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Property types in Dominica

Studios, apartments, villas, and townhouses are listed for purchase. Investors can also buy shares in hotel complexes, premises for offices and shops, land plots, and marinas. Available properties and real Estate projects depend on the selected country and terms of the investment Citizenship or residency program.

Frequently asked questions

  • What does buying a property in Dominica give you?

    The opportunity to obtain Dominica citizenship. To participate in the citizenship investment program, a foreigner needs to buy real estate worth at least $200,000. The property must be approved by the Government of Dominica. This can be a hotel, a share in a hotel, an apartment or a villa in a hotel complex.

    The purchased property can be rented out for an annual income of 2—5%, and sold after 3 years, with your citizenship retained.

  • How much does a hotel share in Dominica cost?

    The average cost of a share in a Dominica hotel complex equals the minimum real estate investment amount required for obtaining Dominica citizenship — which is $200,000.

  • Can I get Dominican citizenship for buying real estate?

    Yes, you can. To do this, you need to take part in the Dominica citizenship by investmentprogram and buy a government-approved property worth at least $200,000. Usually, qualified properties are shares in five-star hotels, villas or apartments in hotel complexes.

  • What is the profitability of a Dominica hotel?

    The average hotel yield in Dominica is about 4% a year. In the peak tourist season, the yield can reach 9%.