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3 ways to get Maltese nationality

January 17, 2024|11:27 |E 45

Malta has a unique opportunity for an investor to get citizenship by naturalisation for exceptional services by direct investment. To qualify, one must invest €760,000 and then live in the country for 1 year — or invest €610,000 and live in Malta for 3 years.

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In comparison, general naturalisation takes at least 5 years of continuous living in Malta within 7 years before applying for citizenship.

Malta nationality opens travelling to 180+ countries visa-free, access to the European business market, and high-quality education and medicine. The climate is warm, the people are friendly, the language is English, and the investor’s family is welcome. What’s more to wish for?

Stay tuned and see what it’s worth to permanently move to a picturesque Mediterranean archipelago and how to do that.

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Lyle Julien

Material prepared by Lyle Julien, Investment programs expert

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