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09 April, 2021

Malta starts issuing residence permit and permanent residence cards of a new format

Malta will begin issuing new residence permit cards for residents of the country. The degree of protection and appearance of the card will change. We tell you when Maltese residents will be able to get a new card format.

Residence permit and Maltese citizenship by direct investment : new residence cards
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The new format of the residence cards is approved in accordance with the European Union regulation 2019/1157 of June 20, 2019, on strengthening the security of documents of citizens and residents of the European Union.

The regulation sets strict standards for the documents of citizens and residents of the European Union. New requirements will help bring cards to a uniform appearance and better protect the personal data of residents.

Under the regulations, Malta is obliged to begin issuing cards of the new type from August 2, 2021. The Immigration Service has already started the production of cards. It is planned to start issuing new cards as soon as they are ready.

What will change in the residence permit cards

New residence permit and permanent residence cards are maximally protected from counterfeiting: they are made of polycarbonate and have several degrees of protection.

Personal data of residents are laser engraved on the backing of the card, and biometric data are recorded on a built-in contactless chip.

Malta will begin issuing cards of the new format shortly on applications for receipt or replacement of documents. Cards that were issued to residents before the introduction of the new format are valid until the term indicated on them.

How the new residence card will look like, you can see in the article “New residence permit to be issued to eligible foreigners” on the website of the state newspaper Times of Malta.

The issuance of new residence cards is part of the EU's plan to change documents for residents. On August 2, 2020, EU countries began the transition to new ID cards. Malta is one of the first to issue documents with the new requirements. We told you about the replacement of ID cards in Europe and who was the first to receive the new cards in Malta.

How to become a resident or citizen of Malta

The new cards will be given to foreigners who apply for a residence permit in Malta. You can get the status by naturalization, if you marry a citizen of the country, by reunification with the family, for studies or employment. Wealthy people can get a residence permit by taking part in government programs for investors.

In Malta, there are investment programs of temporary residence permit, Malta Global Residence Program, and Malta Permanent Residence Program.

The investor receives a residence permit by investment if he meets the four conditions of the program:

  1. Buys or rents a property in Malta - from €220,000 or €8,750.
  2. Pays a one-time administrative fee of €5,500 or more.
  3. Purchases a health insurance policy with coverage for all EU countries.
  4. Pays an annual income tax of 15% on income earned outside of Malta. The minimum amount of tax is €15,000

Registration of residence permit card takes from 3 months.

Permanent residence by investment Malta grants an investor who:

  1. Buys or rents a home - from €300,000 or €10,000.
  2. Pays the administrative fee - € 40,000.
  3. Pays a government fee of €28,000 or €58,000 and a contribution to a Maltese non-governmental organization - €2,000.
  4. Confirms that he has assets with a value of €500,000 or more.

Registration of residence permit takes from 6 months.

Investors who plan to apply for Maltese citizenship first get a residence card and keep the status for one or three years.

Maltese citizenship is Granting by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment

Foreigners receive Maltese citizenship after passing a rigorous due diligence check and fulfilling the mandatory conditions of the Maltese citizenship law.

Investors fulfil three investment conditions:

  1. Make a contribution to the economy of the country - from €600,000.
  2. Rent or buy real estate - from €16,000 or from €700,000.
  3. Make a charitable donation to any non-governmental organization in Malta - from € 10,000.

The minimum period of registration of citizenship for an investor takes 1 year.

With a Maltese passport, investors can travel visa-free to 184 countries, including Schengen, Britain, the USA, Canada and Australia. Maltese citizens have the right to live, work and do business in the European Union.

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent who helps you obtain Maltese citizenship and residency. If you want to become a resident or a citizen of Malta, seek advice from the experts of the investment programs.

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Malta starts issuing residence permit and permanent residence cards of a new format