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Portugal Golden Visa program: investments in Lisbon properties

Many clients of Immigrant Invest wonder which city in Europe is the best and safest place to invest. According to PwC, one of the most promising European cities in terms of investment is Lisbon — the Portuguese capital.

Portugal golden visa program: investments in Lisbon properties

Lisbon is the “dark horse” for investors

The point of view of PwC analysts was a revelation because, in recent years, London has been leading by a wide margin in their rating. Following were Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam. In 2019, experts named Lisbon, Dublin, Madrid, Berlin and Frankfurt the most attractive for investors.

The interest of international corporations explains the attractiveness of Lisbon for investment. Portugal has become a popular destination for service centres and business process outsourcing. There is a relatively cheap labour force, inexpensive real estate, and at the same time, the quality of life is at or even above the average European level.

Interest in Portugal is stimulated by the fact that many investors left Barcelona last year due to the political situation and they consider Lisbon as an alternative option for investing funds.

Investment options in Lisbon

Real estate. The Lisbon property investment market is small, but its profitability is the highest. For example, when renting an office, you can get 10% income here, which is higher than in other top European cities. There is a real boom in the construction of commercial buildings in Lisbon now, as there are not enough modern offices.

Up to 10% per annum
Profitability of commercial real estate in Lisbon

The Portuguese government has developed and is methodically implementing a special state program to turn Lisbon into a “garden city”. They promise to create a large-scale innovative “smart” ecosystem there.

In addition to constructing new buildings, the capital is actively restoring the old fund, solving energy efficiency issues, and optimising the work of city services and systems. There is a plan for the development of territories with undeveloped infrastructure. All these actions should lead to the creation of new jobs and an improvement in the quality of life of Lisbon residents.

Trade. PwC experts note the investment attractiveness of the retail sector. The fact is that the Portuguese prefer to make purchases not online, but directly in shopping centres.

The tourism industry is also attractive for investment because many wealthy Europeans consider Portugal as a vacation destination. The calm and relaxed atmosphere, authentic cuisine, beautiful nature, high standard of living and security attract many tourists. Meanwhile, the tourism infrastructure in the country is only developing and requires investment.

Investing in technology startups is a global business trend in recent years. With the development of Lisbon, the government relies on the latest technology.

It is planned to create a progressive digital infrastructure. Of course, this is impossible without IT startups. And now Lisbon is gradually becoming the European capital of startups. Several well-known business incubators operate here, such as Startup Lisboa, Labs Lisboa, Inovisa, Tec Labs.

International Business. Lisbon creates the most attractive conditions for international business. According to Portuguese Prime Minister António da Costa, the government intends to make Lisbon the world capital of entrepreneurship.

Logistics is another arearnwhere you can invest. Considering that Portugal is the sea gate to Europe, the interest of business people in this arearnis not surprising.

Portugal Golden Visa property program

Portugal golden visa or temporary residence permit can be obtained for the purchase of real estate. The minimum transaction amount is €500,000.

But if in Spain the minimum amount of investment in real estate starts from €500,000, in Portugal, there are more options:

  • from €400,000 — buying one or more properties in a low-density area;
  • from €350,000 — purchasing an object that is at least 30 years old or located in the renovation area;
  • from €280,000 — invest in an object over 30 years old or included in the renovation program, which is located in a low-density area.

Portugal Golden Visa is no longer available for property purchase

The options involving investments in real estate were cancelled on October 2nd, 2023. However, investors can still get Portugal Golden Visas: learn more about the options that are currently accessible.

Traditionally, commercial real estate in Lisbon is in the highest demand. The Portugal residence permit program allows you to purchase commercial property in the capital city of Lisbon to qualify for the golden visa.

Lisbon property for sale includes hotels, restaurants, shops and offices in the centre of the city. Immigrant Invest has its own Lisbon golden visa property base for participation in the Portugal residence permit program.

Lisbon Golden Visa property

Other investment options to get a Portugal residency

Buying a property is not the only way to get a golden visa in Portugal. A residence permit is also issued for investment in a business or funds.

The amount of investment in business or securities to obtain a residence permit in Portugal

Portugal residence permit for business investment. It is possible to invest €500,000 in a company registered and operating in Portugal.

It is allowed to create a completely new business or increase the authorized capital of an existing company. It is also required to open 5 jobs for the Portuguese at the enterprise, and the investment must be maintained for more than five years.

Portugal residence permit by purchase of shares in funds. €500,000 can be used as a contribution to a Portuguese investment or venture fund. The maturity of the acquired units at the time of investment must be at least 5 years. Another condition is that the fund must invest at least 60% of its money in Portuguese companies.

Portugal residence permit for retirees

Retirees, investors and other people with passive income can get Portugal D7 visa, and then  obtain a residence permit. For this, they need to follow several conditions:

  • to buy or rent a property for living;
  • to provide the proof of income outside of Portugal of at least €705 a month for the principal applicant and at least 50% of this for the spouse;
  • to live in Portugal for no less than 183 days a year.

The benefits of Portugal residence permit by investment 

Together with a Portugal residence permit, the investor receives the following benThe Portugal golden visa gives the investor the following benefits:

  1. A residence permit for the whole family. The application can include a spouse, financially dependent children up to 26 years old, and financially dependent spouses’ parents;
  2. It is possible to work or do business in Portugal with no restriction and additional permission;
  3. Children can study at any European university; 
  4. All the family members can get medical help in any European clinic;
  5. The investment can be returned after five years by selling the property and buying a less expensive home to live in;
  6. You can travel around the Schengen Areas without visas;
  7. It is obligatory to live in Portugal only seven days a year;
  8. After five years, you will get the right to apply for Portuguese citizenship.

You can discuss any details of investing and obtaining a Portugal “golden” residence permit with the experts from Immigrant Invest.

Frequently asked questions

How much must I invest in real estate to get a Portugal golden visa?

€280,000 is the minimum amount to invest in real estate: this is how much you need to invest in commercial real estate over 30 years old in sparsely populated areas of the country.

Modern residential and commercial real estate will need to invest from 500,000 €, and 350,000 € will be invested in real estate older than 30 years.

The Portuguese government plans to attract more investment to the interior regions of the country, so it stopped issuing residence permits by purchasing residential property in large cities like Lisbon and Porto and popular tourist areas.

Can I buy the Lisbon property to get a residence permit?

Yes. You can purchase commercial premises and participate in the Portugal golden visa program.

Lisbon golden visa property for sale includes hotels, restaurants, shops and offices. Immigrant Invest has its own Lisbon golden visa property base for participation in the Portugal residence permit program.


Why is the purchase of real estate the most popular option of the Portugal golden visa program?

Real estate is a liquid asset. An investor can rent commercial space out, receive passive income, and then sell it. Prices for objects in Portugal are growing annually by 3-5%. Therefore, after five years, the investor can return the invested money with a profit.

Is it possible to obtain permanent residence or Portugal citizenship by purchasing real estate?

In Portugal, no program allows you to obtain citizenship by investing in the country’s economy. But after five years with a residence permit status, an investor can apply for permanent residence status or immediately for citizenship.

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Portugal Golden Visa program: investments in Lisbon properties