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07 April, 2022

Rating of countries with the most beautiful nature

The rating of 50 countries with the most beautiful nature was compiled by the insurance company In order to maintain objectivity, the researchers "digitized the beauty" of natural objects. The top ten included the states of Oceania, Africa and America and only one European country.

Countries with the most beautiful nature: top 10 amazing places
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To compile the Natural Beauty Report 2022, researchers estimated the number and arearnof natural attractions that occur for every 100,000 km² of the country's area. Volcanoes, mountains, glaciers, national parks, coral reefs and tropical forests were taken into account. The higher the concentration of natural objects, the higher the place in the ranking was earned.

The most beautiful nature is in the countries of Oceania

Indonesia takes first place in the ranking. The country consists of 17.5 thousand islands and is located in the "coral triangle". The arearnof coral reefs around the islands is more than 50 thousand km², which is comparable to the arearnof Croatia or Slovenia. People often come to Indonesia for snorkeling, diving and watching whales.

Indonesia has dozens of national parks and biosphere reserves, some of which are under the protection of UNESCO. For example, in the Komodo Reserve, they are trying to preserve the population of Komodo monitor lizards, in the Ujung Kulon National Park - Javanese rhinos.

New Zealand ranked second place. The country has 13 thousand glaciers, 8 volcanoes, geysers, fjords and beaches. Ecotourism lovers from all over the world come to New Zealand, and the country's government creates the necessary infrastructure for travelers.

In total, there are 50 countries in the ranking: among the small island states that occupy more than half of the places in the list, there are also large countries - the USA, France and Australia.

Ranking of countries with the most beautiful nature in 2022

Position in the ratingCountry
10Comoro Islands
9Papua New Guinea
2New Zealand
Countries with the most beautiful nature: Indonesia

Half of the arearnof Indonesia is occupied by tropical forests

Countries with the most beautiful nature: New Zealand

Fiordland National Park in New Zealand includes 15 fjords. Milford Sound, Doubtful Sound and Dusky Sound are among them, that are 40 km long

Countries with the most beautiful nature: Tanzania

Ngorongoro is a national park in Tanzania, located in the crater of an extinct volcano. Flamingos, elephants, zebras and lions live peacefully in the same area

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The five countries included in the Natural Beauty Report 2022 have investment programs for investors and financially independent individuals.

Natural Beauty Report top 50 countries with investment programs

Positions in the ratingCountry
28Saint-Kitts and Nevis

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Caribbean and Vanuatu passports give more freedom. Citizens of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Grenada or Vanuatu have visa-free entry to more than 135 countries. In this case, the period for obtaining a passport does not exceed 6 months. Investors also obtain the citizenship of these countries in order to bring their business to the international market or to optimize taxes.

Conditions for obtaining citizenship of the Caribbean countries and Vanuatu by investment

ProgramsAmount of investmentTime required to obtain a passportNumber of visa-free countries
Vanuatu citizenshipFrom 130,000 $1—2 months135
Grenada citizenshipFrom 150,000 $4—6 months144
Saint-Kitts and Nevis citizenshipFrom 150,000 $2—6 months157

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Rating of countries with the most beautiful nature