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16 November, 2020

Citizenship of Grenada without delays in applying. What has changed in the procedure

The Government of Grenada has relaxed the terms of the citizenship programme for investment. The changes conce he deadline for submitting certificates and certifying copies of documents. Measures have been taken to simplify the collection of documents for investors and avoid delays in processing applications.

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Under the new conditions, the investor has more time to submit a certificate of innocence and HIV test results. The novelties also define the format in which certification of documents and oaths can take place.

The amendments entered into force on 13 November 2020.

Changes in the procedure for preparing and submitting documents

Stage of the procedure According to the old rules Under the new rules
Period of submission of the certificate of criminal record from the date of issue 6 month 9 month
Deadline for submitting the HIV test certificate from the test date 3 month 6 month
Notarisation of documents and oath of office In-person in the presence of an authorised person - notary public or swo -in commissioner Online via video link with an authorised person - on Skype or Zoom

How the changes will affect investors and the deadlines for processing applications

The Government of Grenada understands that the pandemic and closed borders make it difficult to participate in a citizenship programme for investment. For example, original documents may arrive late at the programme department. As a result, certificates may expire before they are received by the Department’s staff.

The novelties are designed to eliminate problems with citizenship registration under the programme. Now the investor can assure the documents literally without leaving home. The certificate period will not expire until the original documents are delivered to the programme department.

Simplified procedures will remain in place until the end of the pandemic. There will be no formal change in the deadline for reviewing applications. In our experience, it takes between 4 and 6 months to process a Grenadian passport.

How has the programme changed in 2020?

In March 2020, the Programme Department switched to online document reception. The processing of the application begins immediately, not after the original documents have been received, as before.

The Government will open special deposit accounts to store and distribute investments under the programme among developers. Department staff will regularly check contractors’ financial statements and visit the sites in person.

When these changes come into effect, it is not yet specified. We talked about the upcoming changes in the material “Grenada will tighten up the control of investment spending by contractors to exclude unfinished property”.

We would like to remind you that there are 2 options for obtaining Grenada citizenship in 2020: if you make a non-refundable contribution to the National Transformation Fund or invest in real estate from the list of properties approved by the government. The minimum contribution is $150,000 and real estate investment is $220,000.

Citizenship of Grenada without delays in applying. What has changed in the procedure

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