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Studios, apartments, villas, and townhouses are listed for purchase. Investors can also buy shares in hotel complexes, premises for offices and shops, land plots, and marinas. Available properties and real Estate projects depend on the selected country and terms of the investment Citizenship or residency program.

Frequently asked questions

  • What does buying an apartment in Malta give you?

    Malta real estate is an investment that makes it possible to obtain a residence permit or permanent residence. Property ownership in Malta is one of the obtainment conditions when it comes to citizenship by naturalisation for exceptional services by direct investment.

  • How to get a Malta residence permit for the purchase of real estate?

    Apply for the Malta Global Residence Programme: its conditions include buying or renting real estate in the country. The minimum investment threshold is €30,000 if you rent a property, and €220,000 if you buy it. Investors also pay an administrative fee. The obtainment period of a Malta residence permit is from 3 months.

  • How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Malta?

    The average rent of a one-bedroom apartment in Malta is €950. The highest rent is in resort towns, as well as Valletta, the capital city. In St Julian’s average rent starts from €800, in Valletta — from €770, in Sliema — from €750, and in Marsaskala — from €550. The most affordable place to rent an apartment is on the island of Gozo, where rent prices start at €400.

  • How much do apartments cost in Malta?

    The average cost of a Malta apartment is €227,000. House prices depend on the area and sea proximity, ranging approximately between €1,500 to €5,500 per 1 m2. For example, an apartment 20 km from the sea will cost around €2,000—2,500 per 1 m2, but an apartment in a coastal residential complex will cost around €4,000—5,500 per 1 m2.

  • Can a foreigner buy an apartment in Malta?

    Malta has restrictions on purchasing real estate by foreigners. In most cases, a foreigner needs to get an AIP permit before buying an apartment. The permit allows purchasing one property, without the right to rent it out.

    However, foreign investors are allowed to buy several properties and rent them out: this is limited to real estate Special Designated Areas (SDA).