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Travelling within the EU and Schengen Area with a second passport or a residence permit

March 22, 2023|07:44 |E 3

In 2023, both the EU and the Schengen Area include 27 member states. But the trick is that those countries are not the same. Take Cyprus as an example: it is part of the European Union but not of the Schengen Area. 

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In this episode, we will learn more about the differences between European countries and what they mean for expats and travellers:

  • When does a European residence permit give the right of visa-free travelling within the region?

  • Where to and for how long can an EU citizen go freely?

  • How to visit European countries which aren’t in the EU or the Schengen Area, including the UK?

  • Which countries offer the best opportunities for easy relocation, travels and living in Europe?

Listen to the episode to get the complete picture.

Scooter Clarke, Narrator

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