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03 May, 2021

The 6 best cruise lines in 2021

In March 2021, cruise companies announced the resumption of cruises after a year's hiatus. The number of bookings broke all records: tickets for the first cruises were sold out in 24 hours. We tell you what has changed in the rules of maritime travel over the year and what cruises you can catch this year.

Citizenship and Residence Permit by investment for travel
Photo: Adobe Stock

Cruise vacationers describe it as an unforgettable adventure that is filled with the beauty of all the different parts of the world. Sea air during the trip helps to recover and relax from the bustle of work.

Everyone can find entertainments to his/her liking on board of liners: from gastronomy to water park, from fitness center to art galleries' strolls. A cruise ship is like a small town with its own infrastructure.

Demand for sea travel has skyrocketed in recent months as countries began gradually opening their borders. Tourists are already booking tickets for 2026 cruises.

Popular cruise destinations in 2021

Greece, Mediterranean Sea: Piraeus - Crete - Rhodes - Mykos - Olympia - Corfu - Santorini - Piraeus

A cruise in the footsteps of the Greek gods from Norwegian Cruise Line
Duration - 7 days
Tour price - from €667 per person
Available dates - August 1, 2021

The liner stops in cities with historical monuments of ancient Greece. In Rhodes, tourists visit the Acropolis of Lindos, walk through ancient temples, shrines and houses.

On the island of Mykonos you can rent a boat and go to Delos - the mythological birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Many of the ruins of Greece are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Each town offers traditional Greek food, wine and music.

Residence in Greece by investment: the best cruise destinations of 2021
The Acropolis of Lindos with a unique petroglyph at its entrance - a bas-relief of an ancient Greek warship by Pythocrates

Japan, Pacific Ocean, China Sea: Tokyo - Shanghai - Taipei - Hong Kong - Nha Trang - Singapore

Searncruise to Asian countries from Oceania Cruises
Duration - 19 days
Tour price - from $ 6000 per personа
Available dates - May 1, 2021

The region has a pleasant climate and the warm waters of the seas and oceans that lap the countries of the eastern continent. Asian cruises are an opportunity to experience several countries and cultures of different peoples at once.

Tourists can visit the famous Halong Bay with its picturesque seascape, stroll along the Weitang Waterfront in Shanghai and relax on the many secluded beaches that will be found along the route.

Second citizenship by investment: the best cruise destinations of 2021
Emerald waters of Halong Bay, Vietnam

Italy, Persian Gulf and Red Sea: Milan - Valletta - Athens - Limassol - Jeddah - Muscat - Abu Dhabi

Cruise from MSC Cruises
Duration - 19 days
Tour price - from €1185 per person
Available dates - November 7, 2021

During the cruise tourists can see six countries: walk the streets of Malta, visit the ruins of ancient Greece in Athens, relax on the beaches of Cyprus and have fun partying in the UAE.

Cruises from MSC Cruises are characterized by Italian elegance of interior design, quality service on board, various European cuisine and well thought-out entertainment programs.

Permanent residence in Cyprus by investment: the best cruise destinations of 2021
Limassol waterfront, Cyprus. One of the most popular places in the city for walking and relaxing

Bermuda, Caribbean Sea: Bermuda - Bahamas - Bermuda

Cruise from Royal Caribbean
Duration - 7 days
Tour price - from $600 per person
Available dates - June 2021

The Royal Caribbean liner will take its guests to the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean. Oasis Lagoon Coves is picturesque and safe, with sloping pools for kids and kids' clubs. In the meantime, adults will enjoy a sip of a cold cocktail at the pool bar and a massage at the spa.

Second citizenship by investment: the best cruise destinations of 2021
Cruise guests have a full day to explore the Bahamas: you can walk around town, see the local sights, or just relax on the beach

Argentina: Argentina - Antarctica

Cruise from Lindblad Expeditions
Duration - 14 days
Tour price - from $15,000 per person
Available dates - November 2021

Tourists will see Antarctica's wildlife, mountains and huge glaciers, as well as observe thousands of penguins: gentian, Adelie and Antarctic penguins.

The trip will be filmed by a National Geographic photographer. And the liner's crew will organize hiking, kayaking and skiing.

Second citizenship for travel: the best cruises in 2021
Tourism in Antarctica is booming, with more than 50,000 expedition cruise tourists visiting the continent in the 2019-2020 season

Bahamas, Caribbean Sea

Cruise from Disney Cruises
Duration - 3 to 5 days
Tour price - from $1,665 per person
Available dates - reservations will open May 17, 2022

A family cruise from Disney will set sail in the summer of 2022. The liner will sail the route from the Bahamas to Disney's private beach in the Caribbean, Castaway Cay.

For children on board and on the beach are organized entertaining attractions: water park, obstacle course, creative clubs and children's co ers where their animators will be characters of famous Disney cartoons. Adults can relax by the pool, spa or cafe, and on the island go for a hike or go to the beach.

Caribbean citizenship by investment: the best cruise destinations of 2021
Disney's private beach themed children's attraction

Requirements for passengers on cruise ships

Cruises are associated with fun and carefree, but with the coronavirus pandemic, cruise companies were only able to return to tourism after changes in onboard regulations. To ensure safer and healthier cruise vacations, companies are consulting with health experts every day.

There are no general requirements for carrying passengers on large liners yet, but there are recommendations from the WHO and other medical authorities.

Each company sets its own requirements for passengers. It also takes into account the restrictions that are adopted in the countries on the route. Customers are immediately notified of the new rules of conduct on board the cruise liner.

The basic requirements of the companies are similar. Tourists need to provide:

  1. A certificate of coronavirus vaccination two weeks before sailing.
  2. A negative pcr test result. This may be required to disembark in the countries of the itinerary.
  3. A health questionnaire 24 hours before sailing.

On board some liners, you must wear masks and keep your distance in common areas, such as a restaurant or store.

How to go to Europe for a cruise trip

Tourists do not need a visa for cruises that start in Argentina or the Bahamas. But most liners depart from European countries.

Russian citizens need a valid visa to visit them. Russians can also get a Schengen visa to travel to all EU countries.

In May 2021, Russians can obtain a Schengen visa only at the Greek consulate. A residence permit or a second citizenship of a European country solves the problems of entering Schengen.

Some European countries offer foreigners to obtain residence or citizenship status by investment. Citizens of Vanuatu and the Caribbean can also travel without a visa in Schengen. The governments of these countries offer different investment options, such as the purchase of real estate or government bonds, a non-refundable contribution or the opening of a business in the country.

Residence permit and citizenship by investment for visa-free entry to Schengen

Status and countryInvestmentsEntry into Schengen
Caribbean citizenshipFrom $100,000Up to 90 days per half year
Vanuatu citizenshipFrom $130,000Up to 90 days per half year
Maltese citizenshipFrom € 690,000Up to 90 days per half year
Residence permit in Austria for financially independent personsFrom €100,000Up to 90 days per half year
Permanent residence in MaltaFrom €112,000Up to 90 days per half year
Residence permit in PortugalFrom €250,000Up to 90 days per half year
Residence permit in GreeceFrom €250,000Up to 90 days per half year
Swiss residence permit for financially independent personsFrom ₣450,000Up to 90 days per half year

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent for Caribbean and European citizenship and residency programs by investment. If you want a second passport or a residence permit to travel freely around the world, seek advice from our investment program experts.

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The 6 best cruise lines in 2021