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Immigrant Invest participated in the Investment Migration Forum 2022

Brussels, BelgiumJune 6—9, 2022
Immigrant Invest participated in the Investment Migration Forum 2022

IMC Investment Migration Forum


Steigenberger Wiltcher’s Hotel, Brussels


The annual IMC Investment Migration Forum is the leading industry event. The conference brings together more than 200 lawyers, scientists, representatives of licensed agents and governments.

Immigrant Invest representatives at the forum

Topics discussed at the forum

The main topic of 2022, around which the main discussion broke out, was whether investment programs help fight inequality in rights. “Despite the need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars, the programs certainly help take a step towards expanding basic human rights, ” said Polina Ruda, a legal assistant at Immigrant Invest.

For example, she suggested comparing the declaration and reality — the rights that citizens of different countries get at birth.

Polina Ruda

Polina Ruda,

Junior Lawyer

Investment migration allows us to overcome inequality and expand rights and opportunities for ourselves and our children. For example, an Austrian citizen can freely enter 188 countries, while a Nigerian citizen can enter 45.

Another important topic was the information coverage of industry events on the Internet. TikTok added to the traditional sources of information on the Internet like well-known social networks and the media. In 2021, TikTok overtook Google and Facebook in terms of traffic. Many companies in the investment migration industry have come to TikTok to be closer to potential clients.

“We follow the trends in social media, but we do not recommend customers to look for information on TikTok. Our experience has shown that this social media often provides false and misleading information, ” assessed Polina Ruda.

As always, changes in the Due Diligence process were actively discussed. Requirements for Due Diligence are constantly toughened, and there are more and more channels for exchanging information with government databases.

Pavel Reshetnikov

Pavel Reshetnikov,

Consultant, Compliance Anti Money Laundering Officer

The reason for the changes is the constant strengthening of the EU and US legislation in fighting against money laundering. The governments of developed countries with the most popular investment programs want to close the opportunity for unscrupulous investors to participate.

Immigrant Invest is always up to date with the latest developments in the Due Diligence field as a licensed agent of government programs. To cut off unscrupulous investors, we conduct a preliminary Due Diligence within the company. The results confirm the effectiveness of our audit: the refusal rate for our clients’ applications is no more than 1%.

Main topics of the Investment Migration Forum 2022

  1. How investment citizenship empowers and fights global inequality, also called “passport apartheid”.

  2. Due Diligence in investment migration: changes and trends investors should be aware of.

  3. Caribbean citizenship: new challenges and opportunities for investors.

  4. Where to look for reliable information on investment migration in the era of TikTok and how to filter out misinformation. Why you should not trust bloggers in matters of investment migration.


Immigrant Invest representatives in Austria — Pavel Reshetnikov and Tatiana Muntean, in Grenada — Esther Nyack Alexis. Grenada offers citizenship by investments of $150,000+

Annual forum of the Investment Migration Council

The forum is held under the auspices of the Investment Migration Council, IMC. In 2022, the forum was held for the seventh time in a row in Brussels, Belgium.

IMC is a global association that brings together industry professionals, representatives of states with investment programs, licensed program agents, and lawyers and scientists in the field of citizenship, international migration and the international labour market.

IMC is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, with offices in London, New York, the Caribbean, Hong Kong, and Dubai.

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