July 3, 2020
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Citizens of Cyprus can save benefits in UK universities after Brexit

Cyprus is negotiating with the United Kingdom to maintain preferential university fees for its citizens. If countries enter into a bilateral agreement, children of investors with Cyprus passports will be able to get education in British universities at a reduced cost.

Alevtina Kalmuk
Alevtina Kalmuk

Author and editor of articles about investment citizenship and residency

UK education for Cyprus citizens after Brexit

Citizens of Cyprus can save benefits in UK universities after Brexit

Cyprus intends to enter into an agreement with the UK to maintain prices for the education of its citizens in English universities after Braxit. This was announced by Cypriot Foreign and Education Ministers Nicos Christodoulides and Prodromos Prodromou.

If the agreement is signed, children of investors with Cyprus citizenship will be able to study at British universities at a reduced cost.

The Cost of British Higher Education and Braxit

Now students from the EU pay as much for education in British universities as British citizens (at the home fee rate). For students from other countries education is more expensive. After Braxit, from 2021 the prices at universities for Europeans will be the same as for other foreigners.

Students who will enter universities in 2020/2021 academic year, will pay tuition at a reduced cost. They will also be able to receive loans for higher education.

The cost of a bachelor's degree in the UK per year

Rate the home fee

Cost of tuition for citizens of other countries

€ 10 thousand

from € 15 thousand*

* Depending on the university

Privileges will remain for the entire period of study for students who will enter universities by the end of 2020. European students on enrollment 2021/2022 will already have to pay the same tuition fees as third-country nationals. In addition, they will not be able to take a loan for their studies.

If Cyprus succeeds in concluding an agreement with the UK, Cypriot citizens will be able to receive education on preferential terms. This also applies to the children of investors who received passports under the Cyprus citizenship program.

Negotiation to maintain the cost of education

Cyprus Minister of Education Prodromos Prodromos said: "The Minister of Foreign Affairs and I are consulting with our British counterparts. We are trying to provide opportunities for Cypriot students to study in England with existing tuition fees". He added that both sides will make efforts to strengthen relations between the universities of Cyprus and the UK.

About 20% of Cypriot students get higher education abroad. The UK is one of the most popular destinations for young people in Cyprus. Higher education in this country gives Cypriots prospects for successful employment.

Student Exchange Program

Great Britain, EU countries and 5 other countries participate in Erasmus+ student exchange program. It still works without any changes — students will still be able to apply to study in the British universities.

Earlier we said that citizens of another EU member state — Malta — will retain the ability to stay in the UK without visas or restrictions. Others may lose their preferences: the British government is considering granting residence permits for Europeans on general terms.