Moving to Portugal from Australia: how to get a Digital Nomad Visa and live by the ocean at a lower cost

Moving to Portugal from Australia: how to get a Digital Nomad Visa and live by the ocea…



Portugal Golden Visas and a wedding in Europe for a lesbian couple

Portugal Golden Visas and a wedding in Europe for a lesbian couple



How to add parents to Portugal residence permit program

How to add parents to Portugal residence permit program



Portugal citizenship in 5 years and with minimum investments

Portugal citizenship in 5 years and with minimum investments

Business Abroad


How an investor from India opened a company in Portugal and got a Portugal Golden Visa

How an investor from India opened a company in Portugal and got a Portugal Golden Visa

Business Abroad

Portugal Golden Visa: how to make life easier for the whole family

Portugal Golden Visa: how to make life easier for the whole family

Business Abroad


Portugal Startup Visa to open a company and move to Europe

Portugal Startup Visa to open a company and move to Europe

Business Abroad


Portugal Golden Visa to Move to the EU: a Happy Retirement in Portugal

Portugal Golden Visa to Move to the EU: a Happy Retirement in Portugal

Medical Treatment


Portugal Golden Visa by investment: moving from Canada to Portugal

Portugal Golden Visa by investment: moving from Canada to Portugal



Portugal golden visa by investment: when safety and education come first

Portugal golden visa by investment: when safety and education come first

During the last year of our life in Lima, our house in the closed cottage village was robbed twice. I spent lots of time at work and felt I could not ensure the safety of my wife and children. I could not let my children grow up in constant fear. So, I bought an apartment in Cascais, got a Portugal residence permit, and moved my family to a new, safe place.

Safe Heaven


Residence permit in Portugal for the purchase and renovation of an old villa

Residence permit in Portugal for the purchase and renovation of an old villa



Residence permit in Portugal with savings of 20% for the purchase of commercial real estate

Residence permit in Portugal with savings of 20% for the purchase of commercial real es…

Children Future


Portugal residence permit by a bank deposit: an investment in children and grandchildren’s future in the EU

Portugal residence permit by a bank deposit: an investment in children and grandchildre…

Children Future


Portugal residence permit by investment in real estate: moving to Europe with a large family

Portugal residence permit by investment in real estate: moving to Europe with a large f…

Children Future


Portugal golden visa by purchasing shares in an investment fund

Portugal golden visa by purchasing shares in an investment fund

Business Abroad


Portugal Golden Visa through sponsorship: helping family flee danger in the home country

Portugal Golden Visa through sponsorship: helping family flee danger in the home country



How an investor got a Portugal residence permit during a pandemic

How an investor got a Portugal residence permit during a pandemic

Business Abroad


Portugal golden visa: investment in fund units instead of real estate

Portugal golden visa: investment in fund units instead of real estate

Safe Heaven


D7 Visa to Portugal: how a family with children moved to Europe from Bangladesh

D7 Visa to Portugal: how a family with children moved to Europe from Bangladesh



How a couple from Kazakhstan got a Portugal residence permit for a peaceful retirement

How a couple from Kazakhstan got a Portugal residence permit for a peaceful retirement



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