Examples from the practice of obtaining Cyprus Citizenship

Real cases and stories of our clients

Government license number 127

Citizenship of Cyprus as a solution of family issues

Many wealthy people traveling around Europe and the world believe that it’s easy enough to get a visa to the EU and that it can be done at any time. Unfortunately, it is not. On the example of our clients — a couple with …

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Cyprus Citizenship: Moving to Europe and Business Expansion

The purpose of our work on obtaining citizenship, residence permit or permanent residence is to provide solutions for all the goals and objectives of our clients related to obtaining these statuses. In our today’s case we will tell you how we helped a businessman, …

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Cyprus Citizenship - Live in the UK, travel around Europe - Immigrant Invest

Cyprus citizenship for living in the UK and travelling to Europe

The freedom of visa-free travelling, the possibility of doing business and unlimited residence in European countries — these are the problems that most of our clients face. Each case is individual, so in one case a situation can be resolved by receiving a residence …

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Cyprus citizenship - Solving the problems of visa-free travel

No visas needed: citizenship of Cyprus for unrestricted travel

Many non-EU citizens, who often travel to Europe, believe that obtaining a tourist visa is a sure and fast process. In reality, such individuals find themselves unlucky, as many tourist visa applications get rejected …

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Citizenship of Cyprus: Purchase of a Luxury Villa Solved the Problems of Our Client

We keep sharing stories of clients who obtained residence permits or citizenship in Europe with our help and solved a number of important challenges in their lives. This time, we are going to tell the story of a married couple from …

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Citizenship of Cyprus: How Our Clients Obtained Their Second Citizenship

Our protagonists A married couple, Oleg, 46, and Maria, 31. They have a child. Oleg is an entrepreneur who runs his business in Russia. His company does not require his constant presence. Oleg has two children from his first marriage …

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Citizenship of Cyprus: Peaceful Lifestyle and Economic Freedom

In this post, we will show you that citizenship of Cyprus can solve even the most serious problems in the shortest possible time as was the case with our clients who have made profitable investments, protected their …

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