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Benefits of the Dominica passport

Dominica citizens access 144 countries without visas and receive a visa to the USA for ten years. They can register a company in this country and optimise taxes for themselves and their business.

The Dominica citizenship program has its advantages: low investment, obtaining a passport in six months, and the possibility of a refund if you choose the option with the purchase of the real estate.

International mobility benefits of the Dominica passport

The Dominica passport gives cosmopolitans the freedom to travel abroad. They may visit some countries visa-free, including the UK and the whole Schengen Area. Also, they may apply for a US visitor visa valid for ten years.

Travel without a visa. Citizens of Dominica can visit 144 countries without additional documents. The Dominica passport helps to extend your stay without a visa in some countries, such as Hong Kong.

Visa requirements for Dominica passport holders differ from state to state. In some countries, you’ll need to get a visa on arrival, and to travel to some other ones, for example, to Sri Lanka, obtaining an electronic travel authorisation (eTA) is needed.

The terms of visiting other countries with a Dominica passport change sometimes; they depend on international relations and geopolitical situations in the world. So, we advise you to check the particular requirements before your trip.

Visa-free countries with a Dominica passport: the full list


No. Country Conditions of entry
1 Andorra Visa-free
2 Austria Visa-free
3 Belarus Visa-free
4 Belgium Visa-free
5 Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa-free
6 Bulgaria Visa-free
7 Croatia Visa-free
8 Cyprus Visa-free
9 Czech Republic Visa-free
10 Denmark Visa-free
11 Estonia Visa-free
12 Faroe Islands Visa-free
13 Finland Visa-free
14 France Visa-free
15 Germany Visa-free
16 Gibraltar Visa-free
17 Greece Visa-free
18 Greenland Visa-free
19 Hungary Visa-free
20 Iceland Visa-free
21 Ireland Visa-free
22 Italy Visa-free
23 Kosovo Visa-free
24 Latvia Visa-free
25 Liechtenstein Visa-free
26 Lithuania Visa-free
27 Luxembourg Visa-free
28 Malta Visa-free
29 Moldova Visa-free
30 Monaco Visa-free
31 Montenegro Visa-free
32 Netherlands Visa-free
33 Norway Visa-free
34 Poland Visa-free
35 Portugal Visa-free
36 Romania Visa-free
37 Russian Federation Visa-free
38 San Marino Visa-free
39 Serbia Visa-free
40 Slovakia Visa-free
41 Slovenia Visa-free
42 Spain Visa-free
43 Sweden Visa-free
44 Switzerland Visa-free
45 Ukraine Visa-free
46 United Kingdom Visa-free
47 Vatican City Visa-free



No. Country Conditions of entry
1 Bangladesh Visa on arrival
2 Cambodia Visa on arrival
3 China Visa-free
4 Hong Kong (SAR China) Visa-free
5 Indonesia Visa-free
6 Laos Visa on arrival
7 Macao (SAR China) Visa-free
8 Malaysia Visa-free
9 Maldives Visa on arrival
10 Nepal Visa on arrival
11 Philippines Visa-free
12 Singapore Visa-free
13 South Korea Visa-free
14 Sri Lanka eTA
15 Timor-Leste Visa on arrival
16 Uzbekistan Visa-free



No. Country Conditions of entry
1 Argentina Visa-free
2 Belize Visa-free
3 Bermuda Visa-free
4 Bolivia Visa on arrival
5 Brazil Visa-free
6 Colombia Visa-free
7 Costa Rica Visa-free
8 Ecuador Visa-free
9 French Guiana Visa-free
10 Guyana Visa-free
11 Nicaragua Visa on arrival
12 Panama Visa-free
13 Peru Visa-free
14 Suriname Visa-free
15 Uruguay Visa-free
16 Venezuela Visa-free



No. Country Conditions of entry
1 Botswana Visa-free
2 Cape Verde Islands Visa on arrival
3 Comoros Islands Visa on arrival
4 Egypt Visa on arrival
5 Eswatini (Swaziland) Visa-free
6 The Gambia Visa-free
7 Guinea-Bissau Visa on arrival
8 Kenya Visa-free
9 Lesotho Visa-free
10 Madagascar Visa on arrival
11 Malawi Visa-free
12 Mauritania Visa on arrival
13 Mauritius Visa-free
14 Mayotte Visa-free
15 Mozambique Visa on arrival
16 Reunion Visa-free
17 Rwanda Visa on arrival
18 Senegal Visa on arrival
19 Seychelles Visa on arrival
20 Sierra Leone Visa on arrival
21 Somalia Visa on arrival
22 St Helena Visa on arrival
23 Tanzania Visa-free
24 Togo Visa on arrival
25 Uganda Visa on arrival
26 Zambia Visa-free



No. Country Conditions of entry
1 Anguilla Visa-free
2 Antigua and Barbuda Visa-free
3 Aruba Visa-free
4 Bahamas Visa-free
5 Barbados Visa-free
6 Bonaire; St Eustatius and Saba Visa-free
7 British Virgin Islands Visa-free
8 Cayman Islands Visa-free
9 Cuba Visa-free
10 Curacao Visa-free
11 Dominican Republic Visa-free
12 French West Indies Visa-free
13 Grenada Visa-free
14 Haiti Visa-free
15 Jamaica Visa-free
16 Montserrat Visa-free
17 St Kitts and Nevis Visa-free
18 St Lucia Visa-free
19 St Maarten Visa-free
20 St Vincent and the Grenadines Visa-free
21 Trinidad and Tobago Visa-free
22 Turks and Caicos Islands Visa-free


Middle East

No. Country Conditions of entry
1 Armenia Visa on arrival
2 Iran Visa on arrival
3 Israel Visa-free
4 Jordan Visa on arrival
5 Palestinian Territory Visa-free



No. Country Conditions of entry
1 Cook Islands Visa-free
2 Fiji Visa-free
3 French Polynesia Visa-free
4 Micronesia Visa-free
5 New Caledonia Visa-free
6 Niue Visa-free
7 Palau Islands Visa on arrival
8 Samoa Visa on arrival
9 Solomon Islands Visa on arrival
10 Tonga Visa on arrival
11 Tuvalu Visa on arrival
12 Vanuatu Visa-free
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Long-term visa to the USA. Citizens of Dominica are eligible for a B-1/B-2 visa to the United States. They get it for ten years.

With a tourist visa, you can not work in the USA. But you can travel, study at short-term courses, be treated at local hospitals and fly to business meetings and conferences. 

The B-1/B-2 visa allows you to spend up to 6 months in the US during the year.

Taxation and business benefits of Dominica citizenship

Tax optimisation. Inheritance and capital gains are not taxed in Dominica. Also, if you have not become a Dominica tax resident by living there for 183+ days a year, you do not need to pay taxes on any income earned abroad, including dividends, interest and royalties.

Business development abroad. Citizenship of Dominica allows you to register international companies in this country. At the same time, the data of the founder is not entered in the commercial register, and their name cannot be found upon request. This helps to protect the company, its assets and the owner himself.

Registering a company in Dominica helps to avoid other problems, e.g. currency control when making settlements with foreign partners. 

Lifestyle benefits of a Dominica passport

Staying in Dominica at any time. Dominica is an island country with beautiful pristine nature and a warm climate. Investors with citizenship by investment may reside there whenever they wish, for example, to go for a vacation or to relocate.

The benefits of living in Dominica include enjoying its beaches and the water of the Caribbean Sea and visiting waterfalls, lakes and bays. Also, the cost of living there is relatively low compared to other countries — for example, the USA.

“Safe haven”. Sometimes there are emergencies that force you to urgently leave the country. The Dominica passport allows you to open accounts in European banks and quickly leave for the Schengen area or the UK.

Cosmopolitans can fly to Dominica and live there with no time limit. When investing in real estate, they get the right to live 1—2 weeks free of charge in the hotel where they bought a share. This allows the first time not to think about housing. 

Study and treatment abroad. The ability to visit the UK and the Schengen states without visas helps ensure a successful future for children. Cosmopolitans and their children personally inspect schools and universities, and during their studies, parents visit students at any time.

To be treated abroad, you usually need a medical visa. The paperwork takes from 2 days to several weeks. This option will not help in an emergency when you need to fly now. The Dominica passport will help out: with it you can fly for treatment to clinics in Europe and the UK on the same day.

Benefits of Dominica Citizenship by Investment
Trafalgar Falls, Dominica

Benefits of the Dominica citizenship program for investors

The Dominica Citizenship Program has several benefits that attract investors. They complement the opportunities that a passport gives.

Relatively low investment threshold. To become citizens of Dominica, applicants make a contribution to the Economic Diversification Fund or invest in real estate. The minimum donation to the fund is $100,000, which is less than in other Caribbean countries.

Possibility to return the money. Under the option with the purchase of the real estate, you need to invest at least $200,000 in objects approved by the government of the country. The money can be returned after three to five years by selling your share.

Buying property in Dominica is more popular than a contribution to the state fund. From July 1st, 2019, to May 31st, 2020, the real estate option was chosen by two times more applicants. 

Benefits of Dominica Citizenship: Real Estate
Secret Bay Hotel won Best Hotel in Dominica at the 2020 World Travel Awards. A share in an object costs from $218,000. Profitability is about 3% per year

Short terms. Investors receive a Dominica passport in an average of 4-6 months. It is faster and easier than other paths to citizenship in this country. For example, obtaining citizenship by naturalisation takes years because it requires long-term residence in the chosen country.

Noble goals. The Dominica government spends investors' money on social projects. The country is building hospitals and hurricane-resistant houses, allocating grants for education, fighting poverty and hunger, and developing alternative energy. And by 2030, the government of Dominica plans to achieve all 17 sustainable development goals proposed by the UN.

Immigrant Invest helps cosmopolitans obtain Dominica citizenship by investment. If you have questions about the program or want to choose a status for certain tasks, we invite you for an individual consultation with our lawyer.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of a Dominica passport?

Dominica citizens enjoy several benefits. They can:

  • visit 144 countries visa-free;
  • obtain a US visitor visa for ten years;
  • run a business in Dominica;
  • move to the country or create a safe haven;
  • optimise taxes;
  • go to the UK or the Schengen states to study or get treatment.

Also, the program offers one of the lowest investment sums in the Caribbean, and if you choose to buy real estate, you may sell it after three years and return the money.

Is the Dominica passport strong?

Yes, it is quite strong, and it is in the top 50 in the world. Dominica citizens may visit 144 countries visa-free, including the Schengen Area, the UK, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Can I live in the UK with a Dominica passport?

No, a Dominica passport doesn’t allow one to live in the UK permanently. But you may visit the country visa-free and stay there for up to 180 days.

It is allowed to enter the UK for tourism or to visit friends and relatives. If you want to study, work or marry in the country, you’ll need a visa.

Can I live in Europe with a Dominica passport?

To live in Europe, you need a passport or a residence permit card issued by one of the European countries. However, with a Dominica passport, you may enter the Schengen Area visa-free and stay there for 90 days out of 180 as a tourist.

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Benefits of the Dominica passport