Get the second citizenship without leaving home

We understand your conce about the situation with COVID-19, flights cancellation and other difficulties. We will help you to arrange everything remotely.

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent for EU and Caribbean government programs.

We worked under the crisis conditions in 2009!

We are ready to work now!

If you delay the decision now, you will have to wait in a long queue after the borders opening!

Why now?

We all know that any crisis 一 is a window of opportunities. While others are waiting, you can, for example, buy property 40% cheaper, get additional discounts and bonuses that are offered due to the crisis.

“Everything goes by, this too shall pass”

How does it work?

Processes are adjusted and run like clockwork, even in times of crisis.


We have developed and structured all the processes for each of the programs. You really don't need to leave your home.


Documents are processed remotely. Certification and submission of documents can be completed without your presence, including medical and other forms.


Fingerprinting will be organized at your home or in another suitable location, without contact with others!

Real Estate

Online selection of the property. Real Estate agent visits the property and show it in video live mode.

We have worked out each and every step

We offer only practical solutions. We have a plan for each case.

Solutions based on analysis

We always conduct deep analysis of legislative, investment and other components of programs. Our clients highly appreciate our approach to work and solving of non-standard situations.

Additional service

Obtaining a tax resident certificate, driver license, local address, SIM card, company registration using second passport and other services.

Program features

Individual solutions that provides you not only with a passport but bring in an income in addition. Remote exclusive financing options (LTV 50%), renovation facilities and many other interesting options.

Why we are trusted?

We passed Due Diligence test and got licenses issued by governments of the European Union and the Caribbean countries.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

License IMA

License of Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia

License IMA SL

Antigua and Barbuda

License IMA AB

License of Grenada


License GCBI MA 55

Certificate of Malta


License AKM-IMIN-2023


Certificate of Membership

Due Diligence to get a citizenship

Immigrant Invest 一 is the only company in the industry that has a Compliance Department and an in-house certified Compliance Anti Money Laundering Officer. This reduces the risk of rejection to 1%.


Our clients recommend us to their relatives and business partners. We are invited to the TV and radio broadcasts to give an expert opinion. We are public and therefore we value our reputation, which we have been earning for over 14 year.

Do you want to get an individual solution for you and your family?

We elaborate an individual solution, select a country and status that solve your issues, and provide support during the whole process.

Do you prefer messengers?