Austria Residence Permit

Residence permit in Austria

Austrian residence within 3 months

For financially independent persons

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About the program

Austria offers more than ten options for becoming a legal resident and obtaining a residence permit. Each option provides various possibilities: with or without a work permit, with or without an option to be employed or self-employed. Any type of residence permit is issued in accordance with the Austrian temporary and permanent residence law (NAG - Niederlassungs- und Aufenthaltsgesetz).

Residence for financially independent person governed by provision of Article 44 of the aforementioned law. Persons of independent means aspiring to obtain residence permits in Austria are subject to the annual quota. This means that every year the Austrian Government announces a ‘quota’, a limited number of such residence permits to be issued.

General requirements towards applicants are as follows: holding sufficient assets to be able to reside in Austria, renting or buying a property in Austria, holding a health insurance and not posing a threat to public order and security.

Immigrant Invest is international consulting company which possesses sound experience in the field of residence in Austria. We cooperate with experienced Austrian lawyers in all regions of Austria, know the peculiarities of bureaucratic procedures and support in any questions of relocation and settlement of your family in Austria.

You will get overall professional assistance before the application for the residence as well as after your relocation to Austria.

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The program is aimed at people who wish to live in a safe, economically advanced and eco-friendly country, travel the Schengen area visa-free, provide a better education for their children and discover a new standard of living

An increasingly volatile world prompts you to think more about your future


Civil war, terrorism and political repressions could jeopardize not only the livelihood and prospects of your family.


Changing governments, devaluation and a global financial crisis may deprive you of all the means accumulated through hard work..

The future of your family

The unrest in society will affect the lives of your loved ones. Culture, medical care and education will fall by the wayside.

Benefits of an Austrian residence

A better standard of living for your family

Visa-free access to the Schengen countries

Advanced standard of living and healthy environment

Preservation of assets

High-quality medicine

Education for your children


Your first step towards citizenship

  • Step-by-step instruction
  • Requirements towards applicants
  • Necessary documents
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

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How to obtain residence in Austria?

5 simple steps


Fill out an application form or call us

Once you submit an online application form or call us, we will provide you with full information about residence permit for financially independent person in Austria as well as the required documents.

Next, we will book a meeting in one of our offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg or start working remotely.


Decision-making and signing the contract

Timeframe: 2-5 days

During the meeting, we will elaborate step-by-step procedure for obtaining residence permit taking into account your personal issues and family situation.

Once you decide on the residence permit in Austria, we will negotiate the details and sign the contract.


Application and submission of papers

Timeframe: 2 weeks+

The period needed to collect, process and file the documents depends on your personal situation and your family

Austrian lawyers will prepare the necessary documents and after that we will accompany you to the embassy or consulate of Austria to submit them.


Obtaining Visa D

Timeframe: up to 3 months

The documents are reviewed within three months (typically, within up to four weeks). Once a positive decision on your case is made, we will accompany you to the consulate to collect your Visa D.

Upon obtaining your Visa D, it will be necessary for you to enter the territory of Austria with your visa and apply for Austrian residence permit.


Obtaining a residence permit in Austria

Timeframe: up to 3 months

Prior to your arrival in Austria, we will prepare the necessary documents for your residence permit application. We will meet you once you arrive, assist with accommodation and provide the necessary documents.

The papers will be reviewed for up to three months (typically, within the period of four to six weeks). Once a positive decision on your case is made, we will accompany you to submit your biometric data and obtain your residence permits.

What will you get?

We always exceed our clients’ expectations

Personalized solution

We try to consider all requirements of our clients and families to minimize the unexpected occurrences.

Maximum inclusion into the quotas

We cooperate the best austrian attorneys in all regions of Austria, we use our cooperation experience and knowledge to ensure that our clients’ applications will fall under the quota.

Obtaining residence within 3 months

With our information support and help of austrian attorney, you will get a residence permit according to your preferred option. Typically, the timeframe for obtaining a residence permit is three to four months. Your case will be diligently monitored and, therefore, the time needed to obtain a residence permit will be minimized.

Service and support

We understand the importance of support and assistance when moving to a new country. We are always ready to help you with issues or concerns, so you can instantly feel comfortable and at ease in the new country.

Extending residence permits

Many agencies are trying to charge more for this service. Our long-term cooperation with range of austrian attorneys allows us to make your first residence permit extension free of charge. We will bear the costs and take care of the formalities.

Challenging in case of denial

We never give up and neither should you. In the event of a failure, austrian attorney we will carefully examine its causes and offer an alternative solution or challenge the refusal. As licensed agent of immigration investment programmes of EU countries and countries of Caribbean region, we can offer range of other options.

Service and support in Austria

Your comfort is our priority – we will ensure you feel settled and at home

Property search

We cooperate with more than twenty major Austrian real estate agencies. You will have access to the most comprehensive and updated database of residential and commercial properties in Austria.

Support during the purchase/rental transaction

We will inspect the properties of your choice. Austrian lawyer will take care of the deal at all stages including analyzing the contract, modifying the terms, accompanying you for the contract signing, registering your property, etc.

Registering and opening accounts

We will accompany you for registering your address at a local magistrate. We will help you choose a bank and open a bank account. You will not need to hire interpreters or collect and analyze information – we do that for you.

Finding schools, kindergartens and courses

We will find schools for your children according to your preferences and independent ratings. We will inform you about each institution so you will be aware of their pros and cons and will be able to make the right decision.

Support line

If you have any questions, you can just call us and get an answer. We do not leave our customers to deal with their issues and problems on their own and are always ready to help.


Quotas for obtaining residence permits in Austria restrict the number of residence permits issued at the start of each year. Therefore, early application increases the probability of success.


We cannot deliver a 100% guarantee that you will obtain your residence permit, but we will do everything we can to ensure that your odds are no less than 97%.

Our clients’ results within the last 5 years

For financially independent persons

Through a company formation

Through employment

Have been denied

Residence permit in Austria


  • Step-by-step instruction
  • Requirements towards applicants
  • Necessary documents
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

Download presentation & documents

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