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24 February, 2022

European Commission forecast: what will happen to the region's economy in 2022

The European Commission has published an economic forecast for the countries of the European Union and the Eurozone. GDP is expected to decline by 1.3% compared to 2021, and the inflation rate is expected to exceed the target by two times.

We share with you in which countries the economy will continue to grow in 2022 and how to get residence and citizenship in them by investment.

Residence permit in Europe by investment
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According to the European Commission’s forecast the average GDP of EU and Eurozone countries will be +4.0% in 2022. This is 1.3% lower than a year earlier. The reasons for the slowdown in economic development are the consequences of the pandemic, high energy prices and problems with supply chains. These factors fuel inflation and delay economic recovery.

On 4%
he average GDP will increase in the EU countries for 2022

The average inflation rate in the European Union is 3.9%, which is almost twice the target of the European Central Bank. According to the forecast of the European Commission, the inflation rate will decrease to 1.7% only by 2023. In Slovakia, Portugal, Spain and Malta, the economy continues to develop: the current level of GDP in these countries is between 5 and 6% and will grow to 2% in 2022.

forecast for the inflation rate in the EU countries in 2022

Cyprus, Finland, Malta, Portugal, Denmark are the countries with the lowest inflation rate, where it will not exceed 2.6% in 2022.

Estimated inflation and GDP in the European Union for 2022

CountryInflation in 2022, %Inflation dynamics by year 2021 GDP in 2022, %GDP dynamics by year 2021 
European Union3,9+ 14,0-1,3
Eurozone3,5+ 0,94,0-1,3
The Netherlands4+1,23-1,3
Czech Republic5,8+2,54,4+1,1

Malta can show the highest economic growth rates in the European Union – the country’s GDP will reach +6%, which is 2% higher than the average for the region. Inflation in the country will rise to 2.1%, but will remain the lowest in the European Union. Foreigners can obtain a residence permit in Malta by investing in real estate. The official status in the country allows you to open accounts in European banks and do business. With a residence permit in Malta, investors become tax residents of the country and can take advantage of a special tax regime: pay 15% on foreign income transferred to Malta, and 0% if the income is not transferred. The minimum family tax is €15,000.

Portugal ranks third among the eurozone countries in terms of growth in 2022: GDP will reach +5.5%, and inflation will be 2.3%. The forecast of the European Commission is fully consistent with the assessment of the government of Portugal. A residence permit in Portugal is obtained when buying real estate in the amount of €350,000 or when buying shares of investment funds in the amount of €500,000. From 2022, residential real estate in Lisbon and Porto is not eligible for participation in the investment program, investors can only buy commercial properties, for example, a shop space in residential project with a guaranteed return of 4%.

Cyprus. The growth rate of the Cypriot economy will be +4.1%, and the inflation rate will be 2.6%. According to the forecast of the European Commission, inflation will decrease to 1.2% by 2023. Investors invest from €300,000 in real estate or securities in Cyprus to obtain permanent residence status. Together with the permanent residence card, investors get the opportunity to conduct business and optimize taxation: there are no taxes on foreign income and inheritance in the country, low rates of property and income tax. The corporate tax rate in Cyprus is one of the lowest in Europe – 12.5%.

Greece. The country's GDP, according to the forecast for 2022, will be +4.9%. The economy continues to develop due to the restoration of the tourism industry and the industrial sector. The inflation rate will be 3.1%.

A residence permit in Greece is obtained by foreigners for investments in real estate in the amount of €250,000. Under the terms of the program, investors do not need to live in the country in order to maintain the status of a residence permit, and the purchased property can be rented out.

For the participation in the program, the foreigners can choose commercial real estate — premises for offices, restaurants, hotels. The average return will be 4%.

Residence permit in Europe by investment in real estate

Apartments on the north of Malta, near Mellieha. The residential complex is located 200 meters from the sea. Price – from €310,000

Residence permit in Europe by investment in real estate

Maisonette with four bedrooms in a Greek resort Porto Rafti. Price – €317,000

Residence permit in Europe by investment in real estate

Apartments in a new residential complex in Limassol. The ground floor apartments have their own garden, the third floor apartments have a rooftop terrace. Price – from €272,000

Residence permit in Europe by investment in real estate

Commercial properties in Lisbon, suitable for a shop. The profitability of the object is 4%, the cost is from €370,000

Immigrant Invest — a licensed agent that helps investors obtain a residence permit and citizenship in European countries. If you want to become a resident of a European country, feel free to contact our investment program experts for more information.

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European Commission forecast: what will happen to the region's economy in 2022