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11 February, 2022

10 countries and cities where it is easy to be healthy in 2022

Improving the quality of life is one of the reasons why investors get a second residence permit or citizenship. The status helps them to live in a comfortable climate, a safe and favorable environment.

The insurance company has compiled a rating of cities and countries that will make the life of a cosmopolitan both more comfortable and healthy.

Residence permit and citizenship in European countries with a high standard of living
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To compile the Healthiest Places to Live 2022 ranking, factors that directly affect or speak about the health of the population were considered:

  • a life expectancy;
  • an availability of health insurance;
  • a cost of a healthy diet;
  • levels of air pollution, obesity and crime.

The healthiest countries are Japan and Switzerland

Japan took first place in the ranking. The country has one of the lowest levels of obesity in the world: 3.8% among men and 3.4% among women. For comparison, in the US the average percentage of obese people is 43%, and in the UK it is 35%. The attitude to food in Japan is different from the Western one: the Japanese eat in small portions, and the food is rich in proteins, but not carbohydrates.

84 years
average life expectancy in Japan

The average life expectancy in Japan is 84 years, the third highest in the world after San Marino and Hong Kong. There are many people in the country who live up to 100 years and longer. The oldest woman in the world, Japanese Kane Tanaka, is 119 years old now. Switzerland came in second in the ranking. The researchers note that the health of the local population is affected by clean alpine air and an active lifestyle as the Swiss often go trekking. The average life expectancy here is the same as in Japan — 84 years. The top ten of the ranking also includes Cuba, Slovenia and Armenia, the second ten includes Greece, Montenegro, Israel, Canada and Australia.

10 healthiest countries for living in 2022


The two healthiest cities are in Spain

Cities in Spain, Portugal, Australia and Japan topped the Healthiest Places to Live 2022 ranking, making it easy for residents to lead a healthy lifestyle and take care of their well-being.

Valencia took first place in the ranking. The World Health Organization considers Valencia's climate as one of the healthiest in the world as it is mild and not as hot as in most coastal cities in Spain. There is a lot of greenery in Valencia, few industries, and a light breeze always blows from the sea, thanks to which the air in the city is fresh.

The top ten includes such European cities as Zurich, Vienna and Ljubljana, as well as one Asian city of Chiang Mai, which is located in Thailand.

10 healthiest cities for living in 2022

RankingCity and country
10Ljubljana, Slovenia
9Adelaide, Australia
8Chiang Mai, Thailand
7Vienna, Austria
6Zurich, Switzerland
5Tokyo, Japan
4Lisbon, Portugal
3Canberra, Australia
2Madrid, Spain
1Valencia, Spain
The healthiest cities and countries: Japan

In summer, the Japanese actively run or practice wushu in parks

The healthiest cities and countries: Switzerland

In Switzerland, trekking and hiking are popular, which are varieties of walking in the mountains. You can meet elderly people who easily overtake athletes on the trails

The healthiest cities and countries: Spanish city of Valencia

Residents of Valencia spend a lot of time outdoors, thanks to the comfortable climate. For example, they play pelota, which is the national ball game

How to move to a country where it's easy to take care of your health

In order to move to a country where there is a chance to become a long-liver, a foreigner needs to obtain a residence permit or citizenship of a new country. Six countries included in the Healthiest Places to Live 2022 ranking have investment programs for wealthy and financially independent individuals.

Conditions for obtaining a residence permit or citizenship in the European countries of the ranking

ProgramInvestor’s expensesTerm of obtaining a status
A residence permit by investment
Portuguese residence permit€250,000+2 to 6 months
Greek residence permit€250,000+6+ months
Spanish residence permit€500,000+2 to 3 months
A residence permit for financially independent people
Austrian residence permit€100,000+3+ months
Swiss residence permit₣450,000+ per year6 months
Citizenship by investment
Montenegrin citizenship€472,000+6+ months

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent that helps to obtain a residence permit in Europe. If you want to become a resident of a European country, please contact investment program experts for advice.

10 countries and cities where it is easy to be healthy in 2022

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