passport of Mali

Mali Passport

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Freedom of travel147

Asset protection121

Quality of life150

"Plan B"151

About Mali

A state in West Africa. It borders Mauritania, Algeria, Senegal, Niger, Burkina Faso, Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire. About 80% of the working population is employed in agriculture - despite the fact that 65% of the land in the country falls on the desert and semi-desert.

Mali exports gold, cotton and cattle. The political situation in the country is unstable: in 2021 there was a military coup.


19.3 million



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Grounds for obtaining a Mali passport

Mali allows dual citizenship

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Birth to citizens of the country

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Marriage to a citizen of the country

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Work for the country's government

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Estimated time: 10 years

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Parents citizenship

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Special conditions

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Special services to the state

Obtaining a Mali passport by naturalization: requirements for applicants

Knowledge of state language

Assimilation or cultural knowledge

Stable financial status

Good health

No criminal records