March 25, 2021
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Dominica builds new hotels and resorts for investors

Seven new hotels and resorts are being built in Dominica under the Citizenship by Investment program. About EC$950 million, or $350 million, will be invested in the construction. We’ll tell you why it’s profitable to invest in their construction and when the hotels will welcome their first vacationers.

Alina Mishurenko
Alina Mishurenko

Editor-in-chief, content creator

Citizenship of Dominica: new hotels and resorts for program participants.

Dominica builds new hotels and resorts for investors

Citizenship of Dominica is granted for the purchase of real estate worth $200,000 or more. Investors buy a share, an apartment or a villa in a hotel complex. Real estate under the program is approved by the national government. The entire list of properties is available on the department’s website.

In March 2021, seven hotels and resorts are under construction in Dominica. One of them will be commissioned by October 2021. The others will be completed in 2022 and 2023.

Investment property under construction

️ Hotel

Due date

Jungle Bay Resort and Spa, Суфриере

October 2021

Tranquility Beach Dominica, Солсбери

end of 2022

Anichi Resort and Spa, Портсмут

end of 2022

Villa Copthall, Розе

end of 2022

Coulibri Ridge, Розе

end of 2022

Fort Young Hotel, Розе

end of 2022

Secret Bay, Портсмут

end of 2023

The construction of new resorts will take Dominica’s tourism to a higher level. The government is building earthquake-resistant hotels, using environmentally friendly materials and fu ishing rooms with modernechnology. These accommodations and services will attract travellers from all over the world to the islands. Tourism helps the country’s economy recover faster from pandemics and natural disasters.

What hotels to invest in 2021

5 hotel complexes are selling stakes, apartments and villas to investors in March 2021 — Secret Bay, Resort and Spa, Tranquility Beach Dominica, Jungle Bay Villas and Cabrits Resort Kempinski.

Secret Bay in Portsmouth

Citizenship of Dominica by Investment: Secret Bay Hotel

Price — from $218,000
Accommodation options — rooms and apartments in 42 villas with 1‑2 bedrooms
Real estate profitability — 3%

The hotel is located 50 meters from the ocean. It features 3 secluded guest beaches, a spa, open-air restaurant, pool, fitness centre, kids club, art gallery and even a mini brewery. There are hiking trails among the tropical jungle and a sea cave open for tours.

Secret Bay is the only hotel complex on the island, which has the Green Globe certificate. It confirms the respect for nature and the use of environmentally friendly materials. It is also recognized as one of the best 40 resorts in the Caribbean. We talked about it in the article "The best hotel in Dominica".

Resort and Spa in Portsmouth

Citizenship of Dominica by Investment: Anichi Resort and Spa

Five-star Anichi Resort and Spa, Portsmouth. Nearby is one of the most picturesque beaches in Dominica, Picard Beach, on which the hotel has a private area

Price — from $220,000
Accommodation options — 128 rooms and apartments with 1‑2 bedrooms
Real estate profitability — 2‑3.5%

The complex is 50 meters from the ocean. The rooms have panoramic views of Prince Rupert Bay and Cabrits National Park. The complex features restaurants, brand-name boutiques, a spa, a lagoon-shaped pool, a business centre and a water sports centre.

Tranquility Beach Dominica Rose

Dominica Citizenship by Investment: Tranquility Beach Dominica Hotel Complex

Price — from $220,000
Accommodation options include 73 studios and 1‑2 bedroom apartments
Profitability of real estate —3‑7%

The hotel is located on the sea cliff. The complex will have two secluded beaches for guests and open a spa, wellness centre, gym, swimming pools and restaurants.

Jungle Bay Villas in Scotts Head

Dominican citizenship by investment: Jungle Bay Villas

Jungle Bay Villas is built with environmentally friendly materials: wood and stone

Price — from $255,000
Accommodation options — 120 one-bedroom villas
Real estate profitability — 4%

The hotel is located 100 meters from the ocean. It has a spa, gym, yoga centre, swimming pools and restaurants. The landscape around the hotel is planted with different kinds of palm trees, and there are hiking trails all around.

Cabrits Resort Kempinski in Portsmouth

Dominican citizenship by investment: Cabrits Resort Kempinski

Price — from $220,000
Accommodation options — modern rooms with 1‑4 bedrooms
Real estate profitability — 3‑5%

The hotel is open and receives tourists: since 2016, it brings the owners 3‑5% of the annual income from renting apartments. In 2021, the first investors have already begun to sell their shares, which are allowed to redeem the new participants of the citizenship program.

The hotel complex is located in Cabrits National Park. The Atlantic Ocean coast is 50 meters away, the jungle of the park has rivers and waterfalls. Tourists do sports and yoga, walk tropical trails and explore the underwater world of the ocean, and relax on the beaches and in the spa.

Why investors buy property in the Caribbean

Buying real estate is the most sought-after option among investors in the past three years. 1,500 investors received citizenship through the real estate option between July 2019 and June 2020. That’s twice as many applicants as the non-refundable option.
All of the real estate projects are certified by the government. This means that the government controls the investment and there are no cases of fraud.

Caribbean real estate is a liquid asset. Prices for properties in the region grow by 1一3% a year. Therefore, in 5 years, investors can profitably sell the share or apartment and get back the money invested.

Rental income from real estate in Dominica is 4一5% per annum. In high season, the yield can go up to 9% per annum.

Investors with a Dominica passport travel visa-free to 146 countries, including Schengen, Britain, Singapore and Hong Kong. Citizens of Dominica also receive tourist visas to the U.S. for 10 years under a simplified procedure.

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent of the Dominica Citizenship by Investment program. If you want complete information on all properties and to buy them, seek advice from the experts in the investment programs.