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31 July, 2021

10 Safest Countries In 2021 According To Global Finance

The international magazine Global Finance assessed the level of safety in 134 countries. The experts of the magazine found out in which countries the life of citizens is calmer and where the risk of natural disasters is minimal.

Global Finance Rating: which countries are safest in 2021
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Global Finance annually publishes reviews and ratings of banks and evaluates social life in different countries. For 35 years, the magazine's experts tell about business and finance, monitor political and economic situations in the countries. The results of their work are in the ratings.

How Global Finance compiles the rankings

The magazine's experts collected information for the rating from public sources: the websites of the UN and the World Economic Forum, the reports of the Global Peace Institute, as well as their own research.

All countries were evaluated according to three criteria:

  • Risk of natural disasters;
  • personal safety of residents;
  • whether the country is at war or has preconditions for war.

UN data on the epidemiological situation in the world was taken into account: how states are fighting the coronavirus and helping their citizens.

The final score of a country and its place in the rating is the average total score of all the criteria. The lower the score, the safer it is to live in the country.

Top 10 countries in terms of security

Place Country Scores
2United Arab Emirates4,2043
10New Zealand6,4352

Full ranking of countries on the website of the online magazine

Until 2021, the leaders of the rating more often became the European countries, this year the top 10 included four Asian countries, as well as Canada.

Iceland retained the first place: the country has a high level of security and good ecology. Living and housing prices are high, about 80% of Icelanders work and consider their wages decent. People with low income receive financial aid.

During the pandemic, 30 people died in Iceland. About 60% of the residents have already been fully vaccinated. And as of July 26, Iceland lifted all restrictions that had been imposed because of the virus.

The UAE ranked second and improved its previous result by 20 positions. The country has a high level of health care system: leading doctors from the US, Canada and Europe work in the hospitals.

The UAE government is implementing the state project "Green Economy for Sustainable Development". An island-reserve Sir Bani Yas is artificially created on the territory of the country. In a few years, the desert has turned into a lively oasis: the park is home to gazelles, a rare species of white oryx, ga ets, ostriches and giraffes.

Qatar is considered one of the richest countries in the world: the economy is developed due to oil and gas production, the crime rate is low on the streets, and citizens have high wages. For example, seasonal workers, who are employed in the service sector, are paid about $ 500, citizens of Qatar for the same job will be paid three times more.

Canada, Denmark and Finland lead the way in health care. All three also ranked among the top 10 countries on the Economist's Global Health Security Index.

Residence permits and citizenship by investment: ranking of the safest countries in the world

Iceland is the world's largest volcanic island, and its capital Reykjavik is the world's northe most capital

Residence permits and citizenship by investment: ranking the safest countries in the world

Qatar has no permanent rivers, only wadis, dry channels that are sometimes filled with rainwater. Fresh water is obtained by desalinating seawater

Residence permits and citizenship by investment: ranking of the safest countries in the world

Sir Bani Yas Island Reserve in the UAE, an arearnthat is constantly expanding. The UAE government is adding neighboring islands to the reserve, importing wildlife and controlling planting. About 8 million trees and shrubs already grow in the former desert

Residence permits and citizenship by investment: ranking of the safest countries in the world
Residence permits and citizenship by investment: ranking the safest countries in the world
Residence permits and citizenship by investment: ranking of the safest countries in the world

How to obtain a residence permit by investments in the rated countries

8 countries from the Global Finance rating allow investors from other countries to obtain a residence permit, a permanent residence permit or citizenship by investment. State governments offer state programs under the terms of which foreigners invest in the country's economy. For example, investors can make a non-refundable contribution to a state fund, buy real estate or bonds, open a business.

Rating of countries with investment programs

Place Country, status Scores
Permanent residence in Cyprus
Swiss residence permit
Residence permit in Austria
Residence permit in Portugal
UK residence permit
Greece residence permit
Turkish Citizenship
Montenegro citizenship

A permanent residence permit in Cyprus is granted by an investment of €300,000 or more. The investor buys real estate, shares in local companies, or units of investment funds. It takes about two months to obtain a residence permit.

The Swiss residence permit for financially independent persons is issued without the right to work in the country. The investor concludes an agreement with one of the cantonal authorities and pays a lump sum tax of ₣ 450,000. It takes about six months to formalise the status.

A residence permit in Austria for financially independent persons is only issued according to quotas. The investor proves that he or she has enough money to live in the country. The processing time is from three months.

A residence permit in Portugal is granted by investment of €250,000 or more. The programme offers eight options: purchase of real estate or securities, opening a deposit in a local bank, investment in a business, scientific activity or the country's cultural heritage. The processing time is from two months.

UK residence permits can be obtained for investments of £2 million or more. The government grants investors a special Investor Visa which allows them to live and do business in the country. It takes at least two months to obtain the visa.

A residence permit in Greece is issued by purchasing real estate or shares in local companies, opening a deposit in a Greek bank. The minimum investment is €250,000. Registration of the status takes about three months.

Turkish citizenship can be obtained by investment in real estate from €250,000. Alternative options: deposit in local bank, purchase of securities, government bonds or shares of investment funds, creating a business with a capital of $500,000. Passport registration takes from three months.

Citizenship of Montenegro is granted by investment of €350,000 and more. The investor makes a non-refundable contribution to the state fund and invests in equity in the country's development projects. It takes from four months to obtain a passport.

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10 Safest Countries In 2021 According To Global Finance