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31 August, 2021

7 Best Places To Go On Holiday In September 2021

If you're going on holiday in early autumn but aren't inspired by the resorts in the Krasnodar region, we've selected more interesting ideas for you. We tell you where the warmest sea, breathtaking mountain and sky views are abroad, and most importantly, that the countries they are in are open to Russians.

Residence permit and citizenship by investment: a holiday in September 2021
Photo: Adobe Stock

Russians more often choose to vacation in warm climates near the sea or the ocean, according to a survey by the online service Some of the most popular destinations are Turkey and Cyprus. Mountain holidays are also in demand, with climbers conquering the peaks of the Alps, Velebit and Durmitor.

43% of Russians
chose a holiday on the beach by the sea in 2019

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, entry to many countries is still closed. Some countries are beginning to open their borders: Cyprus is fully open to tourists, while Portugal has only allowed foreigners to visit the island of Madeira.

Four countries for a beach holiday

Cyprus, Aphrodite Cove

The country is open to Russians
Visa is required

Aphrodite's Cove is a bay with picturesque views and evergreen plants. The bay is lined with boulders of various shapes, one of which, Petra tou Romiou, is believed to be the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite.

The beach in the bay is sandy, but smooth stones can be found. There are a couple of cafes on the beach. The beach is secluded, clean and well maintained. Near the bay there is parking, hotels and shops. The beach can be reached by public bus or private car.

Permanent residence in Cyprus by investment: holiday by the sea in Aphrodite Cove
Public transport to Aphrodite Cove every hour

Portugal, Porto Moniz natural basin

The country is partially open to Russians
Visa is required

Russians can only go to the Portuguese island of Madeira. This volcanic island is located in the Atlantic Ocean. In the village of Porto Moniz is the main attraction - natural lava pools with sea water.

Some of the pools in Porto Moniz are wild and free of charge, while others are made comfortable, with lanes and steps, sun loungers and umbrellas for hire, first aid facilities, showers and toilets.

Residence permit in Portugal by investment: holiday by the sea in the Natural Pools of Porto Moniz, Madeira
The Natural Pool of Porto Moniz is connected to the Atlantic Ocean, so the water is constantly renewed and remains clean and surprisingly clear

Maldives, Baa Atoll

The country is open to Russians
No visa required

Baa Atoll is one of the best resorts in the Maldives. The beaches are almost everywhere white sand, palm trees grow nearby and the water in the Indian Ocean has a turquoise hue.

Vacationers write rave reviews on social media, share photos of the seascape and recommend the islands for an intimate, relaxing holiday with good service.

Caribbean citizenship by investment: a holiday with a Caribbean passport
Fullhadu white beach in Baa Atoll, Maldives

Turkey, Fethiye

The country is open to Russians
No visa required

Not all lovers of Turkish holidays know about the blue lagoon of Oludeniz, the jewel of Fethiye. The lagoon is considered a protected area and one of the most beautiful places in Turkey, with its white sand, green hills and clear turquoise water.

Apart from a beach holiday, tourists can go paragliding or charter a yacht and cruise around the islands of the Aegean Sea.

Turkish citizenship by investment: a holiday by the sea in the Oludeniz Lagoon
Tourists with children share their experiences on social media and consider the September weather ideal for a holiday in the lagoon. As autumn arrives, the air temperature drops to +25-30°C and the sea retains the warmth of the hot summer months, up to +28°C

Three countries for holidays in the mountains

Austria, Alps

Country is open to Russians
Visa is required

The most picturesque view of the Alpine mountains in Austria is near the village of Hallstatt. It is located near the lake of the same name, which is popular all over the world: postcards with a view of the village and the lake are available at almost every airport in the world.

Tourists can go for a walk in the mountains on their own or with a guide, take a boat ride on the lake, or simply stroll through the cozy local streets.

Residence permit in Austria: Holiday in the mountains near the village of Hallstatt
The town from the famous Austrian postcard. The mountains can be reached by cable car in fifteen minutes

Croatia, Velebit Mountain

Country is open to Russians
Visa is required

50 km north of the city of Zadar there is a picturesque mountain arearncalled Paklenica. The Velebit Mountains are located in the park of the same name: rocks with bizarre shapes, caves and mountain depressions, valleys with pine and beech trees, small waterfalls and mountain streams.

Beginners often choose the slopes of Mala Paklenica Canyon, while more experienced climbers choose Velika Paklenica. The steepest rock for climbers is considered to be Anica Kuk, which reaches a summit of 712 metres. The mountain peaks of Sveto Brdo and Vahanski vrh are also popular among climbers.

Residence permits and citizenship in the European Union: Mountain and sea holidays
Paklenica National Park in Croatia is one of the favorite destinations of both local and foreign climbers

Montenegro, Durmitor mountains

Country is open to Russians
No visa required

The Durmitor Mountains are located in the national park of the same name. There are hiking trails of varying difficulty along the ridge. The most popular route is the ascent to the summit of Bobotov Kuk.

Hidden among the mountains is one of the most beautiful lakes in Montenegro, the Black Lake. And on the slope of Mount Obla Glava is the Ice Cave, which is a natural museum of ice stalagmites and stalactites of various shapes and sizes.

Montenegrin citizenship by investment: holiday in Montenegro in the Durmitor mountains
Numerous paths wind through a thicket of coniferous forests leading to the peaks of Mount Durmitor. Each peak offers a picturesque view of the surrounding countryside and nearby towns

How to travel around the world without a visa

To travel freely around the world, cosmopolitans obtain a second passport. The standard route to another country's citizenship is naturalization. This requires many years of residence in the chosen country, then passing a language and history test. Obtaining a passport can take up to 20 years.

Some countries offer a quicker route to citizenship by investing in the state's economy. Such an option exists in Malta, Montenegro, Turkey, five Caribbean countries and Vanuatu.

Countries where it is legally possible to obtain a passport by investment

Country Investments Term of receipt Number of visa-free countries

Citizenship of Malta
From €690,000From 1 year186

Citizenship of Turkey
From $250,000From 3 months111

Citizenship of Montenegro
From €350,000From 6 months124

Citizenship of Vanuatu
From $130,000From 4 weeks133

Citizenship of St Kitts and Nevis
From $150,000From 2 months157

Citizenship of Dominica
From $100,000From 3 months143

Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda
From $100,000From 3 months151

Citizenship of Grenada
From $150,000From 4 months144

Citizenship of Saint Lucia
From $100,000From 3 months146

A residence permit in one of the Schengen countries allows for free travel to other countries of the agreement and a stay of 90 days within a six-month period. The five Schengen countries have government programs whereby investors buy real estate, securities, invest in science, culture or local businesses. The options depend on the country chosen.

Countries where you can obtain a residence permit or permanent residence permit by investment

Country Investments Time of receipt

Residence permit in Portugal
From €350,000From 2 months

Residence permit in Austria
From €100,000From 3 months

Residence permit in Greece
From €250,000From 3 months

Permanent residence in Malta
From €150,000From 6 months

Residence permit in Switzerland
From ₣450,000From 6 months

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent who helps you obtain citizenship or residence permits by investment in European and Caribbean countries. If you want to travel around the world without visas, seek advice from investment program experts.

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7 Best Places To Go On Holiday In September 2021