June 23, 2024
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The UAE has launched a new 10-year Blue Residence Visa: who is eligible?

The UAE has announced a new long-term residency program called Blue Residence. It is designed for foreigners who have made significant contributions to environmental protection. The status is valid for 10 years and does not require any investment.

Learn who is eligible for the UAE Blue Residence Visa, what the benefits are, and how the new visa can be obtained.

Zlata Erlach
Zlata Erlach

Head of the Austrian office

Blue Residence Dubai: how to get a new residence visa in the UAE

The UAE has launched a new 10-year Blue Residence Visa: who is eligible?

What is the UAE Blue Residence

The Blue Residence Visa is a new 10-year residence permit in the UAE. It aims to attract supporters of environmental action from all over the world.

The decision was announced on 15th May 2024 by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the UAE Prime Minister and ruler of Dubai. The UAE President has named 2024 as the Year of Sustainability, so the Blue residence permit is part of that initiative.

The UAE Blue residence permit grants:

  • a 10-year residency in the UAE;

  • an opportunity to collaborate on the country’s environmental projects;

  • access to funding and resources;

  • recognition for efforts in protecting the environment.

The UAE Golden Visa is another way to obtain long-term residency in the Emirates. To do so, investors purchase real estate in the country. The minimum investment amount is about $545,000.

Who can get the UAE Blue residence permit and how to apply

The Blue Visa is granted to individuals who have contributed to the protection of the environment, both within and outside the United Arab Emirates. Potential applicants include:

  • members of international companies, associations and non-governmental organisations;

  • global award winners;

  • distinguished activists;

  • researchers in environmental work.

Applicable fields include marine life conservation, land-based ecosystems, air quality improvement, sustainability technologies, and the circular economy.

Relevant authorities can nominate individuals for Dubai Blue Residence. However, eligible candidates are able to submit the applications directly to the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security.

How to obtain the UAE residence permit by investment

Foreigners who do not have distinctive achievements in the field of environmental protection can acquire the UAE Golden Visa.

To apply for the Golden Visa, foreigners purchase real estate in the Freehold Zones. Depending on the investment amount, the status is granted for two or ten years:

  • a 2-year visa is available to investors who buy properties for at least AED 750,000, or about $204,000;

  • a 10-year visa requires a minimum investment of AED 2,000,000, or about $545,000.

Investors can move to the UAE with their family members, including a spouse, unmarried sons under 25, and unmarried daughters of any age.