April 22, 2022
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Best places to play golf according to the World Golf Awards

Vietnam has been named the top golf destination for 2021. The best courses are in the US at Augusta National Golf Club, which hosts the renowned Masters tournament every year

Let’s take a look at the other winners of the World Golf Awards and which courses have won the award in countries with investment programmes.

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Vladlena Baranova

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The best destinations for 2021

Best places to play golf according to the World Golf Awards

The World Golf Awards have been running internationally since 2014. Winners are chosen each year by voting. It usually lasts from February to October. The awards are presented at a gala dinner, for example, in 2021 the awards were held in Dubai.

There were 18 main nominations in 2021. The award also recognised the best golf destinations in regions and countries around the world. The World Golf Awards also recognise awards in other categories, such as best golf club or best golf shoe brand. A full list of nominations and winners can be found on the award website.

While voting is underway for the 2022 nominees, golf enthusiasts have five months left to visit the best places to play 2021 and play golf on the most scenic golf courses.

Winners of the 8th World Golf Awards



World’s Best Golf Course

World’s Best 9 Hole Golf Course

World’s Best Eco Friendly Golf Facility

sg-flag Singapore, Sentosa Golf Club

World’s Best New Golf Course

gb-flag Scotland, Dumbarnie Links

World’s Best Golf Destination

vn-flag Vietnam

Augusta National Golf Club is one of the most famous clubs in the world. Architect Alistair Mackenzie and golfer Bobby Jones co-designed the courses. The wealthy and famous people like to spend their holidays at the club, Ronald Reagan, the former US president often visited it.

Cambodia Dragon Turn Golf Resort is named after the shape of the lake that lies between the three holes of the course. Night games are popular at the club and the course looks even more picturesque in the spotlight.

Sentosa Golf Club is a Singapore golf club that was opened by Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew in 1974. There are two courses within the clubhouse.

Dumbarnie Links is a Scottish course set in the hills with a gentle slope to the holes. The course is surrounded by beautiful views of the Firth of Forth, the Gulf of the North Sea.

Vietnam - the best golf destination

Vietnam’s golf courses are some of the most picturesque in the world. Some are designed in a classic style, others are decorated like futuristic paintings of the future

World' best places to play golf in the regions

The World Golf Awards recognised the best regional golf courses. Voting also took place on the award website. Both professional players and industry representatives, as well as golf enthusiasts, voted.

Regional winners of the World Golf Awards


The best field to play


ma-flag Morocco, Assoufid Golf Club




Indian Ocean

mu-flag Mauritius, Heritage Golf Club

Latin America

Middle East

North America


au-flag Australia, The Royal Adelaide

The best places to play golf in countries with investment program

Countries with citizenship and residency programmes for investment are the ones with courses recognised as the best for playing golf. Residents and citizens have a better chance of playing their favourite sport because they can enter the country at any time, even with closed borders.

World Golf Awards winners in countries with investment programs

To obtain a residence permit or second citizenship, investors participate in government programmes. Each programme offers one or more investment options, such as the purchase of real estate or a non-refundable contribution.

Austria grants residence permit to financially independent people if they do not plan to work in Austria but will spend at least 183 days a year in the country. The minimum investment under the program is €100,000.

Cyprus offers a permanent residence permit to investors for the purchase of real estate or bonds worth at least €300,000.

Greece grants a residence permit to investors for the purchase of real estate worth at least €250,000. Investors do not need to live in the country to maintain residency status.

Switzerland grants residence permit to financially independent persons. They enter into a concordance tax agreement with one of the country’s cantons. The amount is from ₣450,000.

Portugal offers a residence permit to foreign nationals for investments in real estate, the purchase of units, contributions to the support of culture or science, the opening of a company, investments in a business or the transfer of capital to a local bank. The most popular options are the purchase of real estate from €280,000 or units of investment funds from €500,000.

Best golf course in Portugal — Quinta do Lago

Portugal is one of the most popular golfing destinations. Quinta do Lago is an indoor complex and golf resort on the Algarve coast. South Course has been named the country’s best course in 2021 by the World Golf Awards

Turkey offers citizenship for investment in the country’s economy. Investors can buy real estate, units of an investment fund or government bonds, invest in a local company or open a deposit in a Turkish bank. The minimum investment for the programme is $400,000.

Caribbean citizenship programmes are similar. Each state offers investors to make a non-refundable contribution or buy real estate to obtain a second passport. Antigua and Barbuda also allows investment in businesses.

Immigrant Invest — a licensed agent who helps you obtain a residence permit and citizenship for an investment. If you want to travel visa-free with a residence permit or a second passport, get advice from experts in investment programs.