Real estate
for citizenship

or residence permit for investment


Real estate in the Caribbean

Shares in hotels, villas and apartments from a list of properties approved by the national government. Suitable for participation in the Citizenship Investment Program.

Individual selection
of properties for investment

  • Discuss your tasks and goals
  • Choose between properties from reliable developers
  • Get fully prepared and verified documents for a purchase
Natalia Oganesyan Real Estate Chief Operations Officer
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Property types

We offer property options for all tastes: apartments, villas, hotel shares, townhouses, commercial property and even land and berth marinas.

Up to 40% profit on a purchase at the stage of the construction site

At each stage of construction, the object increases in price by 10-20%. If you invest in real estate at the stage of the foundation pit, by the time construction is completed, its value will increase by 40%. Such real estate can be sold at a profit.

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Zlata Erlach Caribbean Investment Program Expert
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Object type
We will help you choose the best option real estate to get citizenship by investment

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