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09 November, 2021

How Not To Buy A Pig In A Poke Instead Of A Proven Property In The Caribbean

The developer of Anichi Resort & Spa has published a video and photo report on the construction of the complex. The project participates in Dominica's citizenship program. We tell you how much property at the resort costs and how you can get a Dominica passport for buying it.

Citizenship of Dominica: new hotels and resorts for members
Photo: Adobe Stock

Investors receive Dominica citizenship by purchasing a property worth $220,000 or more. Property under the programme is approved by the country's government. Investors can buy a share in a hotel complex, an apartment or a villa.

Anichi Resort & Spa is on the list of properties under the Dominica Citizenship Programme. The resort is located along Picard Beach in the northwest of the island of Dominica.

The resort is being built by Anichi Development, a subsidiary of Caribbean developer Oriental Developers. Construction progress reports are published by the developer on the company's official website.

Anichi Resort & Spa will be managed by Autograph Collections Hotels. It is a sub-brand of Marriott International, which operates about 6,100 hotels worldwide.

What Anichi Resort & Spa will look like

Construction of the resort began in 2018: the hotel will feature 128 suites of various types, including private suites with a swimming pool. The architects have designed the buildings to match the island's landscape, and the future design of the rooms has been tailored to Dominica's natural surroundings.

The suites will have panoramic views of Prince Rupert's Bay and Cabrits National Park, home to Dominica's historic fort. The complex will feature a spa, restaurants, a business center, a water sports centre and a lagoon-shaped swimming pool.

Anichi Resort & Spa property features

Criteria Apartments
The value of the share$220,000 
Rental income 2―3,5%
Number of rooms1―2

This is what the resort will look like when completed

Dominica Citizenship by Investment: Anichi Resort and Spa

The designers have developed an interior design for the apartment that takes into account the peculiarities of the island of Dominica. Natural materials in light colors will be used in the finishes

Dominica Citizenship by Investment: Anichi Resort and Spa

Nearby the resort is one of Dominica’s most picturesque beaches, Picard Beach, on which the hotel has private land

What an investor would get by buying a share in Anichi Resort & Spa

Citizenship of Dominica for the whole family. The investor can include the spouse, children under 30, parents, grandparents and siblings in the application. Adult relatives must be financially dependent on the investor.

The investor will also have the opportunity to vacation at the Caribbean resort: the shareholder of Anichi Resort & Spa has the right to come to the hotel for one week a year. His family members will be able to stay at the resort with him. 

Free travel to 143 countries, including Schengen and the UK. Dominica is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, so Dominicans can study at British universities on favourable terms.

My wife and I have always wanted to travel a lot. When we first got married, we hung a map of the world in the kitchen. We used a felt-tip pen to mark on it where we wanted to go. Then the kids were bo , my wife took care of them, and I went off to work. I had no time to travel together. Now it’s easier – the company doesn’t need to be controlled 24 hours a day. And we want to make up for lost time. In July 2021, I turned to Immigrant Invest for advice on the recommendation of a friend: he had obtained a Dominica passport back in 2019. The company’s experts advised me on Caribbean programmes and I chose Dominica. They calculated the cost of participation for our family and we already received our passports in October.

Pavel, owner of a construction company
Obtained Dominican citizenship with his family so he could travel around the world without visas

Tourist visa to the USA for 10 years. The B1/B2 visa entitles you to travel to the states for leisure or business purposes. US Consulates in any country where entry with a Dominican passport is permitted.

Preferential tax treatment for tax residents of Dominica. There are no gift, estate or inheritance taxes in the country.

Business development abroad and access to foreign bank services. It is possible to register an international company in Dominica. The country does not disclose personal and financial information about the owners of the business: their data is not entered in the Commercial Register during company registration.

Foreign banks strictly check documents of Russians and often refuse to open an account. It is easier for Dominicans to use banking services: for example, in some foreign banks they are not asked for an insurance policy number to open an account.

How to obtain citizenship in Dominica by investment

Foreigners participate in the government's citizenship program to obtain Dominica passports. Investors choose from two options:

  • Make a non-refundable contribution to the government's Economic Diversification Fund of $100,000 or more. 
  • Buy a property worth $220,000 or more from an approved list of projects.

The investor must apply to a licensed agent to participate in the Dominica citizenship program. By law, the investor cannot file the documents himself. 

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent of the Dominica citizenship programme by investment. The company's specialists accompany investors at all stages of the passport process.

Steps to becoming a citizen of Dominica by investment

1 day
Immigrant Invest conducts preliminary investor due diligence to prepare for Due Diligence
2—4 weeks
Document preparation
Immigrant Invest lawyers prepare application package
2—6 mounths
Due Diligence check
The programme department examines the investor's documents and checks information on the investor and his family in international databases
Up to 4 weeks
Approval and fulfillment of an investment condition
The investor fulfils an investment condition: contributes to a fund or buys real estate
Up to 4 weeks
Receiving a passport
The programme department produces the passport and naturalisation certificate, then sends the documents to the investor

If an investor chooses the option of buying real estate, they will be able to recoup their investment in 3-5 years. Caribbean property is a liquid asset. Prices for properties in the region are rising by 1一3% a year.

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent of the Dominica Citizenship by Investment programme. If you would like full information on all properties and to buy them, seek advice from investment programme experts.

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How Not To Buy A Pig In A Poke Instead Of A Proven Property In The Caribbean