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from a licensed agent of government-approved citizenship and residence by investment programs

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The newsletter explores how wealthy people get citizenship or residence permits by investment. You will be able to offer new opportunities to your clients and earn high commissions in return.

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Development Officer

Assistance in building expertise

You will get complete information on why a second citizenship or residence permit is necessary in case of hard and fast geopolitical changes.

The status helps to save assets and create a «safe haven» even if countries close their borders.


Latest news on investment programs

Investment programs regularly change their conditions. For example, they might increase the investment threshold.

Immigrant Invest editors keep track of news about the programs, and our lawyers check the information. You will always be aware of available statuses for obtaining in the given moment.


Special sale offers with an increased commission

Our partners have received 30% to 70% of commission income since the beginning of 2022.

Your annual income increases by €1 mln if Immigrant Invest concludes 6–7 agreements per month with your clients.


Real investors’ cases with expenses and time frames

Your clients will be able to read true stories of investors who have obtained second citizenship or residence permits.

There are no identical situations, but someone else’s experience will help your clients see the solution to their tasks and goals.


Meetings with representatives of programs, funds and developers

We arrange meetings with companies that present various investment projects, for example, real estate, for citizenship and residence programs.

You will be able to ask any question and get an answer during the meeting and on the sidelines.


Private club for partners where we discuss investment migration

We talk about how investment programs work and share the information you won’t find on the Internet.

After presentations, you can always discuss clients’ tasks and communicate with colleagues over a glass of wine or a cup of tea.

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