May 4, 2022
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The best Blue Flag beaches and properties in Portugal in 2022

The beaches and marinas of Portugal have received 431 Blue Flags in 2022 — the award is given to places with the cleanest water, comfortable and safe for recreation. Most of these beaches were in the southern region of Portugal — the Algarve.

Investors buy commercial real estate in the Algarve in order to obtain a residence permit in Portugal and receive passive rental income. The Algarve is a popular area for tourists.

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Vladlena Baranova

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Blue flag beaches in Portugal

The best Blue Flag beaches and properties in Portugal in 2022

The Algarve received 86 Blue Flag awards in 2022, more than any other region in Portugal. The Blue Flag was awarded to 82 beaches and four marinas — in Lagos, Portimão, Albufeira and Vilamoura.

The Algarve is an almost continuous strip of beaches that stretches from east to west from Monte Gordo to Lagos. The main resorts are located in Albufeira, Portimão, Vilamoura, Quarteira, Vale do Lobo, Quinta do Lago, Monte Gordo, Lagos and Tavira.

The Blue Flag award is presented annually by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

Algarve Blue Flag beaches in 2022




Odeceixe-Mar, Amoreira-Mar, Monte Clérigo and Arrifana

Vila do Bispo

Cordoama, Beliche, Castelejo, Tonel, Mareta, Martinhal, Ingrina, Zavial, Salema, Almádena — Cabanas Velha and Burgau


Luz, Porto de Mós, Meia Praia


Alvor Poente, Alvor Nascente, Vau, Três Castelos, Rocha and Marina


Ferragudo, Caneiros, Carvoeiro, Vale Centeanes, Senhora da Rocha and Vale do Olival


Armação de Pêra and Praia Grande Poente


Salgados, Galé-Oeste, Galé-Este, Manuel Lourenço, Evaristo, Castelo, Coelha, São Rafael, Arrifes, Peneco, Pescadores, Alemães, Inatel, Aveiros, Oura, Oura-Leste, Santa Eulália, Maria Luísa, Olhos D’Água, Belharucas, Falésia Açoteias, Falésia Alfamar, Rocha Baixinha Poente, Rocha Baixinha and Rocha Baixinha Nascente.


Vilamoura, Quarteira, Forte Novo, Almargem, Loulé Velho, Vale do Lobo, Garrão-Poente, Garrão-Nascente, Ancão and Quinta do Lago


Faro-Mar, Barreta, Ilha do Farol-Mar and Culatra-Mar


Armona-Mar, Armona-Ria, Fuseta-Mar and Fuseta-Ria


Barril, Terra Estreita, Ilha de Tavira-Mar and Cabanas-Mar

Castro Marim

Praia Verde, Cabeço and Alagoa-Altura

Vila Real de Santo António

Manta Rota, Lota, Monte Gordo and Santo António

Source: Portugal Resident

Five profitable properties in the Algarve

Portugal is considered one of the most popular European countries for travelers. From January to March 2022, more than 1.7 million tourists visited Portugal.

If an investor invests in tourist real estate in the Algarve, he will be able to receive income from renting out the object — up to 5% per annum. The region has a warm climate, tourists rest in the Algarve even in the off-season, so real estate is in demand all year round.

When buying real estate in the amount of €250,000, the investor can obtain a residence permit in Portugal.

Real estate prices are developed from the object: in non-tourist cities, it is possible to buy an apartment two or three times cheaper than in Porto and Lisbon.

Apartments in a hotel complex

Area — from 66 m²

Cost — from €534,000

Profitability — 4% per annum

Location — Faro

Faro is the southernmost Portuguese city and the administrative center of the Algarve. Faro is home to one of the three international airports in Portugal. It receives flights from European countries and local cities.

An investor can buy an apartment in a hotel complex in the Quinta do Lago resort. The hotel consists of 130 privately owned apartments ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms, a spacious balcony or terrace, a fully equipped kitchen and dedicated parking spaces.

The investor will be able to spend up to 12 weeks a year in the apartment, even during the high season from June to September. The rest of the time the apartments will be rented out.

Residence permit in Portugal for the purchase of real estate in the Algarve example of an object

The owner of the apartment gets the right to live in the resort for up to three months a year and use the entire infrastructure — restaurants, swimming pools, spa services

Share in the hotel complex on the ocean coast

Cost — €280,000

Location — Lagos

Investors can purchase a share in a new hotel complex, which is located in the city of Lagos, 50 meters from the ocean. Near the complex there is a marina with a Blue Flag.

The complex consists of 4-star and 3-star hotels managed by an international hotel group. Hotels are designed for 270 rooms.

Investors can apply to participate in the project until July 2022.


The investor will be able to redeem a stake in the hotel after 6 years

Apartments in the hotel of the thermal spa resort

Area — from 38 m²

Cost — from €280,000

Profitability — from 3 to 5% per annum

Location — Monchique

The spa resort is located in the Serra de Monchique natural reserve and consists of 4 hotels — converted buildings of the 19th century. The complex is known for thermal springs.

The investor can buy apartments and penthouses from 38 m². Owners have the opportunity to spend 15 days a year in the apartment between October and the end of June.


The road from the spa resort in Monchiqui to the beaches of Portimão takes half an hour by car

Apartments in the hotel complex

Area — from 122 m²

Cost — from €645,350

Profitability — 5% per annum

Location — Loule

The project is represented by residences in a 5-star hotel complex, which is located in the small town of Loule. Faro’s beaches are 20 minutes' drive from the hotel, and the A22 motorway, with links to Lisbon or Spain, is 10 minutes away.

An investor can buy apartments with one or two bedrooms, the layout of which also includes a kitchen, living room, bathroom and terrace. Some properties have private pools and jacuzzis.

The owners get the right to live in the hotel for 10 weeks a year, including during the high season.


The investor can buy furnished apartments. The price of a set of furniture for one bedroom apartments is €55,350, for two bedroom apartments — €79,950

Apartments and villas managed by Marriott International

Area — from 94 m²

Cost — from €1,000,000

Profitability — 5% per annum

Location — Albufeira

The project is presented by a resort complex managed by Marriott International. Investors can purchase an apartment of 94 m², located next to the golf course, or a villa of 386 m² with its own plot.

Possibility of stay — 26 weeks per year.


Investors get access to the services of the resort on special terms: they will be able to play golf, play tennis and football, visit the spa and restaurants

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent of the residence permit program in Portugal. If you want to move to Portugal or travel around the Schengen countries without visas, please contact investment program experts for advice.