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19 August, 2021

Top 10 countries for digital nomads

National governments offer work visas for foreign professionals. Remote workers, or digital nomads, cannot get such a visa. Some countries have therefore introduced new visas for those who work remotely.

Insure My Trip assessed 20 countries that offer remote workers visas. The company’s experts compared the conditions for obtaining a visa and the standard of living in the country.

Digital nomad visa: which countries can obtain it
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How Insure My Trip ranked

The company Insure My Trip sells travel insurance and blogs about travel insurance: the blog compares insurance conditions and countries and talks about travel and travel life.

To assess the living conditions of remote workers, Insure My Trip compared countries according to seven criteria:

  1. The country's place in the happiness ranking
  2. The country's migration policy
  3. Visa validity period
  4. The cost of a visa
  5. The average cost of accommodation
  6. Download speed of internet
  7. Number of hours required to learnhe local language

The assessment takes into account data from publicly available sources such as the United Nations, the US Department of State, the websites of the governments of the countries surveyed, and and

A country's final score and ranking is the average of the sum of all the criteria. The maximum possible score is 10, but no country received such a score.

Best countries with visas for remote workers

The best countries with visas for digital nomads Insure My Trip experts assessed only 20 countries that officially issue visas to digital nomads and selected the top 10. Other countries may also have visitor visas or visas with similar conditions.

The conditions for obtaining a visa in the ranking countries are similar. Remote workers are required to:

  1. Prove residence in the country, e.g. show a rental agreement for an apartment.
  2. Have an employment contract or a business permit, whether in their country of residence, home country, or a third country.
  3. Show proof of health insurance.
  4. Submit documents that show you are able to pay, such as a bank statement.

Some countries may require a returnicket and additional documents such as a criminal record certificate for employees.

Top 10 countries with visas for remote workers

PlaceCountryScoresVisa information
1Norway7,88Visas to Norway
2Mexico7,30Visas to Mexico
3Germany7,19Visas to Germany
4Portugal6,84Visas to Portugal
5Iceland6,83Visas to Iceland
6Greece6,45Visas to Greece
7Costa Rica6,11Foreign Ministry
of Costa Rica
8Jamaica6,03Jamaican Foreign Ministry
9Spain6,02Visas to Spain
10Bermuda5,97Visas to Bermuda

Full country rankings on Insure My Trip website

Norway has taken the lead for its high ranking in the World Happiness Index and its long visa validity. The country also has fast internet, and you can learnhe local language in 600 hours. But the cost of a visa and accommodation in the country is expensive.

Mexico came in second place because visa processing for remote workers is free. The country has a warm climate, plenty of attractions, oceanfront beaches, and places to relax.

Second citizenship and residence permits as an alternative to visas

All visas expire. And there is always the possibility that the Foreign Ministry will not renew a residence permit. To live in another country without a visa, investors who work remotely obtain a residence permit or second citizenship.

A second passport, a residence permit by investment allows you to live, do business, and study in the country. A second passport is also obtained to travel freely around the world.

Five Caribbean countries and Vanuatu offer relatively low-cost citizenship programs by investment. Investors contribute to the country's economy and are free to travel to more than 130 countries, including Schengen, the UK, and Singapore.

Caribbean citizenship by investment: visa-free entry to more than 140 countries
Caribbean nationals can enter Norway without a visa and remain in the country for up to 90 days

There are residence permit programs in EU countries: residents may come and live in the country at any time and travel within the Schengen area for up to 90 days within a six-month period.

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent who helps you obtain a second citizenship or residence permit by investment in the European Union and the Caribbean. If you want to move to another country or travel visa-free through the Schengen area, seek advice from experts in investment programs.

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Top 10 countries for digital nomads