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Portugal visas: which one should you get?

February 28, 2024|11:17 |E 51

Citizens of 62 countries don’t need visas for short stays in Portugal: these include all the EU states, the USA, the UK, and others.

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A foreigner planning to visit or move to Portugal will need a visa, depending on the intended duration of stay and its purpose: 

  • the Schengen visa allows visiting Portugal for up to 90 days every half a year; 

  • the Job Seeker visa is granted for 120 days only to foreigners who intend to find an employer in Portugal; 

  • the temporary stay visa allows living in the country for up to a year; 

  • the residence visa enables its holder to enter the country and obtain a residence permit.

Stay tuned to learn if you need a visa to Portugal and which type suits your situation.

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