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Visa-free countries for Vanuatu passport holders

Vanuatu citizens can visit 96 countries without a visa. Popular destinations include the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Vanuatu citizenship by investment: a list of visa-free countries

Travel to 90+ countries visa-free with Vanuatu citizenship

A Vanuatu passport by investment offers opportunities to travel visa-free and helps investors conduct international business. Vanuatu citizens don’t need to apply for additional travel documents to visit the UK, or well-known business centres in Asia, such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

Visa-free access to 96 countries gives Vanuatu citizenship by investment. Vanuatu passport holders can travel to most of these without a visa, and in 34 countries, the visa is granted automatically upon arrival. Sri Lanka is the only exception, requiring an electronic entry permit to be issued in advance.

Visa requirements for Vanuatu citizens

On May 4, 2022, the European Council partially suspended the agreement on visa-free travel to the countries of the Schengen Area for Vanuatu citizens. But it may be resumed by May 2023. To do this, the government of Vanuatu must comply with the requirements of the European Council. 

Individuals can still obtain Vanuatu citizenship by the investment of $130,000. The process will take about two months. Vanuatu tax residents do not pay taxes on global income, wealth, inheritance, dividends, or capital gains.

Visa-free countries for Vanuatu citizens

Please note that the list of visa-free countries and entry requirements are constantly changing due to geopolitical events, international relations and agreements between countries, restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic and other factors. Therefore, we recommend checking the current entry conditions at the destination country’s consulate shortly before travelling there.


No.CountryEntry conditionsDuration of stay
1ArmeniaVisa on arrival120 days
2BangladeshVisa on arrival30 days
3CambodiaVisa on arrival30 days
4Hong KongVisa-free90 days
5IndonesiaVisa-free30 days
6IranVisa on arrival30 days
7IsraelVisa-free90 days
8JordanVisa on arrival30 days
9LaosVisa on arrival30 days
10MacaoVisa on arrival180 days
11MalaysiaVisa-free30 days
12MaldivesVsa on arrival30 days
13NepalVisa on arrival90 days
14Palestinian TerritoryVisa-free30 days
15PhilippinesVisa-free30 days
16SingaporeVisa-free30 days
17Sri LankaElectronic entry permit30 days
18ThailandVisa on arrival15 days
19Timor-LesteVisa on arrival30 days


No.CountryEntry conditionsDuration of stay
1BotswanaVisa-free90 days
2BurundiVisa on arrival90 days
3Cape VerdeVisa on arrival30 days
4Comoro IslandsVisa on arrival45 days
5EgyptVisa on arrival30 days
6EswatiniVisa-free30 days
7GambiaVisa-free90 days
8Guinea-BissauVisa on arrival90 days
9KenyaVisa-free90 days
10LesothoVisa-free90 days
11MadagascarVisa on arrival90 days
12MalawiVisa on arrival30 days
13MauritaniaVisa on arrival90 days
14MauritiusVisa-free90 days
15MozambiqueVisa on arrival30 days
16RwandaVisa on arrival30 days
17SenegalVisa-free90 days
18SeychellesVisa on arrival90 days
19Sierra LeoneVisa on arrival30 days
20SomaliaVisa on arrival30 days
21Saint HelenaVisa on arrival30 days
22TanzaniaVisa-free90 days
23TogoVisa on arrival7 days
24UgandaVisa-free90 days
25ZambiaVisa-free90 days
26ZimbabweVisa-free90 days


No.CountryEntry conditionsDuration of stay
1AndorraVisa-free90 days
2BelarusVisa-free30 days
3Bosnia and HerzegovinaVisa-free90 days
4GibraltarVisa-free180 days
5KosovoVisa-free90 days
6MoldovaVisa-free90 days
7MonacoVisa-free90 days
8MontenegroVisa-free90 days
9RussiaVisa-free90 days
10San MarinoVisa-free90 days
11United KingdomVisa-free180 days


No.CountryEntry conditionsDuration of stay
1Cook IslandsVisa-free30 days
2FijiVisa-free120 days
3KiribatiVisa-free120 days
4Marshall IslandsVisa on arrival30 days
5MicronesiaVisa-free30 days
6NauruVisa on arrival180 days
7NiueVisa-free30 days
8PalauVisa on arrival30 days
9Papua New GuineaVisa on arrival60 days
10SamoaVisa on arrival60 days
11Solomon IslandsVisa on arrival90 days
12TongaVisa on arrival31 days
13TuvaluVisa on arrival30 days

North America

No.CountryEntry conditionsDuration of stay
1AnguillaVisa-free180 days
2Antigua and BarbudaVisa-free180 days
3BahamasVisa-free90 days
4BarbadosVisa-free180 days
5BermudaVisa-free180 days
6British Virgin IslandsVisa-free30 days
7Cayman IslandsVisa-free180 days
8Costa RicaVisa-free90 days
9DominicaVisa-free180 days
10Dominican Republic Visa-free180 days
11El SalvadorVisa-free90 days
12GrenadaVisa-free90 days
13GuatemalaVisa-free90 days
14HaitiVisa-free90 days
15HondurasVisa-free90 days
16JamaicaVisa-free30 days
17MontserratVisa-free180 days
18NicaraguaVisa-free90 days
19PanamaVisa-free90 days
20St Kitts and NevisVisa-free90 days
21St LuciaVisa-free42 days
22St Vincent and the GrenadinesVisa-free30 days
23Trinidad and TobagoVisa-free30 days

South America

No.CountryEntry conditionsDuration of stay
1BoliviaVisa on arrival90 days
2EcuadorVisa-free90 days
3PeruVisa-free180 days

Popular visa-free countries for Vanuatu citizens

The visa-free countries accessible to Vanuatu citizens include popular tourist and business centres.

The United Kingdom. Until the mid-1980s, Vanuatu was jointly ruled by France and the United Kingdom. On June 30, 1980, the country gained independence and entered the Commonwealth of Nations a month later.

As Vanuatu is a member of the Commonwealth, Vanuatu citizens can spend up to 180 consecutive days in the UK without a visa. Moreover, on the expiry of the 180 days, a Vanuatu citizen can leave the UK and re-enter immediately to start a new 180-day period.

Hong Kong and Singapore. Vanuatu citizens can visit Hong Kong and Singapore without a visa. These countries are large business centres, and visa-free access is useful for investors who work in the Asian region.

A Vanuatu passport holder can spend 90 days per annum without a visa in Hong Kong and 30 days in Singapore.

A 5-year visa to the US. Vanuatu citizens need a visa to travel to the US. They can get the B-1/B-2 tourist visas for five years. The visa allows the holders to spend up to 180 days a year in the US. The visa holders can visit friends or relatives, hold business meetings, get medical treatment and enrol to study in courses that do not lead to a diploma or degree.

How to get a Vanuatu passport by investment and travel visa-free

A Vanuatu passport by investment can be issued quickly, within 1—2 months.

The applicant needs to invest $130,000 in the country’s economy to get a passport. The investment conditions are comparable with those offered by Caribbean citizenship by investment programs.

Vanuatu citizenship is granted for life, and the passport is valid for 10 years. An expired passport can be replaced by contacting the agent responsible for the citizenship by investment program, at the local consulate, or by travelling to Vanuatu and changing the passport there. The passport holder can choose whichever option suits them.

The spouse, children and parents of the investor can also be included in the citizenship application. The investment amount, commissions and fees depend on the family’s composition. Fill out a short questionnaire, and we will calculate the cost of Vanuatu passports for the whole family.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many countries can a Vanuatu passport holder enter without a visa?

Vanuatu citizens can visit 96 countries without a visa. The list of visa-free countries and entry requirements are constantly changing due to geopolitical events, international relations and agreements between countries, restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic and other factors. Therefore, we recommend checking the current entry conditions at the consulate of the destination country shortly before travelling there.

Which countries are visa-free for Vanuatu?

The UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Israel, Maldives and others from the list

Before May 4, 2022, Vanuatu passport holders can travel visa-free to the Schengen Area countries. But the European Council partially suspended the agreement on visa-free travel to the countries of the Schengen Area for Vanuatu citizens. By May 2023, it may be resumed if the Vanuatu government meets all the requirements of the European Council.

Does a Vanuatu citizen need a visa for the UK?

No, they don’t. The UK is visa-free for Vanuatu citizens. The maximum duration of stay is six months.

You can visit the UK on holiday or spend time with family and friends. You can also travel on business, study, as an academic or for medical reasons.

While in the UK as a tourist, it’s prohibited:

  • to work for a UK company or as a self-employed person,
  • to claim public funds,
  • to live in the UK for long periods through frequent or successive visits;
  • to marry or register a civil partnership, or give notice of marriage or civil partnership. In this case, people need a Marriage Visitor visa.
Does Vanuatu need a visa for the USA?

Yes, Vanuatu passport holders need a visa to the US. Vanuatu citizens can apply for a nonimmigrant visa for a temporary stay. Visitor visas are nonimmigrant visas for persons who want to enter the US temporarily for business — visa category B-1, for tourism — visa category B-2, or for a combination of both purposes — B-1/B-2.

Can I live in Europe with a Vanuatu passport?

No, you can’t. To live in Europe, you must obtain a citizenship or residence permit. One of the ways to get status is to participate in an investment program.

Investors can apply for citizenship in Turkey and Montenegro. Also, they can try to obtain residence permits in Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Austria, Switzerland, Andorra, Malta and UAE.

Moreover, individuals can obtain Malta citizenship by naturalisation for exceptional services by direct investment

How do I become a citizen of Vanuatu?

You can participate in the Vanuatu citizenship by investment program. To get a passport, the applicant needs to invest $130,000 in the country’s economy. The investor can also include their spouse, children and parents in the citizenship application.

The Vanuatu citizenship by investment program is the fastest one. The entire procedure is remote; it takes about two months to get a passport.

What are the other benefits of a Vanuatu passport?

Investors can open an international business company (IBC) in Vanuatu. Although such companies are not eligible to earn income in Vanuatu, they can enjoy tax incentives. 

The company and its shareholders don’t pay taxes on corporate profits, personal income, capital gains, inheritance, or donations. Instead, there is a flat annual fee of $300. The beneficial tax regime is valid for 20 years.

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Visa-free countries for Vanuatu passport holders