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UAE Golden Visa benefits: reasons to choose this residence by investment program

As of October 3, 2022, a 10-year Golden UAE visa is now available for investors. One of the ways to obtain it is by investing $540,000 in real estate.

The UAE Golden Visa gives foreigners the right to live in the country for ten years with the possibility of renewing it. The applicants can bring family members and domestic helpers with them.

Let’s look at the whole list of options to obtain a Golden Visa and why talented foreigners are inspired to get one.

UAE golden visa benefits

What is Golden Visa in UAE

UAE Golden Visa is granted to foreigners for 10 years and enables them to live, work, or study in the UAE while enjoying exclusive benefits. First, they get multiple entry visa for six months to enter the country. After fulfilling visa requirements, the investor passes a medical examination and gets a long-term Golden Visa.

UAE Golden Visa major benefits:

  • the validity period of 10 years;
  • possibility to renew golden visa after expiration;
  • an applicant doesn’t need a sponsor;
  • no requirements to reside in the UAE to keep the Golden Visa valid;
  • sponsoring the family members, including children regardless of their age;
  • sponsoring any number of domestic helpers like cleaners, nannies and drivers;
  • UAE Golden Visa holders receive Esaad privilege card, which provides significant discounts in the UAE and 92 other countries.

Wide range of people are eligible for the UAE Golden Visa. Among them are scientists, students, sportsmen, inventors, entrepreneurs, startup owners, and people who worked with extraordinary efforts in crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Golden Visa” is an official name for a particular residency visa type. There are other ways to obtain long-term permits in the UAE. For example, there are visas for freelancers and remote workers, retirement visas, and others. Those visas are typically valid for 5 years.

Why people choose UAE 

In spite of the hot summer seasons, talented foreigners still chose the UAE for working, studying, and living for many reasons. Here are some of them.

Back-up plan. Expats can reside in the UAE, one of the wealthiest and most prosperous countries worldwide. They also can travel to the country anytime, even if the borders are closed because of epidemic, political or economical issues.

Safety. In 2022, the UAE ranked 2 in the World Safety Index. Among the emirates, the first place went to Abu-Dhabi. Sharjah and Dubai ranked fourth and eighth, respectively. 

Education. The UAE Universities are among the best educational institutions in the world. The QS World University Rankings 2023 includes 11 UAE universities, three of them are in the Top 500. Some universities are branches of educational institutions of the US, Australia and the UK.

Tax system. The UAE is considered a tax haven because income, capital gains, inheritance, gifts, and properties are exempt from taxation. As of 2022, there is no tax on corporate profit, but starting January 2023 it will be taxed at 9%.

Investors can open companies in the UAE to reduce the tax burden. The most favourable conditions apply to companies operating in Free Zones with a special tax and customs regime. Most of these zones are located in Dubai. Free Zones have no corporate taxes, VAT, import or export taxes. Another benefit is that a foreign investor can become the sole owner of a company in the UAE Free Zone.

Shopping and entertainment. There are many things to do in the UAE. Landmark tourist places, such as Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, and Louvre Abu Dhabi museum offer sightseeing for all ages. 

UAE Golden Visa benefits
for real estate investors

Buying property in the UAE can be a profitable investment. In the second quarter of 2022 real estate prices in UAE have risen by 4,4%. 

There is no income tax in the UAE, so the owner doesn’t pay taxes when renting property out. There are also no taxes on gifts and inheritance. When selling property, the owner will pay half of the Transfer fee, for example 2% in Dubai.

Income rental tax in UAE

The UAE property market is one of the most regulated in the world. Buying property is one of the options to get a Golden visa for 10 years. Residential apartments, hotel rooms, villas, townhouses, and offices are available for this visa type.

If you already have a real estate property in UAE, it's also possible to get a long-term Golden residency.

Real estate examples

UAE golden visa benefits

Apartments in a coastal elite complex, from €519,000. Apartments with 1-4 bedrooms in a 42-storey residential tower in a coastal luxury complex with a closed area, located in Mohammed Bin Rashid City

How to get UAE Golden Visa

To obtain a 10-year UAE Golden Visa, foreigners may purchase real estate for AED 2 million, or nearly $540,000.

Spouses can purchase property in joint ownership, provided that the object's value is at least AED 1 million or $272,000. A certified and translated marriage certificate is required.

Document requirements

1. Passport.
2. Birth certificates.
3. Marriage certificate.
4. Certificate of non-marriage for children over 18 years of age.
5. Certificate of no criminal record from the country of citizenship.
6. UAE Good Conduct certificate addressed to the Dubai Land Department.
7. Medical insurance.
8. Medical Fitness Certificate.
9. 1 photo per applicant.
10. Current UAE visa.

Spouses, children, and domestic helpers may apply for the UAE golden visa together with investors. The visa is typically issued within 2 months.
Stage Этап
Details Детали
Step 1. Preliminary Due Diligence check.
Step 1. Preliminary Due Diligence check.

Immigrant Invest specialist conducts a preliminary check to find out issues and raise the chances of obtaining a visa. The check is strictly confidential. The investor’s documents are verified by a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Officer.

Step 2. Documents preparation.
Step 2. Documents preparation.

The investor submits the documents, and the lawyers translate them, notarise and conduct consular legalisation.

Step 3. Obtaining a 6-months entry visa.
Step 3. Obtaining a 6-months entry visa.

Applicants receive a 6-months visa to enter the UAE, choose the properties, pass a medical checkup, and apply for a golden visa.

Step 4. Real estate purchase.
Step 4. Real estate purchase.

Immigrant Invest’s real estate specialists will offer you several real estate options, help to purchase the property and register title ownership.

Step 5. Medical checkup.
Step 5. Medical checkup.

All applicants over 18 years undergo a medical checkup in a UAE clinic. They are tested for infectious diseases and pass fluorography to obtain a health certificate.

Step 6. Getting a golden visa.
Step 6. Getting a golden visa.

The inventors and their family members come to the UAE to apply for the visa and give biometrics to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs. Usually, the application consideration takes one week. After the application is approved, the investor and their family get golden visas.

Is it possible to get UAE citizenship by obtaining Golden Visa?

There is one disadvantage of the Golden Visa — this residency route does not lead to citizenship. You can renew the visa several times and try to apply for citizenship in 30 years. But there are no guarantees.

If you want to get a second passport, Immigrant Invest offers several European investment programs. In all of them, you obtain a residency first and then apply for citizenship in 5­–7 years.

Countries where foreigner can apply for passport after getting residence permit

The countryMinimal investmentResidency obtaining timeInvestment optionsSecond passport
Cyprus permanent residence€300,000+ 3 monthsBuying a property

Investment in a Cypriot company

Purchase of securities
In 5 years
Portugal residence permit€250,000+ 2—6 monthsBuying a property

Purchase of units of investment funds

Support for culture and art

Investments in scientific projects

Capital transfer

Business investment
In 5 years
Greece resident permit€250,000+ 6 monthsBuying a property

Hotel rental

Buying securities or opening a deposit in a bank

Purchase of land for construction or agriculture

Timeshare for 10 years

Receipt of real estate by inheritance or under a donation agreement
In 7 years

A residence permit in a European country provides freedom of travel within the Schengen Area and the prospect of citizenship in an EU country.

Malta citizenship by naturalisation for exceptional services through direct investment is another option to applying for citizenship in Europe. Investors can apply for citizenship in 1 or 3 years after making an investment from €690,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UAE Golden Visa?

It’s a 10-year residence permit for living, working and studying in the UAE. Investors, scientists, students, sportsmen, inventors, entrepreneurs, startup owners, and other foreigh talents can apply for it.

What are the benefits of UAE Golden Visa?

It can be renewed however many times you want. Spouses, children, and even housekeepers may join applicants in the obtaining process. There are also no requirements to live in the UAE all the time to keep the residency.

How to get Golden Visa in UAE?

You need to get a multiple entry visa for six months to enter the country. After fulfilling visa requirements, for example, buying a property, investor pass a medical examination and get a long-term Golden Visa. The process usually takes about two months.

What is the cost of 10-year Golden Visa UAE?

It depends on the option. Obtaining a 10-year UAE Golden Visa by real estate purchase cost AED 2 million, or nearly $540,000.

Does UAE Golden Visa lead to citizenship?

No, it doesn’t. The UAE Golden Visa route does not include the right to apply for citizenship. Instead, if a second citizenship is necessary, investors can get residency in European countries like Cyprus, Greece, or Portugal, and apply for passports in 5—7 years.

How long can Golden Visa holders stay outside UAE?

There are no limits. Golden Visa holders can stay outside the UAE however long they need.

What are the disadvantages of a Golden Visa in UAE?

Expats can’t obtain UAE citizenship using the Golden Visa route. But they still can apply for citizenship by naturalisation after 30 years of living in the country.

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UAE Golden Visa benefits: reasons to choose this residence by investment program