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Moldova Citizenship By Investment

State Investment Program

3–4 months





Investment options

The program “Moldova citizenship by investment” (MCBI) was developed and launched by the Government of the Republic of Moldova in the second half of 2018.

The MCBI program requires applicants to make a certain economic contribution to the country through the Moldova Foundation for Public Sustainable Development (State Investment Fund). In exchange, the applicants and their family members receive Moldovan citizenship — subject to a successful due diligence check.

To obtain Moldovan citizenship, it is not necessary to know the language or history of the state, and there are no obligations to reside in the country.

Benefits of Moldovan citizenship

  • 1

    121 countries without visas, including Russia, Turkey and Schengen countries

  • 2

    Citizenship is obtained by all family members including children under 29 and parents

  • 3

    Citizenship can be passed on to descendants

  • 4

    Citizenship of a country that has entered into an Association Agreement with the EU and is seeking to become an EU member state

The program is for those who want to have visa-free access to 121 countries of the world, including Schengen countries, as well as to optimize taxation.

Who can get Moldova citizenship?

  • Investor

    • Over 18 years old

    • No criminal record

    • Passed the due diligence check

    • Confirmed origin of funds

    • No significant health conditions

  • Spouse

  • Children under 18

  • Children under 29

    Financially supported by the main applicant

  • Parents from 55 years old (both of the main applicant and of the spouse)

    Financially supported by the main applicant

  • Siblings

Please note:

The rules of the MCBI program further provide that a person who was denied a visa to a country or territory with which Moldova has a visa-free regime or visa on arrival, and who subsequently did not receive a visa in that jurisdiction is not accepted to the MCBI program.

Investment options for obtaining Moldovan citizenship

1 option

Non-refundable contribution — $100,000+

Contributing to the National Development Fund is the least costly option for single investors and families of up to five people. The contribution is non-refundable.


Married couple

Family of 4

Family of 5+

Non-refundable donation



€145,000 for the main applicant and up to 3 dependents

€155,000 for the main applicant and more than 3 dependents

Administrative fee



€35,000 for the main applicant and up to 3 dependents

€35,000 for the main applicant and more than 3 dependents

Due Diligence


€6,000 for the main applicant, plus €5,000 for the spouse

€11,000 for both spouses, plus €5,000 for a dependent over 16 years

€11,000 for both spouses, plus €5,000 for a dependent over 16 years old, including parents

State fees


€5,000 for the main applicant, plus € 2,500for the spouse

€7,500 for both spouses, plus €1,000 for a dependent under 15 years old and €2,500 from 15 to 29 years

€7,500 for both spouses, plus €1,000 for a dependent under 15 years old and €2,500 from 15 to 29 years old, including parents

Issue of biometric passports



€300 per applicant

€300 per applicant

Calculation of investments for 1 applicant and for a family of 4 people

Spouses and 2 children aged 12 and 20


1 applicant

Family of 4




Administrative fee



Due Diligence



State fees



Passport fee






The procedure for obtaining citizenship of Moldova


1-3 day

Preliminary Due Diligence

We conduct Due Diligence, which allows us to make summary stating the possibility to obtain Moldova Citizenship and reduces the risk of refusal. If during the verification process there are questions that could affect the outcome of the application, we will recommend alternative programs. Immigrant Invest is the only company in the industry that has a Due Diligence Department. We have a Compliance Anti Money Laundering Officer certified by an international association.

Evaluate your chances of passing Due Diligence

Take a short anonymous test and learn more about the nuances of Due Diligence checks


1 day

The Contract

The contract can be signed in one of our company offices or remotely.

To draw up a contract, you only need to provide copies of passports for all family members.


1 week

Application preparation

We carry out a preliminary check on the possibility of successful participation in the program. We provide you with a legal opinion.

Then we prepare a package of documents for filing for Moldovan citizenship, translate, apostille, fill out forms, and our lawyer makes recommendations. All you need to do is sign the ready application.


1-2 days

Application submission

At this stage we will submit the documents for consideration by the Government of Moldova. Your personal presence is not required.

Before filing the documents, you must also pay for the due diligence check, as well as government and passport fees.


2-3 months

Due diligence and review

The Due Diligence process consists of 4 levels:

  1. Search through publicly available databases (including sanctions databases)

  2. Search for public information on the Internet and other sources

  3. Due diligence check by independent special agencies

  4. Government checks by the Central Committee for the Fight against Corruption (Biroul Migraţie şi Azil), as well as by the Security and Intelligence Service.

Based on the results of the checks, a positive decision is made on your case.


1 week

Fulfilment of conditions

After approval, the investment conditions must be fulfilled: donation to the State Investment Fund of Moldova, as well as payment of additional state fees.

Additionally, at this stage it is necessary to provide biometric data in the embassy or consulate of your country of residence.


1 week

Collect your passports

After confirming the fulfillment of financial conditions, the application is sent to the Office of the President of the Republic of Moldova for the final granting of citizenship by decree.

Then you will need to visit the embassy or consulate of Moldova to provide the necessary biometric data, as well as to take the Oath.

Having submitted your biometrics you receive a certificate of naturalization, and then passports for all family members.

Why choose us for your Moldovan citizenship planning and application?

  • Licensed Agent

    We are the official representative of the program of Moldova. We accompany clients from the first consultation until their naturalisation, as well as help with the change of tax residence.

  • Additional services

    We provide additional services to confirm tax residency in Moldova: registration address, social card, local SIM card, driver’s license, etc.

  • 100% satisfied Clients

    With our help, more than 1,000 families received citizenship or residency by investments. They already enjoy all the benefits of their new status. Thanks to our detailed pre-checks, no Client application was ever rejected!

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Why Moldova?

Strategically located, with easy access to Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the Republic of Moldova is a modern European country with a picturesque, diverse landscape and world-renowned wine industry. The country has already led a number of global technological advances and aims to use foreign direct investment brought by the MCBI program to ensure its progress in all sectors.

The Government of the Republic of Moldova has a very clear task: to ensure the sustainable development of the country.

The Government understands that in order to achieve this important goal it needs to use the most modern methods of development, especially when it comes to innovation, new technologies and investments. Therefore, Moldova is undergoing a comprehensive process of modernization and reform, which will enable it to realize its economic potential.

In this framework, Moldova offers foreign companies and individuals an attractive climate for doing business, as well as many facilities and a number of profitable government programs. In terms of investment, one of the largest and most exciting opportunities available in the country is undoubtedly the MCBI program.

The MCBI program provides successful applicants with many benefits, which include increased mobility at the global level, enhanced business opportunities and greater freedom of lifestyle.

The Republic of Moldova has a stable economy and its passport offers a broad freedom of travel. The country has established itself as a world leader in technological innovation.

Regional integration efforts

In order to benefit from its strategic geographic location, over the past few years the Government of the Republic of Moldova has intensified its efforts for regional integration, promoting open economic policies. As a result, its legal basis was strengthened and several favorable laws were adopted regulating foreign trade, competition, industrial property rights, etc.

Among the most important achievements of the government in the field of economic discovery:

  • Association Agreement of the European Union and Moldova

  • Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement

  • Free Trade Agreement with Turkey

  • Membership in the Community of Independent States

  • World Trade Organization Membership

  • Membership in the Central European Free Trade Agreement

  • Free Trade Agreements with the People’s Republic of China (in progress)

Taxation in Moldova

Moldova has one of the most competitive tax systems in the region and has 48 tax treaties in force that protect against double taxation with other jurisdictions.

Moldovans who do not carry out business activities must pay tax on income from sources located within the country, as well as from sources located outside the country.

Moldovans are also subject to taxes on real estate and property. Property tax is levied on the taxpayer’s wealth in the form of residential real estate, including cottages (with the exception of land plots), if a) the total estimated value is 1.5 million Euro or more, and b) the total arearnis 120 m² and more. The property tax rate is 0,8% of the taxable base.

The standard VAT rate is 20% and the reduced rate is 8%. The recent financial reform has established a unique tax rate on income of individuals and legal entities, set at 12%.

Business in Moldova

Moldova occupies a leading position in the ranking of the international business climate.

  • Doing Business 2018: Ranked 44th out of 190 countries

  • Global Competitiveness Index 2017‑2018: 89th place out of 137 countries (growth by 11 positions year on year, which makes Moldova “the most improved Eurasian economy started from a low base”)

  • Global trends by geography 2017: ranked 6th in the world and named the country with the highest priority in terms of jobs per million inhabitants (exceeding Ireland, UAE, Hungary, Czech Republic and others)

  • Editors of the Global Location Trends index called Moldova “the newest emerging investment direction.”

Business platforms

Free economic zones offering:

  • 50% reduction in national corporate income tax

  • Issuance of three (five) summer income taxes when investing 1 (5) million US dollars

  • Exemption from VAT and excise taxes

  • Ten-year state guarantee for changes in legislation

Industrial parks offering:

  • Permission to change the designated use of agricultural land, for free

  • The right to privatize state land for construction, at a standard price

  • Free distribution of public property assets to create parks, at the discretion of the owner

  • Up to 70% reduction of annual fees associated with the lease of land or premises

Information technology parks offering:

  • 7% unique tax on sales income accrued by residents

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