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29 January, 2021

Best Restaurants in Malta according to Michelin

26 Maltese restaurants have made it into the Michelin Guide to the country. We tell you which restaurants have earned Michelin star status and where you can eat at an affordable price.

Michelin Guide to Malta Restaurants 2021
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Michelin launched its first travel guide at the end of the 19th century to promote travel by car. The star rating system for restaurants appeared in 1926. Since then Michelin has rated about 30,000 establishments in three categories.

Michelin stars. A restaurant can receive from zero to three Michelin stars. The dishes are evaluated according to five criteria: quality of ingredients, taste and technique of cooking, uniqueness of the chef’s style, value for money, and maintaining the declared bar of food quality.

Bib Gourmet. The category is named after Bibendum, the Michelin mascot. It includes restaurants that serve good food at affordable prices. An establishment will enter the category if it can order a three-course dinner – a starter, a hot meal and a dessert – for an amount within a set price range. In 2021, the price per dinner must be no more than €36 in Europe and $40 in the United States.

The Michelin plate is awarded to establishments that serve “simply delicious food” – made with fresh ingredients and well prepared.

The restaurant’s interior and quality of service are rated on a separate Michelin scale. The rating of the establishment is reflected in the form of a crossed spoon and fork – from one to five.

The Michelin Guide to Malta first appeared in 2020. All the restaurants in the guide are listed on the official website.

Michelin-starred restaurants in Malta

Three Maltese restaurants received one Michelin star each for the high quality of their food.

⭐ «Noni» in Valletta

The unusual name of the restaurant is the nickname of the owner and chef Jonathan Brinkat. The menu consists of traditional Maltese and Mediterranean cuisine in a modern interpretation. Local, seasonal produce is used in the preparation. The main menu is accompanied by a wine list with Maltese and Italian wines.

Guests of the restaurant can book a table in the main hall or on the basement, stylized as a wine cellar with stone decorations on the walls.

Michelin Malta Restaurant Guide: Noni Restaurant

Interior of the basement of the Noni restaurant

Michelin Malta Restaurant Guide: Noni Restaurant

Noni specialty - octopus tajine with Israeli couscous

Michelin Malta Restaurant Guide: Noni Restaurant
Michelin Malta Restaurant Guide: Noni Restaurant

⭐ «Under Grain» in Valletta

The interior of the restaurant is inspired by the tailor’s profession, and the chosen theme can be seen in every detail. For example, the menu is designed like a patte , the waiter marks the selected dishes with a tailor’s crayon, and the receipt holder is a pincushion.

The chef, like a professional tailor, creates a unique canvas of flavors from Mediterranean cuisine.

Гид Michelin по ресторанам Мальты: мидии по-киевски
Kyiv-style mussels are fried with an egg and served with grated cheese and tomatoes. The author's version of the dish is served at Under Grain restaurant

⭐ «De Mondion» in Mdina

The restaurant is located on the top floor of the five-star boutique Xara Palace Hotel, in a 16th-century building. The interior of the restaurant is decorated with paintings by Maltese artists. In summer you can order a table on the terrace overlooking the sea.

Mediterranean dishes are prepared in the restaurant using local products. Large selection of wines – French, Italian and Maltese.

Гид Michelin по ресторанам Мальты: десерт канноли
Cannoli is a traditional Sicilian dessert. It is a waffle tube soaked in syrup, liqueur wine, and rose water. The filling is cheese, most often ricotta. The author's version of the dish is served at the restaurant "De Mondion".

Maltese restaurants with a delicious dinner up to 36 €

😋 «Terrone» in Marsaxlokk

Bistro Terrone is located on the terrace by the sea, so it’s perfect for a relaxing dinner. The cuisine is a mixture of Maltese and Southe Italian dishes, many of which are cooked on the open fire here. The specialties tend to be fish dishes. They are accompanied by local beer and wine.

Гид Michelin по ресторанам Мальты: бистро «Terrone»
Visitors to the Terrone Bistro can sit on the terrace overlooking the sea

😋 «Commando» in Mellieha

The Commando Restaurant is a family business that has been around since the mid-1930s. And the name refers to the times when the grandfather of the current chef treated British marines at the establishment.

Traditional Mediterranean cuisine here is prepared exclusively from local products and with the author’s approach.

Гид Michelin по ресторанам Мальты: фирменное блюдо ресторана «Commando»
Commando specialty - pork brisket with Maltese sausage, oyster mushrooms and roasted cauliflower

😋 «Rubino» in Valletta

The Rubino Bistro opened in the Maltese capital in 1906. Originally it was a pastry store where, among other things, they sold Sicilian cassata – a layered cake with ricotta, fruit and marzipan. The chef of the bistro still makes it according to the original recipe.

Гид Michelin по ресторанам Мальты: сицилийская кассата
Cassata is traditionally cooked in Italy for Easternr

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Best Restaurants in Malta according to Michelin

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