May 19, 2024
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Turkish citizenship for Pakistani citizens

To receive Turkish citizenship, a Pakistani can invest from $400,000 in real estate, business, government bonds or fund shares, or open a bank deposit.

Turkey is a peaceful and welcoming country, and obtaining its citizenship can bring lots of good to Pakistanis regarding freedom, travelling, quality of life and education. Relocation to Turkey can also be beneficial to Pakistani citizens.

Abhay Jaiswal
Abhay Jaiswal

Described benefits of Turkish citizenship for Pakistanis

Turkish citizenship for Pakistan citizens

Turkish citizenship for Pakistani citizens

How Pakistanis can benefit if obtaining Turkish citizenship

Turkey and Pakistan have a close relationship. Pakistanis and Turks enjoy the gracious attitude of each other and are often termed “brothers”. Pakistan citizens are among the TOP 15 nationalities who choose to obtain Turkish citizenship, and they have various reasons for that.

Have a safe haven in Turkey. Turkish citizens can enter Turkey at any time under any circumstances. With a Turkish passport, you can always leave for Turkey and spend as much time as you need or settle there if the situation in Pakistan makes you worry.

Travel visa-free. A Turkish passport is much stronger than a Pakistani one in terms of travelling. Turkish citizens can enter 78 more countries without visas than Pakistani citizens, making it 113 visa-free countries in total. The list includes states like Singapore, and South Korea. Pakistan passport holders can only enter 32 countries without a visa.

Get a US visa for a period twice as long. Both Turkey and Pakistan citizens can obtain a long-term B‑1/B‑2 visa to the USA. However, with a Turkish passport, you can receive a 10-year visa instead of a 5-year one for Pakistani passport holders.

Obtain a long-term Schengen visa. Turkey maintains close relationships with the Schengen countries. It allows Turkish citizens to obtain a C tourist visa to Schengen for five years at once.



IT specialist

I like travelling to Europe, and I go there pretty often. But getting a Schengen visa for a long time has always been a problem. Some countries issued visas for the duration of the trip only, others — for a year or half a year. So I had to go through the visa application process several times a year.

After obtaining Turkish citizenship everything has become easier. I no longer need to file a visa application every now and then. I received a 5-year visa, and now I can go to Europe anytime I want.

Pass citizenship to the next generations. Children of people who hold Turkish passports automatically obtain Turkish citizenship.

Avoid double taxation. Turkey and Pakistan have signed a double taxation avoidance agreement. It allows people who have connections with Turkey and Pakistan not to pay double the income tax rate.

For example, if you are a tax resident of Pakistan but own a property in Turkey and rent it out, the rental income is taxed in Turkey, and you are exempt from paying tax on this income in Pakistan.

Hold dual citizenship. Turkey and Pakistan discuss signing the agreement that will allow their citizens to have dual citizenship. When signed, Pakistanis won’t need to renounce their citizenship after obtaining a Turkish passport.

Advantages of immigration to Turkey for Pakistanis

Turkish passport obtainment does not oblige you to live in Turkey, though immigration to Turkey from Pakistan can be beneficial due to a range of reasons.

Higher standards of living. In general, Turkey is a peaceful country and a safe destination for immigration for Pakistanis. Regarding the quality of life, Turkey holds the 54th position, while Pakistan is in the 70th. The crime level in Turkey is also a bit lower than in Pakistan.

No discrimination on religious grounds. Most Turks practice Islam, and there are plenty of mosques in the country. Yet, according to the country’s legislation, Turkey is a secular state with no official religion. Turkey citizens have freedom in terms of their beliefs. In Turkey, people are not persecuted or discriminated against the religion they confess, be it Islam or other.

Free quality medicine. Turkey is famous for medical tourism. The reason is that it has advanced medical services. Most of the clinics in Turkey meet international standards, and 34 of them are accredited with the certificates of Joint Commission International. Citizens of Turkey can use medical services free of charge.

Education in English. There are international kindergartens and schools where children have an opportunity to study in both English and Turkish. Some Turkish universities also offer programs in English. Among them are Istanbul University, Middle East Technical University, Ankara University, etc.

Turkish universities are a part of the Bologna Accord. That allows Turkish students to do exchange semesters abroad. Turkish diplomas are also recognized in EU countries which makes it easier for Turkish graduates to find a job in Europe.

Reasons to move to Turkey

In Turkey, old meets modern: there are 14 skyscrapers in Izmir

How Pakistanis can obtain Turkey citizenship

There are several ways to obtain Turkish nationality for Pakistanis.

By marriage. A person who marries a Turkish citizen can obtain Turkey citizenship, but it is not granted automatically. There are two requirements: the marriage must last for at least 3 years and mustn’t be fake.

For special merit. Citizenship can be granted for Turquoise Card holders, which in turn is issued for highly qualified people with outstanding achievements in science, business, culture or sports.

By naturalisation. An individual can get citizenship after living in Turkey for 5 years. However, they can’t leave the country for more than six months.

To apply for citizenship by naturalisation, you will also need to prove that you know Turkish on a level sufficient for living in the country and have an income or job to provide for your livelihood.

By investment. Investment is the easiest and the fastest way to become a Turkish citizen: Turkey has a special program for investors. The whole process takes only 6—8 months, and it is unnecessary to visit Turkey.

Time to get Turkey citizenship for Pakistanis

Uncover the advantages, terms, and details of the Turkish investment program

Turkey citizenship by investment: requirements for Pakistanis

To participate in the Turkey CBI program, investors must be over 18 years old and have no criminal records, violations of migration law or socially dangerous sicknesses. In addition, they must be able to prove the legality of the income.

Investors can choose one of the five available options. In case of real estate purchase, the minimum investment is $400,000. In case of business investment, opening a deposit in a Turkish bank, or purchasing government bonds or units in an investment fund, the minimum investment is $500,000.

Individual cost calculation of the Turkey citizenship

Individual cost calculation of the Turkey citizenship

3 years after obtaining a Turkish passport, investors can return the money they invested.

Besides investors, family members such as spouses and children under 18 can also participate in the application. Investors' parents and children over 18 won’t be granted a passport but can get residence permits. However, if parents or children over 18 years old have their own source of income, they have to file their own application.

Statuses that investors’ family members can acquire

  • Citizenship — investor, or the main applicant, spouse, children under 18

  • Residence permit — investor’s parents, children over 18

Purchase of real estate is the most popular investment option. You can choose any type of property: housing, industrial and commercial building, or land.

You can either buy one object that costs at least $400,000 or several with a total cost of more than $400,000.

Akbar, 42 years old

Owner of a network of veterinary clinics

Turkey citizenship by investment in real estate

Akbar wanted to protect his savings in an unstable economic situation. Therefore, he decided to invest in real estate abroad. To do so, he addressed Immigrant Invest, and we helped the investor choose the best option.

In December 2021, Akbar, his wife and their daughter received their new passports. After that, the family travelled to Singapore freely and received Schengen visas for 5 years.

Learn a case

The process of obtaining citizenship by investment in Turkey


Meeting the requirements of the program

You need to choose one of the investment options and fulfil the requirements. You will also need to open a bank account and get a taxpayer number.


Collecting the necessary documents

Among the required documents are:

  • a questionnaire;

  • a copy of a passport;

  • photos;

  • confirmation of payment of state fees;

  • a police clearance certificate;

  • a notarized permit for the processing of the applicant’s data by local officials;

  • documents confirming the implementation of investments: for example, a certificate of conformity from the cadastral service, a market assessment report, an extract from a bank or investment fund, and constituent documents.


Obtaining a residence permit

Before applying for citizenship, the investor needs to get a temporary residence permit. In the application, they need to indicate their goal is to obtain citizenship.


Applying for citizenship

Applying for citizenship at the Turkish registry office or the embassy abroad. To apply for Turkey citizenship by investment, you need to attach the documents required for the residence permit, a copy of the latter and the biometrics. The process of approval takes three months, which are needed for the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs to study all the documents.


Obtaining a Turkish passport

You can collect documents either in Turkey or at a Turkish embassy or consulate in Pakistan.

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Will you obtain Turkish citizenship?

Practical Guide

Will you obtain Turkish citizenship?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can a Pakistani get a residence permit in Turkey?

    A residence permit is a good way for Pakistanis to immigrate to Turkey. There are several types of residence permits. To get one, you need to fulfil one of the conditions: study at a Turkish university, have a job in Turkey, make an investment, etc.

    After receiving a residence permit, you can apply for citizenship. If you decide to get citizenship by investment, you can apply for it right after obtaining a residence permit.

  • Which country gives citizenship easily to a Pakistani?

    Turkey is a country that gives citizenship by investment to Pakistanis relatively easy and fast. It takes around 6—8 months. Applicants don’t need to pass a language or history test. They are also not required to live in the country.

  • How can I get Turkish citizenship?

    There are many options for getting Turkish nationality for a Pakistani. They are marriage, naturalisation, and special merit. However, the easiest and the simplest way is to obtain citizenship by investment.

  • Can I get Turkish citizenship by buying a house?

  • Does Pakistan allow dual citizenship with Turkey?

    Not yet. However, two countries are considering signing an agreement allowing their citizens to have dual citizenship.

  • How much to invest in Turkey to get citizenship?

    There are several investment options:

    • Purchase of real estate — $400,000+.

    • Business investments — $500 000+.

    • Bank deposit — $500 000+.

    • Purchase of government bonds — $500 000+.

    • Purchase of units in an investment fund — $500 000+.

    You can choose one of them.