May 30, 2024
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Real estate in Portugal: prices and costs of getting a residence permit in Europe

Buying a property in Portugal is a profitable investment and an opportunity to ensure a “safe haven” in a peaceful EU country.

The average price per square meter in Portugal is €2,950. Investors buy real estate for at least €280,000 if they want to get a Portugal Golden Visa. However, a luxury villa on the coast is worth at least €1,000,000.

Learn what kind of property and where to buy to become a Portuguese resident.

Elena Ruda
Elena Ruda

Told how to get a Portugal Golden Visa by purchasing real estate

Property prices in Portugal and getting a Portugal Golden Visa by purchasing real estate

Real estate in Portugal: prices and costs of getting a residence permit in Europe

Property in Portugal: available types and purchase prices

Real estate agencies offer fully furnished and equipped houses and apartments with a fine turnkey finish. It is not always new property, but not older than the 1993—1995 year of construction. At the same time, there are options for purchasing real estate under construction. Most options qualify for the Portugal Golden Visa Program.

Portugal Golden Visa is no longer available for property purchase

The options involving investments in real estate were cancelled on October 2nd, 2023. However, investors can still get Portugal Golden Visas: learn more about the options that are currently accessible.

Houses. One can buy a cosy house in the countryside of Albufeira, Algarve, Lagos or Vilamoura for €500,000 or €600,000. These will be comfortable suburban villas up to 400 sq. m, with three or four bedrooms and a landscaped plot of area up to 2.5 thousand sq.m. The house will probably have a terrace with a private pool and a parking lot. The properties are usually equipped with solar panels and heating and air conditioning systems.

Luxury villas. If you want to buy property in Portugal at a higher level and at a cost far beyond the Golden Visa Program, you will be offered a vast selection of luxury villas and apartments.

Region or city and cost

Property features and cost

Vale do Lobo, Vilamoura, Loulé, Cascais, Estoril, Olhos de Água, Carvoeiro, Algarve

€1,000,000 to €1,500,000

Villas of 200—300 sq. m. with a plot of 2—7 thousand sq. m.

3—4 bedrooms

A terrace overlooking the sea

5 minutes walk to the sea

A garage, games room, swimming pool

Vilamoura, Lagos, Ericeira, Alvor

€1,500,000 to €2,000,000

Villas, farms, and estates of 200—300 sq. m. with a landscaped plot of up to 6—7 thousand sq. m.

4—6 bedrooms

A swimming pool, tennis court

A sea or gulf course view

Lagos, Obidos, Carvoeiro, Alvor, Sabanas, Palmela

€2,000,000 to €3,000,000

Villas and estates of 300‑400 sq. m. with a plot of 6—10 thousand sq. m.

5—6 bedrooms

A swimming pool, tennis court, wine cellar

Luxury finishing, modern communications

Lagos, Sintra, Sabanas, Palmela


Villas and estates of 700—900 sq. m. with a plot of up to 30 thousand sq. m.

6—7 bedrooms

A swimming pool, tennis court, golf course

A panoramic sea view

Luxury finishing, smart home system

Apartments. For the same €500,000, one can purchase modern apartments in the centre of Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Sintra or Coimbra. Such apartments have three to five bedrooms, an area of up to 150—160 sq. m. in an elite building, and large panoramic windows. A parking lot will have 3 to 5 available spaces. The apartments are usually located in a closed condominium with a garden, swimming pool and gym.

Commercial real estate. In large cities like Lisbon and Porto, an investor can buy premises for offices, restaurants and shops with a tenant and a guaranteed rental yield.

Investors buy shares and apartments in large resort complexes in tourist areas such as Cascais.

How to get a Portugal Golden Visa for the purchase of the real estate

Buyers of real estate in Portugal can participate in the Portugal Golden Visa Program. In this case, housing acquisition is not regarded as a private purchase but as an investment in the national economy.

In Portugal, much real estate is being built; this allows the country to create jobs and bring income to the state treasury in the form of taxes. It is beneficial for the government to develop this investment area since only wealthy people can participate in the program.

To get a residence permit in Portugal, an investor buys:

  1. Luxury property worth at least €500,000.

  2. Properties located worth at least €400,000 in regions with low population density.

  3. Properties worth at least €350,000: for restoration, built more than 30 years ago and in cultural and historical heritage areas.

  4. 30-year-old real estate worth at least €280,000: for restoration, located not only in areas of cultural and historical heritage but also in regions with low population density.

From 2022, it is not possible to get a Portugal Golden Visa for the purchase of residential property in large and coastal cities like Lisbon, Cascais, Porto and others.

It is allowed to buy property in the interior regions of the country and the autonomous regions of Madeira and the Azores.

Restrictions do not apply to commercial real estate; it can be bought in any region of Portugal.

Cost of real estate ownership in Portugal

Purchase. When you buy a property, you pay 0,8% of its value in the form of stamp duty and 0—7.5% as the transfer tax.

Annual tax. Portugal has a relatively low property tax compared to other European countries. Depending on the region and city, its rate is 0.3—0.8%. The highest tax is in Lisbon and resort towns. It is lower in the countryside. Learn more about property taxes in Portugal.

Sale. Under the terms of the investment program, the owner can sell a property after 5 years of mandatory ownership. If the investor is not a tax resident of Portugal, they do not live in the country for more than 183 days a year; then they pay 28% of the capital gains tax on the difference between the purchase price and the sale price.

Gifting. The gift tax in Portugal is 10%.

Renting out. The rental tax in Portugal is relatively high and is levied at 28% of rental income. However, tax non-residents who reside in a country that has signed an agreement on avoiding double taxation with Portugal can receive a preferential rate.

Individual cost calculation of the residence permit in Portugal

Individual cost calculation of the residence permit in Portugal

Advantages of buying property in Portugal

  • Getting Portugal Golden Visas for an entire family in 8 to 10 months.

  • It is unnecessary to live in the purchased property; it can be used as a "safe haven" or rented out.

  • The investor can apply for citizenship 5 years after obtaining a residence permit.

  • Investor’s children will be able to study in Portuguese universities without a student visa.

  • The Portugal residence permit is a personal travel document as its holder no longer needs a visa to travel around the Schengen countries.

  • A residence permit provides access to services of European banks.

If you have already decided on the country where you want to buy real estate and get a residence permit, but you don’t know how to choose a property for purchase, how to make a deal, or how to take part in the investment program, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our company. We are always happy to help you and provide professional support at all stages of moving to Portugal and adapting to a new place.

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent for citizenship and residence by investment programs in the EU, the Caribbean, Asia, and the Middle East. Take advantage of our global 15-year expertise — schedule a meeting with our investment programs experts.

Will you obtain a residence permit in Portugal?

Practical Guide

Will you obtain a residence permit in Portugal?

Frequently asked questions

  • How much does property cost in Portugal?

    The Portugal residence permit by investment program allows the purchase of the new or resale property. Therefore, the cost of real estate mainly depends on the region.

    A cosy house in Albufeira or the Algarve costs €500,000 or €600,000. A similar amount will be needed to buy modern Lisbon, Porto, or Coimbra apartments.

    Villas on the coast with an area of ​​​​about 1 thousand square meters cost €1 million. As a rule, they are fully furnished, located on the coastline and have a large garden plot.

  • What are the property prices for the Portugal Golden Visa Program?

    The Portuguese residence permit program allows the purchase of a real estate in one of two scenarios:

    1. For €500,000 or more — residential or commercial real estate.

    2. For €350,000 or more, real estate older than 30 years is of cultural or historical value. It is the investor’s responsibility to restore such a property.

    Special conditions apply when making a transaction in a region with a low population density. The minimum contract amount is reduced to €400,000 and €280,000, respectively.

  • Can a participant of the investment program obtain Portugal citizenship?

    The Portuguese Golden Visa Program allows participants to apply for citizenship after 5 years.

    The investment program obliges the participant to renew the residence permit card according to the 2 + 2 + 2 scheme. Accordingly, the investor can apply for citizenship immediately after the expiration of the golden visa.

    The procedure for obtaining citizenship includes passing a Portuguese language exam. It is enough to confirm the elementary level of proficiency of the A2 certificate.

  • Why is the purchase of real estate the most popular investment program option?

    Portugal is famous for its resorts and is actively developing the real estate market. At the same time, the cost per square meter here is significantly lower than in other EU countries. For example, you will have to pay €300—600 more per square meter in Spain.

    The purchased real estate can be turned into a source of passive income if the owner rents it out. After the established period of ownership, the investor has the right to sell the property and return the investment.

  • What expenses does an investor bear when buying and maintaining real estate?

    When buying property in Portugal, the investor pays the following taxes and fees:

    • 6—8% of the property price as the transfer tax;

    • 0,8% of the property price as the state stamp duty.

    When owning real estate, a tax of 0.2—0.8% of the cadastral property value is levied annually. The investor also pays for utilities: electricity, water supply, gas, and communications. Approximate monthly expenses range from €150 for an apartment to €1,000 for a villa.

    If investors rent out a property, they are legally taxed at 28% of the rental income.

  • What are other investment options available under the Portugal Golden Visa Program?

    The purchase of real estate is the most demanded but not the only option of the Portugal residence permit program by investment. Therefore, the country’s government has developed 6 more options to choose from. They are aimed at maintaining and developing the economy, science and culture of Portugal:

    1. €500,000 as a business investment to open a new company or increase the capital of an existing one. A prerequisite is the creation or preservation of 5 jobs for 3 years.

    2. €1,500,000 as the purchase of securities of a Portuguese company. Another option is the transfer of capital to a Portuguese bank with an ownership period of at least 5 years.

    3. €500,000 as an investment into research activities that are carried out under Portugal’s scientific and technical program.

    4. €250,000 as an investment in works of art, foundations, and organizations to preserve the Portuguese national heritage.

    5. €500,000 as a purchase of units in Portuguese investment funds.

    6. Registration of a business with the creation of 10 jobs.

    The final cost depends on the investor’s family’s composition and considers taxes and state duty. In each case, it is necessary to make an individual calculation.