a residence permit, he may also be refused.

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