Permanent residency in Hungary

Government investor program

For the entire family, no need for a long-term stay

Official representative

The Hungarian Government has decided to close the program. All previously granted permanent residence cards will be valid, as the status is given for life.

Note that you can no longer submit any applications to the consulate. New investors cannot participate in the program.

An alternative — Malta permanent residence by Investment Programme. It allows investors to obtain permanent residence in Malta without any obligations regarding their stay in the country.

About the program

In October 2013, Hungary presented the most profitable investment program in Europe, which allows you to obtain permanent residence for a lifetime in just 2-3 months without having to stay in the country.

The investor has to invest minimum in purchasing of government bonds for 5 years. As a result he gets the permanent residence in Hungary for the entire family (including elderly parents).

Terms — permanent residence in 30 days (2-3 months in a real life scenario)

The goal of the program is to invite investors to invest in the special development fund. The procedure for obtaining a permanent residence in Hungary is regulated by the law “on the Admission and Right of Residence of Third-Country Nationals in Hungary”. It is the easiest way to obtain permanent residence in Hungary.

Citizens of all countries can get permanent residence in Hungary. You do not have to speak Hungarian or know the history of the country; you are also not obliged to live in Hungary.

This is a scheme for those who want to travel to EU countries visa-free and always have a "safe harbor". It is also perfect for those who want to move to Europe with their families, and continue their work at home, living in two countries as a result. With EU permanent residence you can quickly change your tax residency status if necessary.

Why investors choose permanent residence in Hungary?

Permanent residency in Hungary

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The amount of investment for obtaining a permanent residence in Hungary

Comparison of investment programs

We’ve examined the most popular investment programs in Europe and selected the most attractive options
The best option Options Options Options
Hungary Cyprus Malta UK
Investment EUR 300,000 From EUR 2,000,000 per family From EUR 1,000,000 per family From EUR 2,000,000 per family
Costs EUR 60,000 From EUR 50,000 From EUR 40,000 From EUR 100,000
Guaranteed return 5 years 3 years No return
Simplified procedure + + + +
Result National residence permit Citizenship Citizenship Residence permit
Family members + + + +
Terms 4-8 weeks 5-6 month 12-14 month 3 month
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Program applicants
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Safe investment with return guarantee

Bonds will be redeemed by the state in 5 years at par value, and you will receive your money back

We have developed an additional guarantee within the bank framework

Required documents for permanent residence in Hungary

You will need only a few documents

To prepare these documents, you will need only a few hours. We will deal with the remaining paperwork.

Why do people contact us to obtain Hungary permanent residence?

4 simple reasons

For more than 8 years, we have been helping affluent people become free and enjoy the world with no borders

Procedure for obtaining permanent residence in Hungary

5 simple steps

Preliminary Due Diligence

Terms: 1-3 days

We conduct Due Diligence, which allows us to make summary stating the possibility to obtain Hungary permanent residence and reduces the risk of refusal.

If during the verification process there are questions that could affect the outcome of the application, we will recommend alternative programs.

Immigrant Invest is the only company in the industry that has a Due Diligence Department. We have a Compliance Anti Money Laundering Officer certified by an international association.

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Conclusion of contract

The conclusion of a contract with us is possible in one of our offices via the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in your country or remotely.

For drawing up the contract you just have to provide us with copies of travel documents of all family members.

Submission of documents

Time frame: 1 day

Within 48 hours, after the contract is signed and the money is transferred, we provide you with the documents that you will need for applying for permanent residence in Hungary.

Submission of documents can be carried out at the Hungarian Immigration Office, as well as at the embassy or consulate of Hungary in another country. We will book an appointment at a convenient time for you; we will also accompany you to submit all the necessary documents.

Obtaining permanent residence

Timeframe: 30 days (in practice up to 2 months)

Under the updated procedure, the processing of applications takes 30 days, but in reality this period is up to 2 months.

The permanent residence cards will be sent to you via courier, or delivered to one of our offices.

Return of the invested capital

Timeframe: 5 years

At the end of the investment period, the funds will be transferred back to your account. The return of funds is guaranteed by the Government of Hungary.

Immigrant Invest is the only company that supports its clients under State Investment Program of Hungary until the return of invested capital!

Fill out our application form and get an inclusive step-by-step instruction on how to obtain Malta residence with all the details to be aware of

Permanent residency in Hungary by investment

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