March 12, 2021
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The 8 best routes for train travel in Europe in 2021

The best destinations for train travel in Europe have been chosen by the British news portal Independent. We tell you which route is the most scenic and how much the tickets cost.

Alevtina Kalmuk
Alevtina Kalmuk

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Residence permits and second citizenship by investment: train travel across Europe in 2021

The 8 best routes for train travel in Europe in 2021

Independent ― is a British news portal. It covers business, science, education, health, and travel in Britain, Europe, and the world.

The editors of the portal predict that in 2021 train travel will be more popular than usual. They have chosen the most comfortable, scenic and interesting routes to travel in Europe.

The best routes for train travel in Europe

Trains are valued for their quietness, comfort, and beautiful views outside the window. In addition, railroad emissions per kilometre are 80 percent less than those of cars.

Stockholm, Sweden → Berlin, Germany
Price: from €29 per seat
Duration of the route: about 5 hours

A new night train will leave Sweden for Germany on March 31, 2021. It will run between the countries once a week on a weekend. The Swedish railway company plans to establish a daily service from June 11 to September 5.

Passengers buy tickets in cars with seating or with sleeping berths in six-seat compartments. The train has a dining car, wi-fi and air conditioning.

Tourists from London will also be able to take the train with a connection in Hamburg and get to Sweden in just 24 hours.

Residence permits and citizenship by investment in Europe: Travelling by train in 2021

View of Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old city with cobblestone streets and 17th- and 18th-century architecture

Switzerland: Basel → Loca o
Price: from €65 per seat
Duration of the route: 5 hours

On April 5, 2021, the Swiss railway company will open a regular service between Basel and Loca o via Gotthard Road.

A trip along the route will take longer than the same trip through the tunnel. But tourists will be able to see the picturesque nature of Switzerland: the Alpine mountains, green fields and lakes Luce e and Zug.

Residence permits and citizenship by investment in Europe: train travel in 2021

Alps and Gotthard Railway, Switzerland

Prague, Czech Republic → Rijeka, Croatia
Price: from €30 per bed
Duration of the route: 8 hours

Tourists can travel to Croatia on an ove ight train that runs between Prague and Rijeka. The largest Czech railway company RegioJet first launched the train in the summer of 2020. And in 2021, the movement will resume for the summer season, from May to September.

During the journey, it makes seven stops in the capitals and major cities of Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia.

In July and August, trains to Croatia will run daily, and in May, June and September — three times a week. The first train will depart from the Czech Republic on May 28. Passengers will be able to take the train in Prague and B o, as well as at intermediate stops in Břeclav, Bratislava, Győr and Budapest.

Ticket sales are already open. You can buy them on the ticket search sites or on the portal of the main railway station in Prague.

Residence permits and citizenship by investment in Europe: Train travel in 2021

The Croatian city of Rijeka is one of the popular vacation destinations for Europeans. They walk the old streets of the city and the waterfront, sunbathe on the beach and sightseeing

Switzerland: Vicnau → Riga Kulm station
Price: from £300, depends on season and tour operator
Duration of the route: 30‑60 minutes

This is a panoramic tourist route along the oldest railroad in Europe. The first railroad ride through the arearntook place in 1871. And in the summer of 2021, Switzerland will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the road: it will hold a week-long festival and launch a renovated steam locomotive from 1873.

During the trip, tourists will see Alpine mountains, green fields and three lakes: the Firwaldstätte, Zug and Lauerz.

Residence permits and citizenship by investment in Europe: Train travel in 2021

An ancient railroad among the Alpine mountains in Switzerland

Berlin, Germany → Krakow, Poland
Price: from €29 per seat
Duration of the route: 7 hours

Tourists choose the comfortable and modern Eurocity Wawel train for travel between Germany and Poland. The train carriages are equipped with air conditioning and power outlets, wi-fi.

The train makes stops only in major cities and for no more than 5 minutes. Conductors speak several languages: English, German and French.

Residence permits and citizenship by investment in Europe: Train travel in 2021

Panorama of Berlin and a view of the Spree River, which runs next to the main train station

Poland: Warsaw → Krakow → Wroclaw
Price: from £1,395
Duration of the route: 10 days

Railway Touring is launching a tourist route "Railways and the history of World War II in Poland.

The first trip will take place in June 2021. In 10 days tourists will visit Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw. The guests will also see different historical places connected with the events of World War II: the Warsaw Ghetto, Oskar Schindler’s factory and Stalag Luft prisoner of war camp in Żagane.

Residence permits and citizenship by investment in Europe: Travelling by train in 2021

In Poland, it’s also worth visiting Wawel Castle, one of Krakow’s main landmarks, which is protected by UNESCO

Vienna, Austria → Amsterdam, Netherlands
Price: from €29 for a seat, from €89 for a bed
Duration of the route: about 10 hours

The new Nightjet Night Express will leave Vienna for Amsterdam in December 2021. It is an international destination within the cooperation of four countries: Austria, Germany, France and Switzerland.

The ticket price includes a Viennese breakfast: schnitzel, coffee and strudel. Snacks and other drinks are available for an additional fee.

Residence permit and citizenship by investment in Europe: traveling by train in 2021

Switzerland: Montreux → Gstaad → Interlaken
Price: unknown yet
Duration of the route: not yet known

During the trip along Switzerland’s second most scenic route, tourists will see Lake Geneva, the Alps and the Simmental Alpine valley, Lake Thun and the endless Swiss fields.

The Golden Pass train, which runs on the route, connects three Swiss communes. The exterior and interior of the train were designed by Italian designers. Panoramic windows and modern design are distinctive features.

The route will not open before 2022. The exact dates and ticket prices are not yet known.

Residence permits and citizenship by investment in Europe: Train travel in 2021

Lake Geneva can be seen from the panoramic windows of the Golden Pass train

How to travel visa-free in Europe in 2021

Countries in Europe are closed to tourists because of the coronavirus pandemic. Some countries have begun to lift entry restrictions. For example, Switzerland plans to open its borders to EU citizens in June 2021, and some other countries by the fall.

It is not yet known when Russians will be able to travel to Europe. But to go to Europe this summer will help a second passport or a residence permit of the European Union.

Residence permits in Switzerland for financially independent persons are issued by paying a lump-sum tax. The investor signs an agreement with one of the cantons of the country. The approximate amount of the tax is £450,000.

In Austria, residence permits for financially independent persons are issued according to quotas. In 2021 the government allocated a total of 450. Investors receive a residence permit by the investment of €100,000 or more in the country’s.

Residence permits in Portugal are issued by the investment of €250,000 and more. The current terms of the program are valid until the end of 2021. For example, now the investor buys real estate in Lisbon, Porto and resort towns. In 2022, you will only be allowed to buy accommodation in the Azores, Madeira and the interior of the country.

Residence permits in Greece are issued by investment in real estate from €250,000. The investor buys any objects in the country. Other options — rental apartments in a hotel complex for 10 years or the purchase of land for construction.

Permanent residency in Malta is granted by the investment of €112,000 or more. The investor meets five conditions:

  • buys or rents the property;

  • pays an administrative fee;

  • pays the government fee;

  • makes a donation to a non-profit organization in Malta;

  • confirms that he has assets in the amount of €500,000 or more.

Maltese citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment from €690,000. The applicant undergoes strict due diligence. First, he applies for a residence permit, and after a year or three years, he applies for citizenship.

Citizenship of Montenegro is issued by the purchase of the real estate of € 250,000 and a non-refundable contribution to the state fund of € 100,000. The passport is issued from 6 months. In 2022 the government will revise the conditions of the citizenship program.

Caribbean citizenship is given by investment of $100,000 and more. Registration takes from 2 months. Investors buy real estate, contribute to a government fund, purchase government bonds, or invest in local businesses.

Investors with a Caribbean passport are allowed into Schengen countries and the UK for good reason.

When the borders open, investors will be free to travel to more than 140 countries, including Schengen, Great Britain and Hong Kong. Investors will be entitled to stay in the European Union for 90 days a six-month period, and Grenadian citizens will travel to China for 30 days a year without a visa.

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent for European and Caribbean citizenship and residency programs by investment. If you want to travel visa-free to Europe, seek advice from experts in investment programs.