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03 February, 2021

Why an agent's licence is important for obtaining Maltese citizenship from 2021

The law does not allow foreigners to independently acquire Maltese citizenship for exceptional merit on the basis of direct investment. The process must be accompanied by an official representative of the applicant - an agent with a government license.

Maltese citizenship: Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent of the Government of Malta
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The licence is issued by Community Malta Agency, the Maltese government agency that deals with citizenship in the country. It assesses whether applicants for a licence meet the requirements set out in the Maltese Citizenship Act (Cap. 188).

In November 2020, the Government of Malta amended the Citizenship Law. It obliges agents to update the license in accordance with the current requirements. The quality and legality of the services provided by the agent depend on this.

The agency accepts and processes all applications for citizenship of Malta. Therefore, if an application is submitted by a representative without an updated license, Community Malta Agency staff will not accept it. And the investor will lose time and money spent on preparation.

Victoria Atanasova
Head of the Maltese office Immigrant Invest, lawyer in international and economic law

Who is the license issued to and how to check its availability

A licensed agent acts as an intermediary between the investor and the Maltese state. The agent may be a lawyer, a financial adviser or a representative of a law company.

Applicants for a licence are instructed in Malta and confirmed that they meet all legal criteria. If the licence is granted to a representative of a company, the company also undergoes a compliance check with Maltese legislation.

Immigrant Invest is the only Russian company already licensed by 3 February 2021. The licence is in the name of Frederick Ellul, the company's Maltese lawyer.

Мальта лицензия № AKM-IMIN-21
Immigrant Invest License from Community Malta Agency, 2021

How to obtain Maltese citizenship through a licensed agent

In 2021, Malta is the only EU state whose legislation enshrines the possibility of obtaining citizenship on the basis of direct investment. But to become a Maltese citizen, a foreigner goes through several stages.

A licensed agent accompanies the candidate all the way: pre-screening due diligence, helping to collect documents, obtaining a residence permit and applying for citizenship.

Malta Citizenship by Excellence

Preliminary due diligence is carried out by the compliance department at Immigrant Invest. An internal check helps to identify possible risks before documents are prepared so that the investor does not waste time and money.

Step-by-step procedure for obtaining Maltese citizenship

If the investor is approved, the minimum investment required is €690,000. This includes a contribution to the Malta National Development Fund, a charitable donation and a five-year lease.

A Maltese passport allows visa-free entry to 184 countries around the world: these include the Schengen states, the UK, the US, Canada, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Foreigners with Maltese citizenship are also allowed to live, work, do business and study in any EU country on an equal basis with locals.

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Why an agent's licence is important for obtaining Maltese citizenship from 2021