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Tuvalu Passport

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Freedom of travel75

Asset protection149

Quality of life102

"Plan B"38

About Tuvalu

An island state in the Pacific Ocean, in Polynesia. It occupies the territory of five atolls and four islands of the Tuvalu archipelago. The distance between the islands is from 50 to 100 km. The closest neighbors are Kiribati, Wallis and Futuna, Fiji. The country is part of the Commonwealth of Nations, and its head is the Queen of Great Britain.

The inhabitants of Tuvalu are engaged in subsistence agriculture, fishing, construction, and trade. The economy is growing thanks to the sale of fishing licenses, the rights to use the national .tv domain, and foreign financial assistance.


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Official language

English, Tuvalu

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Tuvalu dollar, Australian dollar

Grounds for obtaining a Tuvalu passport

Tuvalu allows dual citizenship

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Birth to citizens of the country

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Marriage to a citizen of the country

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Work for the country's government

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Estimated time: 7 years

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Parents citizenship

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Special conditions

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Special services to the state

Obtaining a Tuvalu passport by naturalization: requirements for applicants

Knowledge of state language

Assimilation or cultural knowledge

Stable financial status

Good health

No criminal records