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Immigrant Invest at IMI Connect Malta 2023

St Julian's, Malta May 18—20, 2023

Event IMI Connect Malta 2023 Forum

Location St Julian's, Malta Maritime Museum

Immigrant Invest was the Silver Partner of the IMI Connect Malta 2023 Forum. The forum brought together 150 participants from the investment immigration industry: CBI program agents, lawyers, realtors, developers, and representatives of banks, investment funds and family offices.

Immigrant Invest representatives at the forum

Elena Ruda Chief Development Officer in Immigrant Invest, lawyer
Chief Development Officer, Lawyer
AML Compliance officer,
Certified CAMS Specialist
Head of the Maltese office
Polina Ruda
Junior Lawyer
Immigrant Invest at IMI Connect Malta 2023 Forum
Immigrant Invest Forum representatives: Vladlena Baranova (Malta), Elena Ruda (Austria), and Igor Buglo (Malta)

Main topics of the forum

  1. Tougher conditions and closures of CBI programs in Montenegro, Ireland, Albania, the UK, and North Macedonia. Who's next?
  2. Malta and the European Commission on granting citizenship to investors: what will the discussion and the outcome be? Legal analysis.
  3. Short-term prospects of European residence permit and permanent residence programs in the light of stricter requirements for investors and Due Diligence.
  4. Caribbean CBI programs: whether there will be new conditions for real estate investors.
  5. What tasks do US investors solve when participating in citizenship and residence permit programs?
  6. Financial analysis of the investment immigration market: market size and profitability of participating companies.

Vladlena Baranova spoke on the subject of "Tougher conditions and the end of CBI programs in Montenegro, Ireland, Albania, the UK, and North Macedonia. Who's next?"

The Portuguese government has submitted to Parliament a bill on closing the residence permit by investment program. If the law is passed, investors can become residents of Portugal only as entrepreneurs or art patrons.

Vladlena Baranova
AML Compliance officer, Certified CAMS Specialist

Immigrant Invest: the Silver Partner of the forum

As the Silver Partner of IMI Connect Malta 2023, Immigrant Invest hosted guests of the event at the Malta Royal Yacht Club. The club dates back to 1835 and is considered one of the most prestigious private event venues.

The brunch on May 20, held on the terrace of the Malta Royal Yacht Club's 21st berth, was attended by about 100 forum participants.

Main speakers at the forum

The founders and managers of the key CBI industry companies attended the forum:

  • Jerry Morgan, Mercan;
  • Eric Major, Latitude;
  • Jean-Philippe Chetcuti, Chetcuti Cauchi;
  • Elena Ruda, Immigrant Invest;
  • Oliver Zammit, DZ Advisory;
  • Henri Fen, Globevisa;
  • Sam Bayat, Bayat.
Immigrant Invest representatives spoke at IMI Connect Malta 2023 Forum
Igor Buglo, Head of the Malta office at Immigrant Invest, shared his vision of the prospects of Malta programs for investors

IMI Connect, the Annual Forum

Investment Migration Insider, a leading professional platform in the CBI industry, organizes the forum. Every year, the forum gathers from 100 to 200 experts who discuss changes, challenges and opportunities in the industry in general discussions and on the sidelines. Previous IMI Connect forums were held in Istanbul and Lisbon.