May 27, 2022

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The best marinas in Europe in 2022

Yachting was invented in the Netherlands: in the 16th century, sailors created a light, manoeuvrable boat to evade pirate pursuit. In the 21st century, yachtsmen take part in regattas, go on cruises or just relax in the marina.

To ensure a comfortable holiday and that the yacht is in safe hands, owners choose the best marinas. Let us tell you which countries in Europe have the biggest, most expensive and most titled harbours.

Albert Ioffe
Albert Ioffe

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The best European marinas for yachts

The best marinas in Europe in 2022

A yacht is an expensive investment. The average annual maintenance budget is 10‑20% of the value of the yacht and includes insurance, parking, maintenance and operating costs.

Wealthy people buy and register yachts abroad. This way you can save on taxes.

Top 7 European marinas

Portugal, Vilamoura Marina — officially the best in the world

The Yacht Harbors Association, or TYHA, awarded the marina "5 Gold Anchor" status in 2019. It means that Vilamoura meets the world quality standards for harbours.

In 2021, TYHA awarded Vilamoura with the "International Marina of the Year" award. The marina has also been ranked the best harbour in Portugal every year for the past 10 years.

Moorings and a boat yard are equipped in Vilamoura. Maintenance, towing and refuelling of the vessel, assistance with mooring, painting and gel coating of the yacht are available to clients.


Berths equipped in the marina of Vilamoura

On the territory of the harbour there is a training centre for yachtsmen, five-star hotels, restaurants, a gym and shops. Various events take place throughout the year, such as the Carnival Regatta and the Yacht Show.

Portugal: Marina Vilamoura

Vilamoura is located in the center of the resort of the same name in the south of Portugal. About 1000 ships can stay in the marina at the same time

Montenegro, Porto-Montenegro marina is the best for superyachts

Porto-Montenegro has been named "Best Superyacht Marina" in 2021 by ACREW. This is a Dutch company that trains captains and crews of superyachts: holds lectures and thematic exhibitions, organises seminars and discussion groups.

Porto Montenegro is located in the picturesque Bay of Kotor in the city of Kotor, the old part of which is protected by UNESCO.


Berth built in Porto Montenegro

Guests can stay in one of the 300 residences, where there is everything for relaxation: beaches, spas, restaurants, nightclubs and fashion boutiques. People from all over the world come to Porto Montenegro: sports events, concerts of world stars, fashion shows and beach parties attract guests.

Montenegro: Porto-Montenegro

In 2019, Bill Gates and his family spent a week in Montenegro and moored a yacht in Porto Montenegro marina

Cyprus, Limassol Marina — one of the most photogenic

The Marina of Limassol received the status of “5 Golden Anchors” from the Association of Yacht Harbours, the first in Cyprus. Social media users regularly tag the marina in photos, which is why it often leads the rankings of the most popular harbours in the world.


Berths equipped in the marina of Limassol

The marina has 750 berths for yachts of all sizes. Owners and crew can relax in the hotel villas. They are equipped with their own berths: a vessel can be moored right at the backyard.

Cyprus: Marina of Limassol

Limassol Marina is one of the top 10 most expensive harbours in Europe according to Engel & Völkers Yachting

Turkey, the Yalikavak marina is one of the largest in the Mediterranean

Yalikavak is located on the coast of the Bodrum peninsula. The Yacht Harbours Association recognized it as the best superyacht marina in 2018 and “International Marina 2019”. The bay itself is awarded the Blue Flag for the cleanest water.


Berths built in Yalikavak marina

The marina accepts yachts of all sizes and offers all standard services: maintenance, hire, boat lift, yard, yacht storage, fuel docks, electricity connections to the berths.

Turkey: Marina Yalikavak

Yalikavak is the only marina in Turkey where megayachts moor

Italy, Marina Porto delle Grazie — the best for sustainable tourism

Porto delle Grazie is located in the commune of Roccella Ionica in southern Italy. The marina accepts yachts of any size. Mooring of large vessels takes place in a special zone. Yacht owners can visit the marina anonymously: the administration guarantees confidentiality.


Berths equipped in the marina of Porto delle Grazie

Local beaches and the bay in which the marina is located are awarded the Blue Flag. It is awarded if the water meets high quality standards and is suitable for safe bathing.

Greece, Marina Flisvos — the most picturesque in Europe

Flisvos has received 5 Gold Anchors status from the Yacht Harbours Association and 4 Stars from EFQM, the European Foundation for Quality Management. The marina has also been awarded the Blue Flag award, the Clean Marina award from a special council of marine industry associations.


Berths built in Flisvos Marina

The marina is located 6 km from Athens and accepts mega yachts up to 180 metres. Clients can take advantage of 24/7 technical support, video surveillance, security, parking at the pier and VIP concierge.

Greece: Flisvos Marina

In the marina of Flisvos is the famous museum ship Georgis Averof. The Greek navy ship fought in five wars

Croatia, marina Punat — the most protected from the winds

Yacht marina Punat is located in the Puntarska Draga bay of the island of Krk, the largest island in the Adriatic Sea.

Yacht owners have access to cranes and yacht trailers, water and electricity, as well as enclosed spaces and boat sheds for storing boats.


Berths equipped in Punat marina

There are nautical equipment shops, sailing schools and the local branch of the Italian Sailing Federation.

Croatia: marina Punat

From Punat Marina, yachts sail to the most popular Mediterranean destinations: Greece, the Gargano Coast, the Tremiti Islands and the Riviera Conero

How to travel around Europe on a yacht without visas

Investors receive a residence permit or permanent residence in European countries in order to travel around Schengen without visas, including on a yacht.

Six countries have residence permit programs that provide for various investment options, such as buying real estate or securities, investing in business, science or cultural heritage of the country.

European countries with investment programs

Country and status


From €250,000

From €150,000

From €250,000

From €30,000

From €300,000

From ₣450,000

From €100,000

Three European countries offer foreigners a second passport for investment.

mt-flag Maltese citizenship can be acquired through naturalisation for special merit through direct investment. The applicant first receives a residence permit, passes a strict due diligence check. If his candidacy is approved, a year or three years after the residence permit, the investor will be able to invest in the Maltese economy from €690,000 and apply for citizenship.

tr-flag Turkey grants citizenship for investments from $400,000. You can get a passport for real estate, the authorised capital of a local company, shares of investment funds or government bonds, as well as for opening a deposit in a Turkish bank.

me-flag Montenegro offers a second citizenship for investments from €472,000. Investors make a non-refundable contribution to the state fund and buy a stake in a government-approved real estate project.

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent that helps investors to obtain a residence permit or citizenship in Europe for investment. If you want to travel without visas around Schengen and the world, please contact investment program experts for advice.