Montenegro Citizenship by Investment

State Investment Program

Investments: from € 350,000
Terms: from 6 months

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About the program

In July 2018, the Government of Montenegro announced the launch of the program “Citizenship of Montenegro for Investments”. The first applications for obtaining Montenegrin passports for investments began to be accepted from January 2019.

The program requires applicants to make a donation to the government fund and additionally purchase a property in Montenegro. In exchange, the applicants and their family members receive the citizenship of Montenegro – subject to a successful Due Diligence check.

At the same time, to get a Montenegro passport for investments you do not need to know the language or history of the state, and there are also no obligations to live in the country.

Please note: the program is designed for 3 years, and the number of applications is limited by 2,000 quotas.

The program is aimed for those who want to have visa‑free access to 117 countries of the world, including the countries of the Schengen Agreement, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as to optimize taxation.

Basic conditions for obtaining a passport of Montenegro

Montenegro citizenship

6 months


from € 350 thousand


5 years

Return of investment

Selectable choice

Investment options

General requirements for investors

  • A non‑EU citizen
  • Over 18 years old
  • No criminal records
  • Successfully passed the due diligence check
  • Can confirm the origin of funds

Montenegro passports can also get

  • A spouse
  • Children under 18 years old
  • Children over 18 years old*

* Children over 18 years old must be dependent on the main applicant.

Investment Options for Montenegro Citizenship

Option 1

Investment from € 350 thousand

A non‑refundable contribution to the specially created state fund of Montenegro, the funds from which will be directed to the development of local government structures in accordance with the Law of Montenegro «On Regional Development». Additionally, it is necessary to make investments in real estate, in the development of projects in the northern or central part of Montenegro (with the exception of the capital Podgorica).

1ap.png 2ap.png 4ap.png 5z-300x202.png
Investments in real estate € 250,000 € 250,000 € 250,000 € 250,000
Non‑refundable donation € 100,000 € 100,000 € 100,000 € 100,000
Administrative fee € 15,000 € 15,000 for the main applicant and € 10,000 for the spouse € 25,000 for spouses and € 10,000 each for 2 additional dependents € 15,000 or the main applicant, plus € 10,000 for up to 3 additional dependents and € 50,000 for every additional dependent

Option 2

Investment from € 550,000

A non‑refundable contribution to the specially created state fund of Montenegro. Additionally, it is necessary to invest in the projects for the development of the capital Podgorica, or the projects for the development of the coastal region of Montenegro.

1ap.png 2ap.png 4ap.png 5z-300x202.png
Investments in real estate € 450,000 € 450,000 € 450,000 € 450,000
Non‑refundable donation € 100,000 € 100,000 € 100,000 € 100,000
Administrative fee € 15,000 € 15,000 for the main applicant and € 10,000 for the spouse € 25,000 for spouses and € 10,000 each for 2 additional dependents € 15,000 for the main applicant, plus € 10,000 for up to 3 additional dependents and € 50,000 for every additional dependent

The procedure of obtaining citizenship of Montenegro

Preliminary Due Diligence

Terms: 1‑3 days

We conduct Due Diligence, which allows us to make summary stating the possibility to obtain Montenegro Citizenship and reduces the risk of refusal.

If during the verification process there are questions that could affect the outcome of the application, we will recommend alternative programs.

Immigrant Invest is the only company in the industry that has a Due Diligence Department. We have a Compliance Anti Money Laundering Officer certified by an international association.

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Signing a contract

Duration: 1 day

Signing a contract with our company is possible in one of our offices or remotely.

To draw up a contract, you only need to provide copies of passports for all family members.

Preparation and submission of documents

Duration: 1 week

We prepare documents for submission to the citizenship of Montenegro, including translating, certifying by an Apostille. Our lawyer gives recommendations on how to fill out the questionnaire. All you need to do is to sign the completed application.

Please note that only accredited agents can submit documents.

Obtaining a residence permission of Montenegro

Duration: up to 1 month
After submitting the documents for consideration, the applicant and his family members receive a residence permit card in Montenegro. This is the first stage on the way to Montenegrin citizenship.

Due diligence and review

Duration: 3‑6 months

After submission of documents for consideration, the application is transmitted for conducting the due diligence test (Due Diligence).

After the check, the Government of Montenegro makes a positive decision on your case.

Obtaining of passports

Duration: 1 week

After the government’s positive decision, you get a certificate of naturalization and subsequently a passport of Montenegro.

You can pick up your passports at our office at your convenience!

Step by step procedure

Submit your request and get a detailed step‑by‑step procedure for obtaining the citizenship of Montenegro with all the nuances you need to know

The advantages of citizenship of Montenegro

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