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Thailand Elite Visa

To live in the tropics and enjoy exclusive benefits at hotels, airports, and golf clubs


Visa cost

1—3 months

Visa obtainment period

Up to 15 years

Visa validity

The Thailand Elite Visa, or the Thailand Privilege Card, is a long-term tourist visa allowing individuals to reside in Thailand for 5 to 15 years. Visa holders also enjoy special bonuses and privileges, including assistance settling in the country, discounts at hotels and golf clubs, access to VIP lounges, and private airport transfers within the country.

Investors choose between three types of Thailand Elite Cards, depending on the desired validity and privileges.

The Thailand Elite Visa is primarily a tourist one. Unlike Golden Visas offered by some other countries, it does not lead to permanent residency or citizenship in Thailand.

5 benefits of the Thailand Elite Visa

  • 1

    Relocating to Thailand

    The Thailand Elite Card is one of the world’s longest-term tourist visas, allowing individuals to reside in the country for up to 15 years. The only requirement for visa holders is to leave the country at least once a year.

  • 2

    Bonuses and privileges

    Each Thailand Elite Card comes with a specified number of privilege points. They can be used, for instance, to charter a private plane or yacht, obtain discounts at golf clubs, or cover the cost of a stay in a hotel.

  • 3

    Tax optimisation

    Spending more than 180 days a year in Thailand can lead to becoming a tax resident of the country. In this case, the investor would be subject to local tax rates. For example, Thailand employs a progressive income tax system, ranging from 0% for income up to 150,000 THB (≈ $4,200) to 35% for income exceeding 5,000,000 THB (≈ $142,000).

  • 4

    Minimal document requirements

    There is no need to prepare an extensive document package or justify reasons for relocating to the country to obtain a Thailand Elite Visa. Investors are asked only to provide a passport and complete an application form.

  • 5

    No residing requirement

    Long-term visa holders are not obligated to live in Thailand to maintain their visa and privileges. Leaving Thailand for any duration is possible, and the visa will remain valid.

Thailand Elite Program requirements for applicants

  • Investor

    • No records of overstaying in Thailand

    • No criminal records

    • Has not been declared bankrupt

    • Has not been declared a person of unsound mind, incompetence, or quasi-incompetence

  • Spouse

    Only with a Diamond or Platinum membership

  • Children

    Only with a Diamond or Platinum membership

  • Parents

    Only with a Diamond or Platinum membership

Thailand Elite memberships and investor’s expenses

Investors can choose from membership packages based on the visa duration and the number of privilege points.

Issuing visas for relatives is possible only with packages Platinum and Diamond. An investor can request visas for an unlimited number of family members.






$25,500 (THB 900,000)

$ 42,500 (THB 1,500,000)

$ 71,000 (THB 2,500,000)

Validity period

5 years

10 years

15 years

Visa for family members

Does not allow adding family members

$28,000 (TBH 1,000,000) per family member

$42,500 (TBH 1,500,000) per family member

Privilege points per year




Documents required for the Thailand Elite Visa

To obtain a long-term visa, investors provide the following documents:

  • a copy of the passport page with the photograph;

  • a copy of the current visa to Thailand, if applicable;

  • birth or marriage certificate if family members are included.

Step-by-step procedure for obtaining a Thailand Elite Visa

The investor can apply for a Thailand Elite Visa by themselves or with the agent’s help. It takes up to 4 months to obtain a Thailand Privilege Card.


1 day

Preliminary Due Diligence

Immigrant Invest conducts a preliminary check of the investor’s reliability to prepare for the main Due Diligence performed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Immigration Office in Thailand.

The preliminary check is entirely confidential and takes only one day. It helps to reduce the rejection risk to 1%.


1—3 days

Preparing documents and applying

The investor provides a passport. If family members also obtain visas, documents confirming the relationship, such as marriage and children’s birth certificates, must be provided.

Immigrant Invest lawyers will copy the documents, register the investor on the Thailand Elite Program website, and fill out the application form. The investor will need to sign the application and consent to data processing.


1—3 months

Application processing

The application is forwarded to the Thailand Elite Office. The processing takes 1 to 3 months.


Application approval and payment for the visa

Along with the approval letter, the investor receives instructions for payment under the Thailand Elite Visa. Payment can be made online or by bank transfer to the program’s account.


Receiving the Thailand Elite Visa

After payment, the investor receives an ID as a Thailand Elite Program participant. The visa stamp can be obtained either upon entry into Thailand or at the Immigration Service Office in Thailand.

Other types of visas to Thailand

Tourist visa. There are three types of tourist visas to Thailand: a visa on arrival for 15 days, a 30-day visa and a 60-day one. The availability of each visa depends on the applicant’s citizenship.

Non-immigrant visa, or long-term visa (LTR). Long-term residence visas to Thailand are issued for one year. This visa type is available only to certain categories of applicants: retirees, people who are going to work or study in Thailand, and spouses of Thai citizens.

The Smart Visa is a long-term visa intended for highly skilled professionals in 10 selected industries, including robotics, aviation, agriculture and biotechnology, and digital.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Who is eligible for the Thai Elite Visa?

    The Thai Elite Visa is available to foreigners who invest at least $25,500. Other requirements for applicants include not having a record of overstaying in Thailand, not being declared bankrupt, and not being a person of unsound mind, incompetence, or quasi-incompetence.

    The investor’s spouse, children, and parents can get visas. Adding family members to the application is available only with Platinum and Diamond memberships.

  • How much does a Thailand Elite Visa cost?

    The cost of a Thailand Elite Visa depends on the desired validity and number of privilege points. The 5-year visa requires an investment of $25,500.

  • Is a Thailand Elite Visa worth it?

    A long-term visa to Thailand provides several benefits, including optimising one’s taxes, unique privileges, and long-term residence in a warm and welcoming Kingdom of Thailand.

  • Is the Thailand Elite Visa being discontinued?

    Thailand’s Privilege Program has undergone rebranding, discontinuing some types of Elite Visa and changing prices. For instance, the Elite Easy Access for TBH 600,000 and family packages are no longer available.

    Instead, now there are three membership packages to choose from:

    • Gold Membership for 5 years — $25,500 (TBH 900,000);

    • Platinum Membership for 10 years — $42,500 (TBH 1,500,000);

    • Diamond Membership for 15 years — $71,000 (TBH 2,500,000).

    Including family members is available only on Platinum and Diamond packages.

  • How long is the application process for the Thailand Elite Visa?

    Typically, it takes 1—4 months to obtain a Thailand Elite Visa. The application processing takes up to 3 months.

  • What is the Thai Elite Visa alternative?

    Other long-term visas to Thailand allow staying there for 1—4 years.

    Long-term residence (LTR) visas allow staying in Thailand for up to a year. They are intended for people working or studying in Thailand, married to a Thai citizen, and retirees.

    The Smart Visa is intended for highly skilled professionals in certain industries, such as robotics and logistics. This visa is valid for up to 4 years.