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21 March, 2021

Europe's best scenic beaches for vacations in 2021

4 beaches in Portugal, Greece and Cyprus are on the list of the best-secluded places in Europe. The selection was made by the online magazine Travel and Leisure. We tell you where the topography of the coast resembles a dune, on which beach you can relax in the shade of century-old pines, and where the sand reminds tourists of whipped cream.

Citizenship and Residence Permit by Investment for Travel in Europe
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Travel and Leisure is an American online travel magazine. It tells about beautiful places and sights of different countries. It's easier for travellers to plan an interesting vacation, thanks to a selection from the magazine.

The editors of Travel and Leisure selected 10 European beaches where tourists will always find a place to relax. The criteria for selection are the picturesque view and secluded location. The full list of beaches is on the magazine's website.

Portugal: Praia da Illa de Tavira Beach in the Algarve

The Algarve is a popular travel destination: it is chosen by about 30% of tourists coming to Portugal for holidays. The Algarve is located on the Atlantic coast. The region has 4 major resorts with private and public beaches.

Praia da Illa da Tavira is a small island that is located in the east of the region and borders Spain. The beach of the island looks more like a dune or a low sand spit. The sea is calm, like a lagoon, and the golden sand is dense and soft. Tourists in reviews compare it to whipped cream.

Residence permit in Portugal by investment: the golden beach of the Algarve, Portugal
Praia da Ilha da Tavira, a secluded beach on Portugal's popular Algarve coast

Greece: secluded beaches in Patmos and Halkidiki

Greece is the most popular travel destination in 2021. 18 Greek islands with a population of fewer than 1,000 people have been granted "covid-free" status. The status means that all citizens of the islands have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. We told you how Greece prepares for the tourist season and why tourists choose it for their summer vacation.

Psili Ammos Beach in Patmos. In the south of the Greek island of Patmos, there is a sandy beach surrounded by mountains and tamarisk. Psili Ammos is conventionally divided into two parts: at the far end of the beach nudists rest, and the main part of the coast is accessible to all.

Tourists appreciate the beach for its picturesque view: the clear turquoise sea flows smoothly into the horizon, and the steep slopes of the mountains sharply go under the water.

An unusual attraction of the island is the local donkey, which delivers goods to the beach cafe every mo ing. Tourists arriving at the beach for the first time orient themselves to the donkey to find their way.

The beach of Aretes in Halkidiki is a wild sandy beach surrounded by pine trees. It is opposite the village of the same name and is hidden in the coves of the Aegean Sea.

Aretes includes three beaches. The largest is popular with locals and tourists. It has a restaurant and rent chairs with umbrellas. The second beach - a rocky, chooses a small number of holidaymakers. And the third is the hardest to reach, so even in the peak tourist season, there is a chance to be alone on the beach.

Residence permit by investment: turquoise sea and golden beach on the island of Patmos

Psili Ammos beach on the island of Patmos, Greece. On the beach, there are tamarisk bushes, which bloom even in the desert

Residence permit by investment: Aretes beach, Halkidiki, Greece

Aretes is a beach that is located in the bay arearnof the Aegean Sea. Tourists arrive by boat and relax on the sandy or rocky beaches, surrounded by pine trees

Residence permit by investment: turquoise sea and golden beach on the island of Patmos
Residence permit by investment: Aretes beach, Halkidiki, Greece

Cyprus: Latchi Beach in Polis

Latchi is a secluded beach on the Mediterranean coast of northwestern Cyprus. Among tourists Latchi is known for the cool water in the sea: even in hot weather, the water temperature does not rise above 20 ° C. In Cyprus, the climate is hot, so the sea is nice to swim in the off-season months, such as April or October.

Locals do sports and run in the mo ing on the beach. There are cafes and bars on the west coast. At the Yialos Bar, for example, vacationers can try souvlaki, halloumi, and chops cooked on charcoal.

Permanent residence in Cyprus by investment: Latchi local beach
Latchi is a cosy beach in northwestern Cyprus. The sea in these places always remains pleasantly cool

How to go on vacation to Europe during a pandemic

European Union countries are still closed to tourists because of the coronavirus pandemic. But tourist regions are planning to open for the summer vacation season.

Greece allows 500 Russians a week. For all tourists, the Greek border will open on May 14, 2021. Tourists with vaccination against coronavirus will enter the country without restrictions. Other holidaymakers will need to provide a certificate with a negative PCR test result.

Cyprus plans to open the border for Russian tourists on April 1, 2021. For the time being, Portugal allows only its citizens, residents and foreigners with a long-term visa.

Russians in any case need a visa to travel to the European Union and Schengen countries. In March 2021, you can get a Schengen visa only to travel to Greece. But the residents of Portugal, Greece and Cyprus have the right to return to their country of residence even during the closed borders. They also travel visa-free in Schengen.

Russians can become residents of Portugal, Greece or Cyprus if they marry a citizen of the country, go to university or take a job at a local company. But the fastest way is to take part in a state investment program.

A residence permit in Portugal is issued by investments from €250,000. Term of registration of the status – from 2 months.

The current conditions of the program are valid until the end of 2021. Now investors often buy real estate in Lisbon, Porto and resort towns to get a residence permit. From 2022, buy housing will be allowed only in the Azores, Madeira and inland regions. The minimum amount will increase by 4 options out of 8.

Residence permits in Greece are issued by investments from €250,000. It takes at least 3 months to become a Greek resident. It is possible to become a Greek resident by purchasing real estate or shares, by opening a deposit in a local bank.

Permanent residency in Cyprus provided for the purchase of housing worth €300,000. Term of registration - 2 months. Do not reside in Cyprus, it is sufficient to come to the country once every two years.

Immigrant Invest - a licensed agent of European residence permit programs. If you want to get a residence permit in the European Union and travel freely in the Schengen, seek advice from the experts of the investment programs.

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Europe's best scenic beaches for vacations in 2021