Real estate investment in Switzerland

The sale of real estate to foreigners without a residence permit is restricted in Switzerland: permission to purchase is required. Permits are issued by quotas, in individual cantons, and only for holiday properties, not permanent residences.

Statistics confirm the liquidity of investments: residential real estate prices grow every quarter by an average of 1,1%. Five years ago, an apartment of 100 m² cost an average of €862,000, and today it is sold for €1,062,000.


Average price per 1 m²


Average price growth per quarter


Associated costs, of the property value

How the residential property price index is growing in Switzerland


Cost of a 3-bedroom apartment in Switzerland

€5.5 million

Apartment in the centre of Geneva, on the shores of Lake Geneva

€3.5 million

Apartment on a lakeside in Lugano or 8 km from Davos

€1.5 million

Apartment in Bern

Switzerland residence permit or citizenship by real estate investment

Obtaining a Switzerland residence permit or citizenship is not connected with purchasing real estate. On the contrary, to buy real estate, you need to get a residence permit because the sale of housing to foreigners without a residence permit is prohibited.

The residence permit obliges the holder to live for at least 183 days a year in Switzerland. After six years, you can get permanent residency and apply for citizenship after four more years.

Switzerland grants residence permits to financially independent persons. To obtain this residence permit, it is necessary to live in the country and pay a fixed tax every year. The canton administration determines the size of the lump-sum tax; the amount is at least ₣450,000. The residence permit for financially independent persons can be obtained in any canton, except for Zurich, Appenzell-Ausserodden, Basel-Stadt, Basel-Land, and Schaffhausen.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can foreigners buy real estate in Switzerland?

    Yes. Foreigners are allowed to buy real estate in Switzerland. But there are restrictions — you need to get a purchase permit, which is issued according to quotas. In some cantons it is forbidden to buy real estate, in others — you can only buy real estate for temporary residence, but not a permanent residence.

    Foreigners with a residence permit — residents of Switzerland — buy real estate without restrictions.

  • How much does the average house cost in Switzerland?

    Swiss real estate prices are among the highest in Europe. The average cost of 1 m² of housing is €10,624.

    A 180 m² house in Switzerland costs approximately 2 million euros. Investors most commonly buy villas and chalets. Prices for luxury properties are three to four times higher.

  • Is real estate cheap in Switzerland?

    No. Swiss real estate prices are among the highest in Europe. The average cost of residential real estate is €10,624 per 1 m².

  • Is Switzerland good for real estate?

    Yes. Real estate in Switzerland is among the best and most expensive in Europe. The average cost of residential property is €10,624 per 1 m². At the same time, Swiss real estate keeps growing in price, by 1,1% quarterly. For example, an investor who bought a 100 m² apartment in Switzerland five years ago for €862,000, can now sell it for €1,062,000.