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Villas in Portugal

3 cities
5 000 – 99 000 €
2+ rooms

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a foreigner buy a villa in Portugal?

Yes, foreigners are allowed to buy any property in Portugal. Moreover, if a property is purchased for €280,000 or more, a foreigner can apply for a Portugal residence permit.

Where are the most expensive villas in Portugal?

In Cascais, an ancient Portuguese seaside city and Lisbon’s suburb. The high real estate prices come from the city’s developed infrastructure, rich cultural heritage, nature, and proximity to the capital.

The average price of a four-bedroom villa in Cascais is €2,000,000. Luxury villas with a pool, garden and ocean views can cost up to €10,000,000.

How much does a four-bedroom villa in Portugal cost?

The cost of a Portugal villa depends on the city, location, ocean proximity, views, land plot size, and the number of rooms. 

Seafront four-bedroom villas in coastal towns cost approximately €2,000,000. In the Centro Region of Portugal, you can buy a villa for €200,000 — €350,000 

Where to buy a cheap villa in Portugal?

Cheap villas can be purchased in the Centro Region of Portugal, such as Viseu or Macedo de Cavaleiros. Here prices for three‑bedroom villas start at €200,000.

How much does an ocean view villa cost in Portugal?

The ocean view is one of the pricing factors when it comes to Portuguese villas. Mainland villas are more expensive than properties on the islands. For example, in Cascais, the average price of a four-bedroom villa with panoramic ocean views is €2,500,000. A similar villa on the island of Madeira costs approximately €800,000.

How much does a Portugal house cost?

House prices in Portugal depend on the area, land plot size, construction date, and location. For instance, in Lisbon and Porto, a house of 100 m2 costs approximately €500,000. In the central regions of the country, houses are much cheaper. For example, in the cities of Guarda or Santarém, you can buy a house for €40,000.

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