December 23, 2022
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93% of Dominica’s Secret Bay CBI investors plan to keep their shares

Secret Bay, Dominica’s only six‑star resort, held a partner and shareholder summit back in November, 10. The summit’s details are now revealed — namely, the shareholders' satisfaction with the income they have been earning from the resort.

The investors who bought their Secret Bay shares to participate in Dominica citizenship by investment program also said they are planning to keep the ownership — even though the program allows property resale in 5 years.

Elena Ruda
Elena Ruda

Chief Development Officer in Immigrant Invest, lawyer

Dominica citizenship by investment: real estate to purchase

93% of Dominica's Secret Bay CBI investors plan to keep their shares

Investors who want to participate in Dominica citizenship by investment (CBI) have been setting their eyes on the Residence of Secret Bay Dominica resort. They buy shares in the resort and get not only profit but also Caribbean passports.

Secret Bay held its annual summit for partners and shareholders on November 10. The meeting was held at Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai, UAE.

Gregor Nassief, the proprietor of Secret Bay and founder & CEO of GEMS Ltd, attended the summit. Roosevelt Skerrit, the Prime Minister of Dominica, joined via videoconference.

The CBI shareholders already earned over 1 million dollars in total return on investment in Secret Bay. New data was presented at the summit — collected during an Investor Survey.

Secret Bay’s Investor Survey — the key takeaways

  • 94%+ of investors confirm overall satisfaction with Secret Bay’s communication, and shareholder experience, as well as the Dominica passport’s value;

  • 93,8% say they’re interested in retaining their resort shares after the 5‑year holding period, while still being open to reasonable offers;

  • 90,7% would recommend Secret Bay as a qualifying citizenship investment to friends and family;

  • 87,5% report getting a return on investment;

  • 81,5% are satisfied with their return on investment;

  • 75% plan to spend a week at Secret Bay;

  • 62,5% want to learn more about the resort’s whole ownership possibilities.

What makes Secret Bay Resort noteworthy for investors

The Residence of Secret Bay Dominica is the island’s only six-star boutique eco-luxury resort. In 2020 and 2022 it was named № 1 resort in the Caribbean, Bermuda, and the Bahamas by the Travel and Leisure magazine.

Secret Bay is built on a cliff over the Caribbean sea, not far from Dominica’s capital city Roseau. The resort consists of 42 uniquely designed villas, with 28 more to come. In total, Secret Bay covers a 16‑hectare area.

The developed infrastructure includes three private beaches, a spa, a seawater infinity pool, a wellness club, a fitness center, an art gallery, a daycare, several restaurants, cabanas, bars, and a microbrewery.

Shares and full ownership of villas in the Secret Bay resort

Every villa in Dominica’s Secret Bay is secluded and has a view of the rainforest, mountains, and the sea. Share prices start at $208,000. Villa prices start at $1,500,000

Investors who purchase a share or a villa in the Secret Bay resort can apply for a Dominica citizenship by investment program. They can also spend one month a year at the resort, along with their families.

Alternatively, investors can choose other real estate projects in Dominica and participate in the citizenship program. These are commercial properties — mainly, premium hotels and resorts — that will be bringing investors passive income.

Ways to get Dominica citizenship by investment

Dominica citizenship program is considered the best in the world. It has two investment options:

  1. From $100,000 — a non‑refundable donation to the Dominica Economy Diversification Fund. This investment can’t be returned.

  2. From $200,000 — purchasing a real estate property that is pre‑approved by the Dominica government. This investment can be returned in 3 or 5 years. Investors can purchase commercial properties in fractional or full ownership.

Investors can apply for Dominica citizenship along with their spouse, children younger than 30, and parents older than 65. Parents and children over 18 should be financially dependent on the investor.

Benefits of Dominica citizenship

Second citizenship is allowed. Investors can keep their first passport and use the juridical advantages of both countries. Dominica will remain their “Plan B”: investors will be able to enter the Caribbean even if the borders are closed.

Fast and remote process. Citizenship status will be issued in 2—6 months. Applicants don’t have to visit Dominica for real estate purchases and paper filing. They also don’t have to take language or integration tests. The passports will be mailed to them.

Global mobility. Dominica citizens have visa‑free entry to 145 countries. This includes the Schengen Area, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China. They are also eligible for an E‑2 visa to the US that allows them to live and work in the States.

Tax optimization. Dominica has no taxes on dividends, inheritance, or capital gains.

European banking access. Investors with Dominica passports can open hard currency accounts in European banks, and save money on expenses like wire transfer fees.

UK education opportunities. Investors and their children can be accepted to UK universities and schools on preferential terms. This is possible since Dominica is a Commonwealth of Nations member.

Dominica citizenship can be inherited: investors will pass it to their descendants.

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent for government programs in the EU and the Caribbean. If you want to become a Dominica resident and buy property in the country, please consult investment program experts.